Previously On…Mom Season 6 and What to Expect For Season 7!

Previously On Mom, we left off with Adam and Bonnie tying the knot in a very nontraditional way. They were heading to buy a used a jukebox in Reno when Adam asked when they would actually get married and Bonnie being Bonnie said she would do it right then and there so he picked a chapel and wed they were. Of course, this stung for Christy and all of the ladies who had been planning this wedding for a long time. This had been a big year for Christy- she had started law school, almost dropped out, got a paid internship at a law firm, and threw herself into Gamblers Anonymous. As for Marjory, her husband, Victor, passed away; Jill’s house was robbed and she fell for her overweight security guard. Bonnie and Christy gained a new roomie when Tammy got out of jail but ended up filling the void in Marjory’s heart and home when she moved in there. And Adam opened a bar which ultimately became a super success.

Season seven begins Thursday night on CBS and here’s what you can expect: Adam and Bonnie go on their honeymoon, leaving Christy in charge of the bar and Jill has a new boyfriend so amor is in the air!


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