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Previously On Married At First Sight, we last left off with our couples coming back from their honeymoons in Antigua and settling into married life back home in Charlotte. For the first time in the shows history, all four couples would be living in the same apartment building, allowing the only eight people at this particular time, who had any idea what this social experiment was truly like, to be there for one another. And it went from easy to very very hard.

In their first solo episode alone with each other, they had to host a get together with family and friends. For Greg and Deonna, this proved to be a great experience because it was also his birthday so she surprised him with a cake and all the friends, on both sides, got along super well. She saw a looser side of him and it led to them sharing their first intimate experience together. It appears she appreciates chill and laid back Greg over analytical and talks-too-much Greg when it comes to sexy time though she did admit she was sexually attracted to him before anything did happen. Amber and Matt are the up in the air couple who really need individual counseling. They were going to have Sunday dinner with her family and on the way there, they talked about kids. Since he has lived such an unstable life, always traveling, it did not seem top on is priority list so he said it would not happen anytime soon. He mentioned his fear of being tied to the child and his baby mama. This shook Amber because being married means being tied to someone. He also said he wanted to wait up to eight years which would mean she would be 35, not something she was happy with. I’m 35 and I was offended by her comments. I get it; her career is stable and now she is married so she thinks she has it all but she has a lot of abandonment issues to work on if she is ever going to bring a child into this world. But, her family was super receptive and her twin talked her down so it all seemingly worked out. That is, until he went out with his friends and never came home. He did not respond to her calls, her texts, his phone ended up dead and she found his wedding ring in the drawer. More on that later.

Elizabeth and Jamie hosted their parents at their home and it went super well. Though they both don’t want kids, they lied and said it would be in a few years, just to get everyone off of their backs. During the visit, Elizabeth’s dad mentioned her start date at his company and it became clear she had yet to start an official job with him, raising a red flag with Jamie. Once everyone left, they had a couples chat. She asked about his parents divorce, a sore subject for him but he lashed back even harder. He asked about her getting a job from her dad and she was very open about being lucky enough to have this connection. She also said she has never not gotten a job she interviewed for and Jamie just became cruel. He knocked her down at every turn to the point where his words became almost toxic and abusive. The next day, he came back with flowers to try to smooth it over but he just poked and pried again to the point where he dropped divorce and this is where I would have thrown his ass out of the house.

Over at Keith and Iris’ home, they had a great gathering with snacks and drinks but some of Keith’s friends took it a little too far and went into their fridge and drank Iris’ lemonade. She was livid. In Keith’s eyes, his friends are family and they are welcome to whatever they want; lemonade is replaceable. She showed how immature she was and how she could ruin a great night by getting mad over something so stupid. All the while, Keith’s beloved grandma was getting ready to go to hospice but not the lemonade. We all feel bad for Keith because he is matched with this frigid brat who does not understand hospitality. The next episode, it all had to switch because she went with him and his grandma eventually passed and they had a bonding moment which was so special to her because she is so new to the family yet so was embraced. But, her virginity is still so hard because he addressed it one night at dinner when she asked about intimacy and she got super nervous and uncomfortable. She has talked about it nonstop and suddenly, she does not want to go there? Please. She has compassion on one end but she is a cold fish on the other so I just feel bad for Keith.

Now that Deonna and Greg have had sex, you’d hope for more but she has gotten sick. He is taken care of her but he wants to know when it will happen again but not pushing. She is letting him know his spontaneity is what turns her on so, in essence, he just needs to grab her and love up on his wife! Matt and Amber- he never came home, never called and by the next afternoon, she had called Dr. Pepper because she was physically ill from it all, so bad she had to call out of work. When he did arrive home, he acted like it was nothing and said he took the ring off to go to the gym and thought he’d come home before he went out but did not. I do not believe him. She let him off the hook way too easily. It is time for Dr. P to start visiting the couples and she goes to see Jamie and Elizabeth who are not happy with each other. She explains they have two bedrooms and no one should be leaving for the night like Jamie did. Elizabeth said the “D” word should not be thrown around the way it was and now they have to work together. Oh, and during their previous fight, Elizabeth wanted to take a break from sex because she felt it was all they did and was getting a UTI. This did not make Jamie happy and she told him they had basic Caucasian sex which is the best line of any season.

Dr. P had been gone not a few hours when Elizabeth was packing up her stuff to leave. They went on a walk with her dogs and I guess Jamie got frustrated and started dragging the dogs so she was done. He reminded her Dr. P said they should at least stay in different rooms but she just needed her space so he threw out the D word again. So, she stayed in the master bedroom and brought him clothes and a toothbrush and that was that. The next morning, she still said she needed a break from it all to clear her head. By some miracle, they were able to work it out and were happy again and she stayed. Dr. P came to see Amber and Matt and she reminded Matt about Amber’s abandonment issues from her mom leaving when she was little and what he did was very wrong. He knows he has to be a better husband but knowing and being are two very different things. The couples were all given games to do to learn more about each other; Iris and Keith sucked at theirs, more so Iris. But, Matt learned Amber’s fantasy of him giving her a massage and this is how they ended the show. Like he went the extra mile with the oils and a table and all of that amazing stuff. Oh and Jamie saw a more holistic side of Elizabeth and this really helped a lot. I do not know who will stay together at this point but it is fun yelling at the television.

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