Previously On…Mom Season 7 Premiere!

Previously On Mom, it was the season six finale and it tugged on our heartstrings. Bonnie and Adam had an impromptu wedding, Christy’s sponsor moved away, Jill found new love, and it seemed like everyone was settling into their new lives. Luckily, the show was renewed for two more seasons.

Now that Adam and Bonnie are married, it is time for their honeymoon. Of course, Tammy (Kristen Johnston) was bummed she was passed over for a promotion at Adam’s booming bar while he honeymoons. Promotion went to Christy and Tammy continued to rationalize it in her head as he did it because Christy is now his stepdaughter, not that she has had years of restaurant experience. Everyone is sharing at their meeting, post-wedding, and Jill has to chime in she has a new boyfriend so yay. The women remind Bonnie she needs a meeting while she is honeymooning in a cabin in the woods but she disagrees because she is now happy. With Christy running the bar, she has several rules to implement in order to enhance the functionality of the bar. Along with Tammy, there are a handful of other associates and they think Christy is bonkers with her rules about counting drink pours and shortening nachos to “chos” for time efficiency.

Christy also takes it upon herself to change the table numbers so no one gets the right orders. She explains she would have called upon Wendy, Marjory, and Jill but a bar is not the best place for alcoholics. Over at the honeymoon, the peace and quiet is killing Bonnie and she is finding everything wrong with Adam she can, including the fact his sunglasses are very femme and he laughs when he reads. She is ready to jump into the creek but he is happy as a clam. She calls Marjory who informs her she needs a meeting because no matter where she goes, she will always be an alcoholic. As she gets ready to google AA meetings in the woods, Adam already has a time and a place for her. They jump in the car and head for one but when Bonnie enters, she learns it is just a few people gathering. Though there is one younger girl, Patty who has lost her child due to her drinking and needs a sponsor, which Bonnie becomes, despite them living in different places. She soon becomes the new addition to the honeymoon but a good one because she reminds Bonnie what a saint she is.

At the bar, everyone but Tammy calls out sick on Christy until Adam comes back because they hate her. Luckily, Tammy calls for backup in the ladies and everything runs super smoothly, especially since it is a big game day. So, she does not mess up the bar and Bonnie does not ruin her marriage. Oh happy day. Next week, Christy and Adam butt heads over something at the bar while Jill’s new love is trying to find a way to impress her but struggles. You can catch it all Thursday night at 9pm only on CBS.

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