‘Seeking Sister Wife’ Star NOT Returning to US or TLC!

Vanessa Cobbs shocked ‘Seeking Sister Wife’ fans when it was announced she had parted ways with Dimitri and Ashley Snowden shortly after their over-the-top wedding ceremony was shown as the season finale. Then, the tell-all aired and several secrets came out but it seemed the Snowden family had defied the odds and finally found their happily ever after with 34-year-old Cobbs. It was at the very last minute when a screenshot popped up that said Vanessa had left the family, dropping jaws and all fans rushed to each member of the polygamist families social media. We wanted answers. Where did Vanessa go? Why did she leave? Was she okay? Did Ashley push her away with her crazy pH diets and vagina steamings? It seemed Dimitri was the most heartbroken, posting a photo of Vanessa’s wedding ring and engagement anklet on his social media. Eventually, we found Vanessa in Australia with her twin sister and a poly life just was not for her. She tried it and maybe, it was the Snowdens who weren’t for her. This we will never know as they have not come out and been super candid.

Rumors have flown Vanessa only did the show to further her fledgling acting career, which came up on the tell-all. She did initially contact Dimitri through Instagram so there is that. And with Cobbs gone, this allows for Dimitri and Ashley to go on to do another season of SSW (if there is one), something they otherwise could not have done if they had found the wife they were seeking. Unless they got a spin-off but it did not seem this was happening at the moment. There are a lot of “ifs” and questions but what we do know is Vanessa is done with the show, much like Brandy, who was being courted by the late Bernie McGee and his wife, Paige. She revealed on her Instagram page that she will not be returning to the show as it is about families looking for a sister wife. Basically, she has been there/done that so she is good. She is thinking of applying to schools in Australia, is in Minnesota for a hot second for a family event but she and he twin are working on pet projects. She noted she is hopeful one day she can be brave enough to share them with the world. She also said she does not know if their will be a season three of SSW or if the Snowdens will be on it but she hopes they find love.

Does this mean she is not in contact with them? It may just mean she is not allowed to reveal anything about the future of the show. I would like to believe there was love somewhere in the relationship and it was not all for show but one never does know. It does make me leery of watching another season and the sad part is, as much as I could not stand the Winders and the Alldredges, they were probably the most legitimate when it came to the purpose of the series. Well, Jeff A. was hiding another wife so there’s that. Tell us: will you be watching a season three of the show if it comes back to TLC?

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