Previously On…RHOC Season 14 Episode 3- The Morning After!

Previously On the RHOC, Kelly faced the backlash of Vicki’s cocaine accusations through her daughter’s eyes when she presented Jolie with the opportunity to be the face of a new teen skincare line. Kelly was able to read the messages her tween daughter was being sent and could feel the lingering damage these words had. She also knew she was going to have to face Vicki at Tamra’s housewarming party which was not going to be so warm since everyone knew she was talking behind their backs, including Gina. She had heard Vicki called her a jail bird but was sweet to her face, something she did not appreciate. It was also Valentine’s Day in the OC and Shane was too busy to take time for his family or participate in his mama’s birthday celebration. So sad.

Tamra’s party is not going well. When Vicki tried to talk to Kelly, she just wanted to walk away and when they did sit down, Kelly let her former bestie know the damage she has done to her young daughter. This is really the crux of it all but Vicki just does not understand it, deep down and somehow keeps pushing it to the limits. Kelly eventually leaves in tears because she has to pack for her and Jolie to go to Aspen. Tamra shares Vicki has not always said the nicest things about her and her husband so she understands the manipulation. Shannon chimes in and even though they are cool with Vicki, they know her slimy side and Braunwyn is just arriving and trying to figure it all out, as she is friends with Kelly. She is sitting outside with Vicki, Emily, and Gina and Gina brings up the texts Vicki sent about her being a jail bird after her DUI which Vicki denies. They have the texts to prove it so ha. Vicki wants to prove to Braunwyn she is a nice person but the new girl leads with her gut and is still iffy on the OG turnd “friend of” so she is wavering. Vicki gets Steve and they start to leave as Shannon tells Braunwyn she feels an instant connection with her and asks her if she would like to go for drinks to which B says “yes.” Tamra and Shannon start joking with Braunwyn how they have a new Tres Amigas so peace out Vicki! They proceed to get on the counter and dance to which Eddie says “this is why we don’t have parties!”

Gina is prepping for her parents to come to visit since she has just moved into her new home and is going through a divorce with Matt. There is a lot she does not have in her home because she does not have a man around so she happy to have her dad in the OC. She has forgotten about doing the trash and such since Matt is not there but oh well. Her mom does not want to talk about anything super serious but she does mention Matt has been calling her a lot and wants to know why. Gina says she has done her best to protect her kids from everything and her parents agree but there is apparently a lot they do not know. She thought her and Matt could be civil and work together but it appears this has gone the wrong way. Meanwhile, Shannon and Braunwyn meet for drinks and food which is huge for Shannon since she never likes anyone right off the bat. After they order, she immediately brings up Vicki and how she claims Braunwyn said she did not like her which is untrue. Braunwyn stated how Vicki walked in, said hi to everyone, brushed right by her, and went over to pet B’s husband, Sean. That was when she really took notice of her and was like slow your roll. Vicki never likes anyone new and especially someone cute and fun and possibly threatening!

We flashback to the reunion where Shannon talks about Vicki claiming Shannon’s now ex-husband, David beat her. This caused a lot of drama and hurt because Vicki does not think before she speaks and she never has. Because Shannon is divorced, she no longer has David to worry about and, in the long run, she feels Vicki has been a good friend. Her kids really love Vicki, as well so she keeps her around. For Braunwyn, she really likes Kelly and does not want to associate with someone who will cause damage to a child and she is a mother first. So, if there is someone who will cause damage to a child, she does not want to associate with them. She then reveals one of her daughters was a competitive dancer and they were a dance family, going to her competitions but her child developed severe OCD and ultimately got really sick. It made Braunwyn feel bad for having too many kids and reevaluate how she was going to raise her children. They did not have to be perfect or get straight A’s; they just had to be happy and this is how Shannon is feeling. They now want their kids to meet and see what happens.

Tamra’s mom has been living with her brother but they call and complain about one another (wasn’t she living with Tamra?) so Tamra found her a place in a senior living center. As they are unpacking, she sees her mom has been carrying around Tamra’s wedding dress from Simon. The funny thing is I remember Tamra having the dress when she and Eddie moved in together or when she got her first place away from Simon so she is full of crap saying she has not seen it in 20 years! Her son, Ryan, tells her to burn it though she admits it is a pretty dress. Maybe one of her daughters will want it one day. Over at Emily’s, she is talking to Gina about her anniversary gift for Shane. She was going to take him to Vegas after he took the bar exam and she was going to get on stage and do a sexy dance for him. When he started to inquire about her plans, she could not hide anything from him so she shared with him what was going on and he immediately nixed it. He is Mormon so, as Gina pointed out, he does not even like swearing in his house so she does not know why Em thought this would be a good idea. He told her to make this a girls trip instead so she could still do her dance.

As of now, Shane is staying at a hotel for two weeks, which Emily is cool with because she knows he needs to study but Gina believes it goes much deeper and the couple haven’t even spoken for two days. It is hot mess city. When Emily proposes the idea of Vegas, Gina notes she does not even have a license right now and she lost her passport which leads her to say she is having the worst year ever. She starts to break down and says she cannot do this and walks to another room, claiming she wants to leave but comes back and reveals Matt had an affair after she had one of her children. She knew Emily knew but she never spoke of it and always protected her husband. Recently, she found out he was seeing his mistress again and even found a Valentine’s Day card from her to Matt and they believe they are in love. She wonders if they had ever stopped seeing each other and remember- Gina and Matt were still allegedly having a sexual relationship after their split so there’s betrayal right there. Emily says she hates this chick and she’s never met her. That’s a good friend.

Kelly and Jolie are having a blast in Aspen as they have done this ritual for five years now. It is almost her 13th birthday and her father has given her money for Gucci shoes, which she is thrilled about but she is also a super smart kid and does well in school. With all of her transitions and the gossip, she is level-headed and you can see how grounded she keeps her mom. They flash to the reunion where Vicki claims Kelly is never with Jolie but this is all put to rest. Next up is Braunwyn and her daughter, Rowan, the dancer she spoke of earlier who suffered from OCD which was making her severely sick. She has started a dance fashion line and her parents are thrilled to back her on this project because the busier she stays, the less her illness seems to affect her. She is also very creative and they talk about her working with Coachella next year. Just the pride they have with her being a teenager yet having so much drive is really sweet and the fact they have the financials to help her pursue her dreams is even better.

Time for an all girls dinner and Tamra comes to get Gina who has to sneak away so her kids do not catch wind she is leaving. Gina confesses about Matt’s affair, which Tamra already knew about, but says she is dating so that is good. She and Tamra arrive first followed by Braunwyn and Shannon. When Shannon sits down, she shares she was talking to Vicki and mentioned the four girls were going out to eat and since Braunwyn and her had a rocky start (and Vicki seemingly felt left out), she asked her if she wanted to join. This should add spice to all of their already spice margaritas. Vicki FaceTimes with them and says she just finished lingerie shopping with Emily (when did they become friends?) and is on her way. This is when Gina says she should be lingerie shopping because she does not have a man and asks if they can go to Rodeo Drive because she has never been there. They are shocked and agree to do a trip there and then Vicki arrives. Braunwyn apologizes for judging her without getting to know her first and she accepts.

They start talking about Kelly and the ladies are all torn because the words were very damaging to Jolie. Vicki still maintains it was justifiable after Kelly attacked her looks, calling her fat and ugly, saying she looked like a pig. Oh my god, Vicki, this is no reason to say someone has a coke problem but you never learn. She then says there is so much more she knows about Kelly she has not said. The girls want to know what it is but she won’t say and then Tamra asks if it is about the train and apparently, she, Shannon, and Vicki know about a train incident but never shared it. Vicki wants to stop talking about it but Gina says if there is something worse than a coke allegation, that is deep and you cannot just come out and say something like this with no backing. To be continued.

Next week, the ladies take on the BH and Rodeo Drive, Shannon and Emily get into it, and the women confront Kelly about the train incident, maybe, possibly. You can catch it Tuesday night at 9pm, only on Bravo.

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