Previously On…Married At First Sight Season 9 Finale- Who Stays Together?

Previously on this season of ‘Married At First Sight,’ there was so much drama between the four couples. From the constant fighting and toxicity between Jamie and Elizabeth to the communication issues that haunted Deonna and Greg. Then we had virgin Iris who showed her immaturity constantly to an extremely patient Keith and a very transient and possibly unfaithful Math along with lovesick wife, Amber. After eight weeks, it is decision day. But, who will stay together and who will leave single?

  • Deonna and Greg: he was worried but has seen so much growth in her so Greg has decided to STAY MARRIED. Deonna hesitates and makes me mad while she is doing so until she says she wants to STAY MARRIED. This thrills the experts to no end but Pastor Cal asks if she can grow in love with him and she says she is leaning that way as does Greg.
  • Iris and Keith: he feels they are very compatible in many ways but extremely different, mainly with intimacy issues. Keith says he is absolutely attracted to his wife but is that enough? Iris gave a long speech but in the end, she wants to STAY MARRIED. As for Keith, he thanked her for all of her support during their time together but he ultimately feels they are at different points in their lives, they have had different experiences relationship-wise, and would like a DIVORCE. She wants an explanation but he just does not feel she is the one for him.
  • Amber and Matt: Amber confronts Matt in front of the experts about him flirting with other girls in front of teachers from the school she teaches at as well as her best friend, Raven. He says he thought they were just friends but held out hope for them. He thinks he can bs his way out of this but Pastor Cal’s look says otherwise. Amber says she does not feel she got the most from Matt during it all but she says, on paper, he is perfect for her. But, she says she wants a DIVORCE and he agrees. She says she wishes he had walked away instead of hurting her. Dr. Pepper is relieved at the result. He regrets doing this and wasn’t ready for commitment.
  • Jamie and Elizabeth: the couple are talking with the experts about all of their ups and downs and how she believes he feels they never are never having enough sex. He admits he feels he gets rejected a lot while Beth says there are other ways to connect other than sex but he did say earlier he loves her and he knows they love each other. She says he is super supportive and they have a lot in common and can grow together but he has done a lot of shady stuff. She wants to STAY MARRIED. Now it is Jamie’s turn. He agrees it has been a roller coaster and has changed minute to minute yet there has been so much good. They just do not know how to love each other just yet. Jamie says he wants to STAY MARRIED, as well.

The day after decision day, Jamie and Elizabeth have decided to cook for the other couples, not knowing their decisions so it will be weird. It is very hard for Keith to watch Iris pack up her stuff as it is for him because he does really care for her. Deonna and Greg are the first to arrive while Amber and Matt are awkwardly finishing up leaving their apartment. He has no problem throwing away their photos from their fridge and she goes down to see everyone, announcing she is getting a divorce, as she is crying. She shares what happened with Matt and how they had screenshots of him texting with someone else. The girls are extremely pissed off and then Iris shows up, still wearing her ring but does not want to reveal her answer until Keith gets there. Then, Matt comes down and he is just closed off and all Matt has to say is “chapter closed.” He has no respect for the fact they were legally married or anything so Elizabeth confronts him.

Matt seemingly did not expect Amber to come to decision day with all of the receipts about his affairs but she did. The girls are stepping up for her and I am here for it! He keeps reiterating he felt they were just friends and Deonna says she feels disrespected for Amber and Iris even goes to attack Matt. Matt says he has already moved on and he is not going to listen to them but the ladies want Amber to know there is nothing wrong with her. He walks off so now they can ask Keith what happened with him and Iris. He shares the truth and it makes Beth sad because she thought they were so cute. Jamie asks if there is any hope for the future and Keith says he would not count it out but Iris says he needs to change.

The new season starts January 1st in New Orleans but next week, don’t miss the reunion!

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