Previously On…The Conners Season 2 Premiere and Episode 2!

Previously On The Conners, we saw Becky struggle with pregnancy and Darlene try to figure out if she should be with her boss, Ben or ex, David. Now, the show is back for season 2 (season 3 if you count the singular revival season of ‘Roseanne’) and it is filled with laughs and tears you won’t want to miss!

Becky is two months away from giving birth and still working as a waitress. Jackie is trying to prep her for becoming a mom but she is a little too organized which is really overwhelming Becky, who has no idea what to expect, especially at 44 with the father still deported. While sitting with Grandma Bev and Aunt Jackie, Becky feels as though she has peed herself but her water has broken. They rush her to the hospital and now the doctors must do whatever they can to keep the baby inside as she is two months early. Darlene is trying to be there for Becky but she has her own stress because she is not only in a serious relationship with Ben but she has developed serious feelings for David, as well. It was just talking but recently turned to kissing and Jackie suggests she sleeps with both men, a concept Darlene cannot fathom at all.

But, something more serious has happened as Becky is officially going into labor and delivers her baby girl who is taken right to NICU. The family tries to reassure her she will be fine but Becky blames herself due to her age and the fact she used to drink a lot. But, it is not her fault; this could happen to anyone. This is when the family really rallies and Darlene rallies so well, she starts sleeping with David. Oh no. She is doing this insane act where she is barely ever home; she is either at work, with Ben or with David that she neglects her children, especially Harris who is now baking pot cookies and selling them at school. One parent comes to deal with Darlene and ends up having to talk to Dan. He confronts Darlene and she asks why he could not smell weed being baked in his kitchen. Ultimately, it is all washed aside because Becky decides to go see her baby for the first time and reveals her name: Beverly Rose as she wants it to stay in the family. Jackie tries to discourage this name, especially the Bev part but fails and now, they have a new Conner.

Now that David and Darlene are sleeping together, he wants more of a commitment from her but she is not ready for this at all. She still does not know if she wants to leave Ben and is not even ready to tell her family about what she is doing. But, the couple have bigger fish to fry. Their gender fluid son, Mark has officially come out as gay and now has a boyfriend. Everyone in the family is very supportive but the school has a strict no PDA rule. He was caught kissing a boy so they have to go see the principal. Darlene and David accompany Mark to the office where the sit across from his “boyfriend” and his grandma (played by Meagan Fay, who also played needlebutt sneeze neighbor, Kathy Bowman on the original ‘Roseanne’ series). Grandma refuses to believe her grandson would ever be gay and he denies he ever kissed Mark by choice; he claims Mark kissed him. Darlene and David know the truth and believe their son, which I love. I love the way they are so supportive of their child and stand by him when he is about to get three days of detention for being himself.

After the incident, it has brought David and Darlene closer but Darlene suggests David go to counseling, something Ben suggested to her as her behavior has been so aloof. She is just trying to buy herself some time but it will all backfire and Ben is clearly the best choice. As for Becky, she is having trouble pumping milk and needs to in order to give baby Bev the nutrients she needs. When she finally gets some milk, she calls for the nurse then trips and drops it, feeling like a failure. Dan reassures her she is not and tells her about all the bad things he and Roseanne did when she was a baby and she still loves them. It’s hard to be a parent, you will mess up but it’s how hard you try that counts. This season is so much better than the first for sure.

You can catch it Tuesday nights at 8pm only on ABC.

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