Previously On…RHOC Season 14 Episode 2 Recap-The Morning After!

Previously On the season 14 premiere of the RHOC, we met new housewife, Braunwyn, whom we have fallen in love with. I mean, she has seven children, a handsome husband, and she gets to stay at home, living the dream she set out for herself when she first met hubby, Sean 24 years ago in college. We did not see OG, Vicki now that she has been demoted to “friend of” and I cannot say I missed her at all. But, we did meet Kelly’s new plastic surgeon boyfriend who gifted her with diamond earrings and gave Shannon a new face. Gina shared with Emily about her arrest and how embarrassed she was while Em’s husband, Shane is holed away, studying for the bar exam, completely disinterested in his family. At the end of the premiere, Tamra decided she would have a barbecue at her new home, inviting Vicki AND Kelly so hello fireworks! You ready? I am!

Kelly and Jolie are playing tennis and I am loving their closeness but it quickly shifts to Tamra telling Eddie how she wants to invite her friends and their new neighbors over for a wine and cheese party. He is more nervous about her friends making a scene in front of the neighbors since they have to live next to them. Back to tennis and when the session is over, Kelly tells Jolie she and her boyfriend, Dr. Reagan want to start a skincare line for teens. She has noticed when her daughter is with her, her skin is great but when she goes to see her dad, she breaks out. So the collaboration just makes sense and they want Jolie to be the face of it. However, Jolie says she wants to remain very private as she has people on social media coming at her, calling her mom a “cokehead” after the season 13 reunion where Vicki accused Kelly of doing cocaine. This is what Kelly has had to endure and maybe she can handle it, but her 12-year-old daughter should not be a victim of it all. Jolie shows Kelly some of the DM’s she receives and she is shocked. It is very sad because Jolie used to be very close with Vicki and now, Jolie hates Vicki; the OG has no idea the damage she has caused.

Over at the Beador home, Shannon’s eldest daughter, Sophie is getting ready for her winter formal. Shannon is shocked at how short the dress is but Sophie just wants to show off her legs. Mama asks what time Sophie will be home because she is going out, as well. They both set rules for one another and it is really cute. Then, Christian, Sophie’s date, shows up and even though he is a grade above her, he is actually a few months younger. Shannon teases and asks if Christian is her boyfriend, saying it is her job to embarrass her kids, reminding them no drugs, alcohol, edibles, etc. At Emily’s, she is super stressed because she has had barely any communication with hubby, Shane as he is studying for the bar and they have a lot coming up. When their marriage is good, it’s great but when it is bad, well…

Emily’s mother and father-in-law come over for their birthdays and Emily has a chef preparing a meal. The whole family, minus Shane, are gathered and Shane may be over for cake but there is a lot of pressure on him. Both his wife and his sister have passed the California bar so it is go time for him. Em tries to FaceTime him but he is in the library and when she does get a hold of him, he complains he is being harassed by everyone, acts like a child, and hangs up. Em is having a hard time because she really feels like she is doing everything and overextending herself just to cater to him and make his life easier while hers just gets harder. Braunwyn is packing and we soon get to meet her mom, Dr. Deb. She was a single parent who was in a rock band but eventually went to medical school where she met Braunwyn’s stepfather. She had a family practice until she went to Burning Man and that changed everything.

Braunwyn was sent to live with various family members growing up because of her mom always working which is why she wanted to be a stay-at-home mom. She wanted to give her kids what she never had and now, Dr.Deb is giving her grandkids what she never gave her own daughter. She is a rainbow filled grandmother resembling Betsey Johnson who can probably cure cancer. Over at Gina’s new home, she is giving Kelly a tour, saying she wants an adult room not a playroom and reflecting on first moving to Coto with Matt. It quickly shifts to her going on a date that evening so Kelly helps her picking out an outfit; he’s 10 years older which is totally new for Gina. She says she used emojis in their texts which seemingly was not something her date was not about. Her ex says he is not dating but she is not entirely sure. Oh and it is Valentine’s Day so what an interesting day for a first date.

Braunwyn has set up a special Valentine’s night for her and Sean since they have really not had a peaceful holiday in years. He spent years traveling and they never actually talked about dialing it back and spending more time together. When she met Gina and heard her story, it reminded her a lot of parts of her own marriage and former struggles they went through but it seems the Burke family has found a little bit of a sweet spot at this point. Eddie and Tamra are going out for the holiday, which is a rarity for them. He was actually out of the country when they were first together but sent her chocolates which he has totally forgotten about. Eddie gifts Tamra Valentino shoes at dinner so she believes he may have a shoe fetish since she gets shoes almost every holiday. Not a bad fetish to have. She notes the previous year was not the best, especially with his heart issues and now, it is all turned around. She tells him how she went with Shannon for her facelift follow up and she looks so great but he recalls how shady Shannon had been the year prior. He asks if Tamra is also going to excuse Vicki’s behavior.

Apparently, Vicki is being really two-faced with Gina; she will talk smack about her then call her up and be super sweet. She will also be the first to send over Gina’s DUI article to Tamra then call Gina and probably ask if she needs a casserole. Tamra says she has known Vicki so long that she knows the good and she also knows the super bad. I say they are one in the same. As for Sean and Braunwyn- they are having their super romantic night as couple goals while Emily is wrangling stinky kids and dogs. She is not having the life she wants at all so Shane better pass this test or die trying. It is now the day of Tamra’s party and her son, Ryan is the first to arrive and Shannon and Kelly go together. Emily notes the last time she was at a Tamra party, she threatened to kill Kelly. When Gina walks in, she is wearing leopard so Eddie says she is a certified cougar, which I am loving. Emily shows up and when she sees Shannon, she comments on how great she looks but that she did not see the progress as she was blocked on Instagram. Yes, Shannon and Tamra are so immature, they blocked Emily on IG together. Oh well. And now, here enters Braunwyn and Sean which will knock over relationship goals for Tamra and Eddie like BAM.

Tamra leads whoever is there on a tour of the new house and she is bragging about her multiple staircases. Shannon is outside talking to Braunwyn about how late she got married and pregnant and then Ryan asked where Shane was because he wanted to drink with him. Emily says he does not drink because he’s Mormon. I did not know he did not drink because he could have fooled me at Eddie’s birthday last season. Tamra is showing Shannon a pig video Kelly made about Vicki and we flash to season seven when Slade Smiley called her a pig; this is her soft spot because she hates being compared to a pig (shoe fits). She got her face done to not look like a pig but her behavior has proven otherwise. Vicki arrives and Kelly just walks the other way. Braunwyn sees Vicki chatting up Sean and is thinks if she is trying to hit on him, gross. I love the new girl!!

Steve, Vicki’s boyfriend is there, and he is just the fun bus, amirite? Someone comments Tamra and Braunwyn could be sisters but I think everyone is just super uncomfortable with Vicki being there. Vicki brings up the pig emoji and Emily knows how it feels to be shamed after people called her fat on social media so she says Vicki looks great. When Em goes inside, she shares what happened outside. Kelly says there was a pig emoji, yes but it was in response to a long text Vicki had sent with a bunch of demands and such. So, there was only half of the story. Tamra and Vicki are outside and Vicki says she will talk to Kelly. They had worked it out but it was reignited; Vicki says she knows people who did coke with Kelly but then Vicki shouts back she was called a pig. Just because someone calls you fat or insults your looks does not mean you defame their character.

Tamra tries to get Kelly to talk to Vicki but she won’t and she kind of understands her side. This makes Vicki infuriated that everyone is taking her side. Vicki attempts to talk to Kelly but she has no desire to play that game and Vicki goes after Kelly’s looks so Tamra tells Braunwyn to go fix it. Haha, put it on the new girl. Vicki tells Kelly she wants to fix it and she loves her but she does not believe her. She lets Vicki know this has affected her daughter and she has really hurt Jolie so it has gone deeper than just calling Kelly a coke addict. Can they reconcile? Next week, Vicki alludes, at a dinner with the girls, that she knows more about Kelly’s drug history than she has said while Braunwyn and Shannon have a tearful dinner. Meanwhile, Gina has some secrets she is not quite ready to reveal while hanging out with Emily. You can catch it Tuesday night at 9pm only on Bravo.

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