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Previously On Married At First Sight, the couples prepared to leave Antigua to return home to Charlotte, which meant they would have to live together and see what this change is like. Most of the girls had not lived with a significant other so the shift would be interesting. Can they handle it?? We are about to find out!

They’ve been married for nine days now and Amber is bummed about leaving Antigua so she’s been drinking a little to deal with the sadness and the plane anxiety. All the couples are a little sad having the honeymoon be over but it is time and they will be moving into neutral homes, provided by the show. However, the first night, they must stay in one home and Deonna and Greg are staying at Deonna’s. Deonna’s pup, Sandy is skiddish with men so she gives Greg a treat to try to bond the two and it seemingly works. Greg says the slow moving relationship he is having with Sandy is mimicking his marriage so it is all in due time with this family. Remember, she has been single for 10 years and never lived with a man. He is shocked when he sees her room and even more appalled when he sees her bathroom because she has a lot of stuff. She starts packing and he hopes they can share the space properly. She adds she does not work out but has the clothes for it but he says he will change that.

Jamie and Elizabeth end up at Jamie’s and it seems she is stunned by how neat and proper he is. She says it is freakishly neat and it is; even the fridge has way too much order for her and she cannot wait to mess it up. She admits she is clumsy when she sees how many glasses he has. He knows they have had some good and bad times but he wants it to work so badly. Matt and Amber are staying at Matt’s friends house for the evening and Iris notes Keith did not have a made bed. Keith reveals he hates folding clothes and Iris wants to start going through his stuff, when she finds an empty condom box. She immediately wants to confront him and calls upon him; he’s like “what now?” Just because she is a virgin does not mean he has been sitting around, waiting for her, being a saint. He said he packed some for the honeymoon, there was only three for the trip and he said that was what was left in the box. She is wondering if he is a nymphomaniac. They end up working it all out and are fine. Matt lives out of a suitcase and most of his stuff is with his mom so he won’t be getting it anytime soon. The fact that he has such little stuff to bring with him worries Amber because she sees how fast he can up and go.

Over at Iris’ home, Pastor Cal stops by to chat with her and Keith. They say they make a good team already and had a great time on vacation but Iris wants to bring up Keith losing his ring. Because that was such a big deal (eye roll). They need to get the ring resized now. They know she is a morning person and he is not but what about domestic things? She loves to cook but he wants the responsibilities, too. They have yet to discuss finances as they will be living in one place, possibly long term. And eventually, they will have sex but it will all come in time and Pastor Cal believes they have a great start. Jamie and Elizabeth head to her apartment and he notes nothing coordinates but it matches her. And now Pastor Cal will visit them and find out how everything is going. She admits they argue when they do not communicate properly. We flash back to when Jamie left her to eat lunch alone and Cal reminds them marriage is like a dance, in a way and there is a lot of over-analyzing. He gives them an exercise called “naked moments” where they will drop everything in a bad moment and just speak with vulnerability.

Matt is at Amber’s and because of his height, he has broken the shower curtain rod. Soon, Pastor Cal arrives to see how their marriage is going. It is overwhelming for Amber to be living with a significant other whereas Matt has been with a few girlfriends so they are on different paths. Matt leaves for a moment and Amber shares they have already slept together, which shocks Cal in a good way. They are compatible in that way but it is important for her to discuss the fact Matt is transient and she has fears about this. She feels she can fall for him but is scared to do so after being left by her mother and this hurts. She leaves and Matt returns; Cal tells him Amber adores him, which is scary because he hopes it does not change. Cal wants to confirm Matt is being his genuine self with his wife because this is who Amber really cares for. He then asks if Matt can see himself developing love for Amber and he does say yes but Cal believes they have to let their guards down in order for this to happen. Amber does open up about her fears of Matt leaving to play international basketball. Cal asks if they have talked finances and they have when Amber offered to support the family while he gets his business off the ground, which was there biggest battle. But, Cal says this is all good and they could be great for each other.

Greg and Deonna are now at his place where Cal comes to chat. Her biggest issue is all of the compliments Greg hands out; he reminds her of how many women would love to hear those all day, every day so she should just be grateful. Cal also encourages them to practice physicality as they have yet to be intimate. Holding hands, kisses good-bye, things like that as they seemingly like each other and feel they pick up where the other leaves off. It is now moving day for everyone and they are just loading up cars and getting ready to go. For the first time in show history, all of the couples will be living in the same apartment complex, which I think is cool so they can actually have someone to reach out to but it is a bit of false reality. Jamie is shocked when he sees Elizabeth feeding her dogs out of a human glass and she asks him how he truly feels about them. It is a new experience for him and it is difficult for him but he feels he will get there eventually. Now, she breaks out the sage to cleanse the negativity from the home and he is seeing what a character his wife is.

Amber and Matt get into their apartment and she says it feels like home but she really wants him to stay in Charlotte. It is her constant fear. He tells her to use whatever drawers she wants and he will use the rest. He is used to moving a lot so he will be able to make this place home but he is more worried about her. He takes out a bunch of framed pictures playing ball throughout the years and it is cool for Amber to see his history. He found this box in his car so it is a lot of fun. She fills the fridge with photos of them from their honeymoon and he seems stoked. Over at Iris and Keith’s home, it is a big adjustment for her. Keith is also nervous because he has been living alone for so long. He also learned she is very strict when it comes to house guidelines so she needs to loosen up. Her first thing she notes is they need shelf liners so they won’t get splinters. Back at Amber and Matt’s, she finds him in the guest bathroom and asks if he is her roommate or her husband. He says they don’t have two sinks so he figured he would utilize it.

Deonna ended up using a big majority of the closet so Greg is hoping she will spare some room for him and learn what it means to compromise. She brings her dog in and it makes Greg happy Sandy is getting more used to him and responds when he calls her name. Greg is hopeful his wife can respond to him as quickly as Sandy has; he wants to be more intimate with him. At dinner, Amber and Matt are talking about him taking the spare bathroom and she admits she is hypersensitive but he said he was giving her space. She doesn’t want to turn into those couples who sleep in separate rooms and he understands. It stressed him a little but he gets she never lived with a man before so they resolve it. They need couple’s counseling if they are ever going to make this work. They need counseling in general. It is time for the first night in their new homes for the couples. Elizabeth and Jamie do first night face masks and cuddle with their puppies. It is still awkward for Greg and Deonna but he is optimistic while Amber and Matt are super happy to be in their home. He has not had a home for a long time so this means a lot. As for Keith and Iris, she says a good night prayer. And thus, the season has really begun.

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