Previously On…RHOC Season 14 Premiere Recap- The Morning After!

Previously On the RHOC, we ended with a fiery reunion and had no idea what would happen between Kelly and Vicki, especially after Vicki accused Kelly of doing cocaine. It led to a huge social media war where Kelly said she would not film with the OG any longer after the defamation of character. Vicki seemingly got her comeuppance when she was demoted to “friend of” for the new season and I must say…it was about time! So, did season 14, which was a total snoozefest last year, bring the goods or fall flat? You decide!

Vicki was not featured at all on the premiere, which was definitely a slap in the face to the OG and we cannot solely blame it on the drug comment. Why? Because we have seen other cast members from different franchises make the same accusations and they are still prominent figures. Examples: Bethenny claiming Dorinda and boyfriend, John do drugs (RHONY); Lisa Rinna asking Dorit if people were doing coke in her bathroom (RHOBH) and I am sure the list goes on. But, I digress. I definitely did not miss Vicki, probably because she was in commercials and still talked about so her presence will always linger. Over the break leading to the beginning of filming, a lot happened with the ladies, one of the major things being Gina’s run-in with the law. She was pulled over for a DUI amidst her break-up from her longtime husband, Matt, something we saw play out during her first year, season 13. It seems the demise has taken a harsh toll on her, something fellow season 13 newcomer, Emily noted in her confessional.

Emily stated all of the changes in Gina’s life has caused her to drink more than before and, personal observation, she just does not look as young as she did before. It’s sad. She shares with Emily about the night she was pulled over. She was at a mom event and she just wanted to get home to her kids and believed she was fine to drive, despite having a few glasses of wine. She was holding a small glass which just kept getting refilled so she really has no idea how much she drank. When she was pulled over, her friend had a “roadie” with her (a drink for the road) so this did not bode well and then she was hauled off to jail. She saw a man in handcuffs banging his head against a clear window/wall, making himself bleed and it twas horrifying. Calling her parents was the worst part of it all but Matt was the first person she called. Luckily, it did not affect her divorce case at all. Emily was disappointed with her but she still loved her regardless. As for Emily, her life is in such shambles, you can’t help but wonder if she is next for a divorce filing. Husband Shane is studying morning to night for the bar exam, which he has failed before and his family is super adamant he take it and pass so he can practice in California. He can practice in Utah but Emily was the Cali lawyer all these years.

She had been working as an attorney and finding a balance while he worked, as well but now, his job is to study and taking care of their three children is proving extremely difficult for Emily. She has no control over the kids and to think, last year she wanted another one. She says if he does not pass the bar, all hell will break loose among his family and she does not want to deal with it at all. It looks like they are just on different planets. Kelly is seemingly very happy with her new man, a doctor who performed a non-invasive facial procedure on Shannon, who has lost all of her weight. He is not necessarily someone I could see her with but he spoils her and is a plastic surgeon so that is good enough for me. Prior to going to his office, she goes to look at cats with daughter, Jolie. They have a rat problem so, even though Kelly does not like cats, she needs a rat solution. She keeps saying she wants a “farrell” or “farrow” cat not “feral” cat, which is hilarious but the people understand what she means. She won’t touch any of them but Jolie will. She talks to her daughter about her ex-husband not liking the fact she has introduced her new doctor love to Jolie despite the fact ex, Michael has had a girlfriend for a year. Jolie clearly just wants her parents to be happy and to leave her out of it.

Tamra has bought a two million dollar home and there is some drama between her two sons, Spencer and Ryan. Ryan is called a “racist” by younger bro because he supports Trump and the wall building. If you follow Ryan or some of the housewives on social media or their grown children, you know their stances in politics. I commend Spencer for speaking his mind the way he did. Ultimately, the boys are not talking but oh well. By the time the episode aired, neither were Kelly and Tamra. I’m sure we will see this go down at another time. Kelly goes to see her boyfriend, Dr. Brian and one of his female associates comes up behind her with a full bouquet of roses, stunning her. Dr. Brian then hands Kelly a card and a box with diamond drop earrings, which she loves and he says he knew she would love them because he listens. She says in her confessional she was happy it was not a ring because she did not want to be proposed to in an office. Tamra and Shannon go to meet Kelly there and see her new Mercedes in the parking lot, promptly make fun of the color, then go inside.

The doctor checks out the progress of Shannon’s neck, gives her some Botox and takes photos. Kelly also gets Botox and has photos taken when Shannon mentions Tamra is having a party at her new home, just a small barbecue since there is a lot left to do before they can thoroughly entertain. Kelly is cool with the idea of a party until Tamra asks if it will be cool if she invites Vicki. Kelly just says she will walk the other way when she sees her so Tamra texts Vicki and she says “ummmm…okay.” But, we cannot forget one biggie of the episode- the new housewife, Braunwyn. She has lived all over but she had a wealthy grandfather and knew she always wanted nice things. She met her husband in college and told him she wanted to be a stay at home mom and have five children. 24 years later and seven kids, she is living the dream. They recently moved back from Miami to the OC with children ranging from one year to 18 and she is not really sure what her husband does but they are very happy and she is glamorous. She seems to be a fairly down-to-earth person for having so much and she is finding a balance. She is friends with Kelly but from what I have seen on social media, she has become quite close with Tamra.

Next week, Vicki and Kelly come face-to-face at the barbecue. Will sparks fly? You can catch it Tuesday night at 9pm only on Bravo.

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