Previously On…RHOC Season 13/Getting Ready For Season 14!

Previously On season 13 of the RHOC, we dealt with a lot…a lot of boredom. It just was not as much fun as in seasons prior and maybe it had to do with casting or the fact Vicki’s now-fiance, Steve is a real dud. We never thought we would miss Brooks but the drama and added fuel to the fire he brought along has been missed so much since super boring Vicki wouldn’t even have fun on the Tres Amigas girls trip in Mexico that Shannon set up for her, Vicki, and Tamra. To sum it up, we met two new housewives: Emily, the lawyer with three kids and a wimpy husband and Gina, also with three kids whose husband worked in LA and was never home during the week. He also could never be filmed due his job restrictions. Having moved from Long Island for her hubby’s job, she did not want to relocate again so she just played dumb to whatever he was doing when he was away working. What we learned, prior to season 13 beginning, was the couple was going through a divorce, seen halfway through the season.

Both Shannon and Kelly continued to try to date as single women, with Kelly having much more success as Shannon was still trying to get back into shape as she dealt with David moving on. Kelly felt betrayed when good friend, Vicki and boyfriend, Steve set her ex-husband, Michael up on a date but Vicki could not understand why she would be so upset because she has no moral compass, something she yelled at Gina about later in the season. There was a lot of bickering and getting tired of Shannon’s constant “woe is me” attitude. Other people had real-life problems but she felt it was always just her. She never even bothered to check in on Tamra’s husband, Eddie, who was battling A-Fib, which could not get under control. She was so self-absorbed, it took weeks for the two ladies to finally have a conversation about how to be a good and caring friend. Along with that, Eddie still had not forgiven Vicki the way Tamra had for all of the gay comments she had been making and rumors spread about him. It was a long season but the reunion was the best.

During it, Vicki literally came to blows with Kelly when she accused her of doing cocaine and being an absent mom. This led Kelly to say she would not return if Vicki was still there and now, Vicki has been demoted to “friend of” not someone holding an orange. After season 13 filming ended, Gina was arrested for a DUI but reconciled with her husband until he was arrested for domestic abuse. So, what to expect for the 14th season? All the ladies from the previous year are back (except Vicki, who has been demoted and I love saying that), Shannon has seemingly lost all of the weight so she is back to her original self, new man in tow, Tamra moved and is not speaking to just one housewife, as far as we know, and we have a spunky new addition who has SEVEN KIDS and a lot of energy! Oh, and Meghan King Edmonds is back for a visit! It all starts tonight on Bravo on 9pm. Will you be watching?



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