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Previously On RHOC, Emily felt shamed by Shane not wanting to watch her dance sexy on stage in Las Vegas, Kelly was the victim of another “Vicki” rumor, Braunwyn lied about her friendship with former OC housewives, Gretchen and Lizzie, and gossip, gossip, gossip. Gina also missed her court date so there was a warrant out for her arrest, which Shannon helped her out with. Now, they are besties; makes no sense to me, either. This week, Kelly reveals a strained relationship with her mom as we see more of Braunwyn’s mama, Dr. Deb. Should be tears and fun. And, in case you didn’t know- Kelly and Dr. Brian have broken up and she is now dating FOX News commentator, Rick Leventhal so there’s that.

Emily is prepping for her daughter’s birthday with very little help from Shane. Gina is wrangling her kids to go to the party while the guests are amazed by the unicorn theme. They cannot believe how amazing it is. Gina arrives late, right after the birthday song is sung and she admits it is hard to do thing when you must Uber everywhere. Kelly and Shannon are on a walk when Kelly says she could not stand Gina in Beverly Hills when they went away. Shannon says Gina has a lot going on but Kelly felt attacked by Emily, even though she apologized. Shannon says she is not going to Emily’s burlesque show but Kelly is because she was at the rehearsal and could never have the confidence she has. At the party, Gina is sharing about how she almost got arrested and she did not want her kids to see that. Emily says her kids watched her get taken away in an ambulance once and this pisses Gina off because she can tell Em isn’t even listening and the situations are totally different.

Gina tells Em that she and Shannon are best friends now to which Emily takes offense to. Whatever. She was not even listening to her best friend. Shannon tells Kelly she thinks everyone needs to get away and she found a place in Arizona where they can work out and get their heads together. But, Vicki would have to go and that is a no go. At Tamra’s, her son, Spencer comes downstairs and she is so proud of him. He is 18, goes to college full-time and has a job, even broke up with his girlfriend to focus on school but he and his older brother, Ryan cannot get along. Ryan is just very conservative and kind of an a-hole whereas Spencer is super rational so he does not want to deal with him and I can understand why. At Kelly’s, she calls her brother, JR, who lives in Arizona and, even if she does not go to the retreat, she wants to see her family.

Her mom and her other brother, Eric used to live with Kelly and it was supposed to be for a short while. It turned into over a year and Kelly started to feel like she was being taken advantage of which led to a fight and they have not talked for two years now. She moved back to Arizona with Eric and that’s where her family all lives but apparently, mom is in a fragile state so it is hard but they need to reunite them. When Kelly walks downstairs, her boyfriend, Dr. Brian is sitting there as he rented the place below her two nights a week. Apparently, that morning, they had sex for two hours so TMI. Daddy Ray and Mama Jo are Braunwyn’s grandparents who helped raise her from the time she was three months old. As she is walking with her mom, Dr. Deb, Braunwyn is explaining to her how upset she is about an incident from the night before. Deb was to be watching the twins when she dropped them off to her parents home. Braunwyn’s aunt showed up and one rule she has is her aunt cannot be around the kids. Her mom has trouble with this but it is very hard for her to trust her mom now with her children.

Tamra and Shannon meet up and Tamra is on Kelly’s side when it comes to this trip. She thinks Vicki is drama and a rumor mill. They call Vicki and decide they will go over there and talk face-to-face. Over with Braunwyn and Gina, they are trying the latest in OC workouts, jumping on a trampoline. Gina gets sick halfway through and ends up throwing up. Gina asks Braun how she is doing and she says some of the girls will be having dinner with her mom. She asks if she is free but she has her kids. Braunwyn also says she feels bad Gina is not going with them to Vegas to which Gina says she is kind of angry with Emily about that. Em knows how hard of a year Gina has had and that she cannot be in a party atmosphere but Em cannot seem to understand that. So, it will be Em, Braunwyn, and Kelly. Over at Vicki’s, they are talking about death and Tamra says she wants to be stuffed. I say that to my mom all the time. Vicki asks who is going to the spa and asks if Braunwyn aka Boring-wyn is coming and then says she heard it somewhere. She never takes responsibility for anything coming out of her mouth. They tell Vicki she needs to stop spreading little rumors but she does not want to be a punching bag anymore. She needs to stop being so mean.

It’s time for dinner with Dr. Deb and apparently, social media has already connected all of them so they feel like they know her. Kelly, Shannon, and Tamra joins mother and daughter and they are excited. There’s some argument about a ring between them and then they talk about Dr. Deb’s younger husband. They aim to be like her when they grow up, especially Tamra. At Emily’s, she shows Shane her Vegas shoes but he equates them to Wicked Witch shoes. He is like a munchkin from Munchkinland. He is so cruel and rude to her, I cannot even handle it. She tells him she does not like the way he talks to her but he claims it’s satire. He is a rude pain in the butt who needs to leave. Back at dinner, Dr. Deb brings out rocks and crystals. Kelly says she does not think she is going to the wellness retreat because of Vicki but the others encourage her to go regardless. Braunwyn says she goes below the belt and Tamra says she is very gossipy. Shannon says they spoke to Vicki and after she returns to the table, she wants Kelly to change her mind. Tamra says she has her back but I doubt that once they go to Vegas. Braunwyn even says she will deflect from Vicki knowing she is not a fan of hers. Eek.

Next week, it is off to Vegas, Gina deals with her DUI, and the ladies go to Arizona without a shortage of drama. You can catch it Tuesday night at 9pm only on Bravo.

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