Previously On…Mom Season 7 Episodes 2 and 3!

Previously On the season 7 premiere of Mom, we saw Bonnie and Adam attempting to adjust to married life whilst on their honeymoon, which is driving the new bride insane. At the same time, Christy is taking her temp job as manager of Adam’s bar just a tad too seriously.

Now that Bonnie and Adam are married, they are trying to mesh together their new family, which includes Christy. Down at the bar, one their high paying regulars, Marv, makes an inappropriate comment to Christy and even though she knows he and his friends bring in the moolah, she finally has to say something. When she goes back to Adam behind the bar, she thinks he will be on her side and is shocked when he tells her to apologize. Marv may have been wrong but he is a customer and Adam cannot lose him. In the back, Tammy is doing all she can to keep up with the food orders and now she must wait tables since Christy has stormed out. Plus, Christy was doing Adam a favor picking up these shifts.

When Christy gets home and tells her mom what happened, Bonnie is totally read to read Adam the riot act for letting someone disrespect her daughter. After they are in bed, she hears his side (the wrong side) and is now leaning towards Christy giving him an apology. She has always only had one side so this is hard. She realizes she leans towards the last person she listens to and has to find a happy medium. In the end, Marv says something to Tammy that gets him thrown out and they are one happy family again. Speaking of happy, Jill’s new boyfriend, Andy is trying to do anything and everything he can to impress her since he feels she is so much hotter than him but she excels at whatever they do. He feels like a failure and he is a cop! Eventually, she blurts out she is falling in love with him and that is all the validation he needed.

With marriage can come a name change and Bonnie has decided to take Adam’s last name, even though no one is quite sure how to spell it. Then, she realizes she has been a Plunkett her whole life and is finally learning to like this person and is not ready for the name change. She hides it from Adam until he gets a personalized (and misspelled) front door mat and she has to break it to him. He is a little bummed but does get over it. As for Christy, she is working as an assistant in a law firm but her boss is insane. She sends her to a pot dispensary and all the ladies join, shocked by all the ways you can ingest THC. Her boss takes a little too much so Christy has to go the Bonnie route and slap her. It becomes a slapfest but works out in the end. In between one if the episodes, Wendy goes to Orlando and gets her hair braided and meets a secret lover. Everyone, including the waitress at the Bistro, cannot wait to gossip about her hair. I am happy she had fun.

Tonight, Christy has to take Chef Rudy (French Stewart) to an AA meeting. You can catch it all at 9pm only on CBS!

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