Previously On…RHOBH Season 9 Reunion Part 2 Recap!

Previously On the first part of the RHOBH reunion, LVP took her final stand by not showing up, Denise’s husband was discussed, and the claws came out when it came to the pre-nups (or lack thereof) for Camille and Denise. Now, we continue the not-so-lovefest with these Beverly Hills ladies in part two of the reunion.

It looked like Camille had some gripes with all of the women and was going to smash them like glasses in the episode while playing the victim. Keep in mind, one of the biggest gripes the other ladies had with Mrs. Grammer Meyer was when she praised LVP despite her not showing up to her Hawaiian wedding. Yet, all of the women traveled to be by her side and she just talked smack about them at every turn so they were understandably hurt. Let’s just skip ahead to one point where Camille blatantly said she didn’t even want any of them at her wedding. Well then. Let’s also discuss the fact she talked crap about LVP’s gums and teeth, including her breath at Denise’s bridal night out, which LVP addressed on ‘Watch What Happens Live’ and husband, Ken Todd went on to address it on Twitter. Part two was mostly a snoozefest and we kind of woke up when PuppyGate was resurrected, which was how part one left us hanging. Teddi played a pawn for LVP because she was mad at Dorit for not wanting her at the season eight reunion dinner. So, LVP “used” her to call our Dorit for getting a pup from Vanderpump Dogs and then not returning it but instead giving it to a shelter, a kill shelter it was believed to be.

This exploded with texts and Teddi becoming a puppet then backing down, saying she was not a liar but really being a liar and caring for Dorit but not wanting to be friends with LVP anymore. It was absolutely obnoxious because who cares anymore. Fans wrote in and started to ask about Erika;s husband’s lawsuit, which she said is now resolved and done. Another message was towards Kyle and an alleged lawsuit towards Mauricio. She became so rude and combative but fans are just trying to say “we spent so much time talking about a dog when we could have been talking about real issues!” It moved onto a lawsuit with Dorit, for which she could not talk about at the moment and eventually, it got back to home and real life issues: eating disorders. One of Rinna’s daughters suffers from anorexia and she has been super candid about her struggle, which makes Rinna super proud. Other women on the show, including Kyle, have come out about their struggles with weight, so it was great to be able to actually have a human moment. Even Erika admitted she is the heaviest she has ever been but she said it with pride. They also all addressed whatever work they have had done since LVP claimed Dorit had a head transplant. Not much came out, duh.

Andy talked about Teddi and Kyle’s newfound friendship and how sick it made Camille. It made all of us sick. We also traveled to Provence for a little but we had just been there a few weeks ago so we did not need a refresher. Eventually, the climax came when Camille just started yelling over her wedding and LVP. How she believed LVP did not show up to the reunion because Denise brought Brandi on the show. Okay, yeah, whatever. It was such crap and she just kept spewing and would not shut up until she believed she was being set up, got up, undressed her dress, and stormed off. No one was bullying her, no one was saying anything wrong. So, next week, the reunion concludes with Camille coming back.

You can catch the finale of the reunion next Tuesday at 9pm only on Bravo.

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