Previously On…Married At First Sight Season 9 Catch-Up, Part 2!

Previously On Married At First Sight, we saw the couples adjusting to their lives back at home and it all seemed to be going well…until Matt stayed out all night. He did not bother to call or text Amber and she even found his wedding ring in the drawer. She became so physically ill by the situation, she had to call out of work and he finally came home saying he needed a break and the only reason he did not wear his ring was because he was going to the gym. Lies! Back and forth with Elizabeth and Jamie, who have the most tumultuous relationship. It makes your head spin but it looks like Jamie is the bad guy in the long run; he’s the hurtful person. Deonna and Greg have finally consummated their marriage while Iris cannot even speak of sex without cringing. And now, we are at the halfway point.

Matt is the worst husband ever, tied with Jamie, and I am not even exaggerating. Once again, Matt did not come home all night and he seemingly thinks it is totally okay because he knows Amber is already in love with him so she will stick by his side. Good job, bro. But, let’s go back to the couple’s one month anniversaries. Because this is such a short experiment, they will be celebrating quicker milestones than in a more traditional relationship. Each couple did something special for their anniversary: Jamie took Elizabeth to the locale where they tied the knot and gave her a Tiffany and Co. necklace; Iris and Keith went horseback riding with him giving her a heart necklace and her gifting him vinyls; Deonna and Greg went out to dinner and he had a luxury bubble bath prepped for her when they got home; and Matt and Amber went out to dinner and he wrote a song for her. The experts also gifted them with a memory basket, filled with mementos from their wedding day including photos and such. This was when it got bad for Jamie and Elizabeth.

Elizabeth had yet to see their professional photos so she was blown away by how amazing they came out and was thrilled with how great she looked that day. She kept commenting on her hair and her makeup but Jamie got sick of it. He felt she should have been more focused on the whole day and them as a couple and not just solely her. It led to an even bigger fight back at home where he called her a materialistic c- word and stormed out, saying it was over. And Matt never came home so we have that to deal with. Iris and Keith were given a game to try to become more comfortable with one another but she is so wound tight, it was a fail and you can’t help but feel bad for Keith. But, everyone is in for a surprise when the experts come by and tell them they have to make a decision that day. It is not the official decision day but it is a “faux” decision day.

Pastor Cal ripped into Matt while the new female expert is trying to figure out why Amber is sticking around when this is clearly not a marriage. Cal asked Matt if he was cheating but he laughed and said he was not. People on social media think he is and I agree. I don’t feel bad for Amber because I feel like the red flags are there and she is being a pathetic example of a woman. But, they want to work on their marriage. Keith and Iris need to work on their openness, mainly Iris and they give them fun games to try but it is comical when Iris is scared to let Keith even lick her. Deonna needs to be more open with her emotions to Greg but so far, the three main couples will be working on what they have. As for Jamie and Elizabeth, the shock at what he said to her and called her is beyond for the experts. It is hard to rebound from that but they agree to work on their relationship. I would have punched him in the mouth and run the other way.

In the end, Amber set a curfew for Matt (pathetic) and he must text her more often to keep the lines of communication open. Iris bought edible body paint so let’s hope Keith gets something, more than what he has gotten thus far. And Deonna is prepared to try to let her guard down and realize Greg is not like the other guys from her past. What couples do you think have a chance? Let us know and watch the show every Wednesday night at 830pm on Lifetime.

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