Previously On…RHOC Season 14 Catch-Up!

Previously On RHOC, season 14 has been a little crazy, from Emily heading to Vegas to dance to this insane Arizona trip, so we decided to give you a quick little wrap-up before tonight’s episode aired on Bravo at 9pm. Get your wine ready because it’s been a boring doozy, definitely an oxymoron with a handful of the latter.

So, Emily wanted to do a sexy dance for husband, Shane on their tenth wedding anniversary in Vegas. She wanted to show she was a confident woman after all of these years but this just was not up his alley and quite frankly, he is just a cruel man. She tries to laugh it off but how much can you take from a vile human being who always puts you down? It’s becoming degrading, disgusting, and I lack sympathy for her at all. Gina may be going through a lot: she missed her arraignment and almost ended up in jail; will probably have her license revoked for a year; has to uber her kids everywhere; and is confessing to Matt cheating on her but she is about 10 years younger than Emily and seems to be still learning her way. When she told Em she almost got arrested in front of her kids, Em came back with a story about having to be wheeled out to an ambulance in front of her kids. Ummm…okay. They are not on the same page and let’s be real; we all know the hurt goes much deeper with Gina and Matt as he was abusive, as well. It is now time for Emily to head to Vegas with Braunwyn, who was called out for lying to the ladies about her friendships with ex-housewives, Gretchen and Lizzie. Braun was thrilled to just have some alone time which is shocking because she seemed so dependent on her kids for everything but here she was with their suite butler, half naked. Em’s in-laws joined, as well (weird).

Eventually, Kelly came but she was off trying to promote her new specialty water as she invested in a company after her divorce because she wants to be set for life. It looked like she would be set since she was dating Dr. Brian but we know they have broken up and she is now with FOX News anchor, Rick Leventhal and madly insane…I mean, in love. Eddie and Tamra stopped by to say hi and in a blink of an eye, Kelly was in Vegas. Em gets mad props for what she did but it’s all so contrived and obnoxious. How could her husband be so blatantly rude and disrespectful? He did show up but whatever. Over it. Now, it is time to go Arizona for the relaxation retreat because these ladies are so relaxing. Luckily, Vicki was meeting them later so there would be no toxic energy between her and Kelly from the jump. Everyone settled in and were ready for their events but one went really badly and, of course, it involved Kelly and Shannon. They had this bowl thing they were doing, almost mimicking a drum and Kelly decided to take the “drum stick” and hit Shannon’s bowl while it was on her head. Yeah, bad idea because now Tamra and Shannon are rushing to the Urgent Care to see if Shannon is dying or whatever.

The moment Shannon gets to the doctor, they immediately ask if she wants to press charges. She looks around at Tamra and everyone there because they take this as assault but if they knew the history of these women, it would be just another day. She says no and back at the retreat, Kelly is joking and explaining about what happened. Gina cannot believe what has happened so Kelly hauls off and hits her on the head. This lights Gina up and if she was not in danger of going to prison as is, she probably would have hauled off and hit her with very good reason because Kelly cannot stop. Gina storms off and says she wants to leave with Emily trying to console her but she’s mad at her bestie, as well. She explains she feels Em has not been there for her during all of this drama in the way she needs her to be. She feels she did not understand why Gina could not go to Vegas with her and the girls and they are just on very different pages. It looks like Gina just needs a break and she cannot help but think of her kids who really miss her right now.

Gina goes to the other cabin where Tamra, Shannon, and ultimately Vicki will be so she can get some peace. Emily expresses the other girls do not like her and Gina is trying to be with the cool girls but let’s be real- those ladies have faced divorce and it was Shannon who got her the lawyer who kept her out of jail. She feels safe with them. And I feel like Emily acts like she does not know Tamra when it was the OG who brought Em to the OC. Em was her party planner, they had a falling out, and then reconnected and that is how we got the lawyer and her wimp husband. But, she wants to have this pity party though it was not cool for Tamra to call Em Shrek and then deny it. Shannon is on her way back when they are on the phone with Kelly. Kelly is being so cruel about Shannon while talking to Tamra who is in the car with her. She may have a mild concussion but she will be okay yet Kelly believes it was all contrived and for dramatics. She does not care how Shannon is doing and, regardless of how we see the tap on the head, it just is not something you do to people. Kelly wanted to believe she knocked sense into Shannon but yeah…no.

Everyone is back at their rooms and Gina is able to tell Shannon and Tamra how Kelly hit her too and they cannot believe she is so cray cray. Vicki calls and gets the gossip as she is on her way and they ask her to bring fast food. Soon, there is a ton of drinking which shocks Kelly and the other cabin as a person with a concussion should not have any alcohol. But, Shannon seems to think vodka is a cure all. Apparently, the doctor said it was okay but Kelly’s bf says it is a no-go. There is so much hypocrisy and flashbacks to trips prior. The next morning, Kelly comes to talk Gina and she breaks down, confessing Matt’s affair and that is when Kelly tells Braun and Em they need to take care of her. She goes on a hike with Braun and they release their demons somewhat while the others do acrobat yoga. But, how will the trip conclude? Find out tonight on Bravo at 9pm!

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