Previously On…RHOC Season 14 Episode 4 Recap!

Previously On RHOC, Gina revealed Matt cheated on her while she was pregnant and is now with the lady he had the affair with. At the same time, Emily is struggling to be a single mom, lawyer, and good wife while Shane studies for the bar and is never around. Shannon, Braunwyn, Gina, and Tamra all met up for dinner and Shannon mentioned she told Vicki about the dinner and kind of invited her. Braunwyn and Vicki had not gotten off to the best start but when the OG arrived, the newbie apologized for getting mad at her without getting to know her first. Gossip soon started to spill about Kelly, who was in Aspen with daughter, Jolie after Vicki claimed she knew so much more about her ex-friend than the cocaine situation. Something about a train was brought up and this is where we were left hanging!

Still at dinner, the girls are talking about the “train” and Kelly. To be clear, this means she let a bunch of guys have sex with her in a row. Only Vicki, Shannon, and Tamra knew about this so to bring it up was not a good situation. However, there was some more lighthearted chatter as Vicki and Emily had just gone lingerie shopping but, since Gina is the single one, she feels she should have gone so she asks the ladies if they will take her to Rodeo Drive since she has never been there. They get super excited at the concept of doing this and start planning their adventure. The next day, Gina arrives at Braunwyn’s because, right after the dinner, she called Kelly and told her everything that was said about her. I thought we liked the new girl! Why is she stirring the pot? And we all know how Kelly can get when she is mad! This is bad. They discuss what happened but it is kind of a good thing B spilled the tea because off on a hike, Tamra is betraying Gina, so it is a win/win.

While on a walk with Shannon, Tamra, who is the only person next to Emily that knows about Matt’s affair, starts chatting about Gina. They talk about how much Shannon has grown to like her but how she looked sad at dinner and Tamra comments Shannon should probably reach out to Gina at some point as they have many commonalities right now. And Tamra keeps pushing the idea of Shannon and Gina having a lot in common so we all know it’s her not so subtle way of bringing up the affair without directly coming out and saying it. Back to Braunwyn’s where her husband and seven kids are leaving for a trip but she is staying behind. It is very hard for her to not have full control over everything and to have an empty house, so much so that she goes inside when everyone is gone and cries. Everyone on social media thought she should have just enjoyed the silence with a glass of wine as opposed to crying all alone in her quiet house. But, she has a good reason to stay home as she is writing a book. About what, we do not know yet but if she has to do a book tour, is she going to bring all seven of the kids with her? Let’s see how that plays out.

Emily had planned to do a sexy dance on stage in Las Vegas to celebrate her and Shane’s 10th anniversary but he was less than thrilled when he learned of her plans. He told her to turn it into a girls trip instead but she is still practicing hardcore for it, regardless of what kind of trip it will be. Kelly and Braunwyn show up and watch her rehearse and they are so proud of how amazing she looks. They say they will be there to support her and her strength no matter what Shane decides because they think she is a strong and amazing woman. They almost hope Shane does not want to go so they can see her perform. And now it is Rodeo Drive time. This day is all about Gina and making her feel special. She spent most of the episode losing things and asking people if they’ve found her keys so she’s a hot mess show.

She is having so much fun, looking and feeling good, but Emily is having a pity party for herself which Gina has to console so that’s no fun for anyone. There is also mocking of Shannon by Tamra as she tries on too tight pants with her Spanx showing through. Tamra compares her to a sausage but Shannon reminds everyone she went from three Spanx to one so this is progress for her. Everyone is trying to have fun until they go to lunch and the train situation is brought up. Kelly tells everyone to F- off and storms away with Tamra following her and saying she has to find better ways to handle situations

Next week, Kelly tells Dr. Brian about the rumor, the ladies question if they can trust Braunwyn, and Emily tries to get through to her husband. But, will it work?? Find out next Tuesday at 9pm only onj Bravo.

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