Previously On…RHOBH Season 9 Reunion Part 1 Recap!

Previously on the season nine finale of RHOBH, it was time for Kyle and Mauricio’s big event for The Agency. But, of course, nothing went as planned when it came to the ladies and the claws were out. Along with that, Camille stayed true to LVP, even attending the grand opening of her new bar/restaurant in Vegas. Granted, she was the only one invited but it was a slap in the face to Denise who has done nothing wrong to LVP at all. The ending just became an LVP bashing to prove these women were better off without her toxic energy but there are still a few ladies we could do without. And now, it is part one of the reunion and anything can and will happen, especially with one core housewife missing!

It starts with clips of host, Andy Cohen and Anderson Cooper on FaceTime talking and Anderson learning LVP is not there but Camille is and he is shocked. Six women are on the couch and here is how they are sitting. One side is Denise on the end with Erika in the middle and Rinna next to Andy and on the other side, book ending Andy is Kyle with Teddi in the middle and Dorit at the end. It makes sense Teddi and Kyle are sitting next to one another but the rest just seems off but we are to assume the seating was planned with LVP in mind but had to be quickly altered once she announced last minute she would not be showing up. Teddi’s father, John Mellencamp called her and said Mellencamp’s don’t cry and to not show her boobs. Wise advice. Andy now addresses LVP; the day prior she shared in an interview she would not be attending the reunion and would not be on the show anymore. They flash back to season three when Adrienne Maloof did not show up for the reunion and things LVP had to say about Maloof being cowardly for not coming, it was a part of her job on a reality show. This was her final act like it was Maloof’s and Kyle’s reaction is LVP was avoiding being fired by Andy via resignation. There were many times the other housewives had drama going on and did not want to attend the extremely harsh and vile reunions but they did. LVP said the reason of a reunion is to reunite and that was not going to happen.

Dorit contends she has not been harassing LVP because she has no contact with her and then there is the acknowledgement of another Radar Online article that was just published so this brings up so much of the past. Teddi and Rinna believed, until the day of the reunion, LVP would show up and they are still waiting. Kyle even brought LVP’s birthday present with her and she will just have it sent over if that’s the case. We see a big car pulling up outside and the audience assumes it is LVP but really, it is just Camille. Blah. Onto Rinna and a Twitter battle she and husband, Harry Hamlin got into with his ex-wife, Nicollette Sheridan got into. Rinna commented Sheridan went and hooked up with Michael Bolton and without this, Harry would never have ended up with Rinna when he did and this ended up causing such a stir because Sheridan denied these allegations. Interestingly enough, Denise Richards new husband, Aaron was in the process of divorcing Sheridan when the show started. We now are introduced to newbie, Denise Richards and get to reflect back on the cool chick of season nine and Charlie Sheen’s ex-wife.

Charlie was very supportive of Denise being on the show but was not always happy with the things she said on the show like the time she mentioned he brought a hooker to Thanksgiving. She openly admits she is a jeans and tank top kind of girl but she would love to play in Erika’s closet, to which she is always welcome. Though her life has been crazy having been with Charlie, she is always there for him because they have two kids together and she has such a close relationship with her dad and she wants the same for her daughters. She is great friends with Rinna and Rinna refers to her as a saint with all she has been through but so is Aaron as he called Charlie to tell him he and Denise were getting married. They talk about how Denise could have gone after a lot of Charlie’s money since they did not have a pre-nup but they did not. Her youngest adopted daughter, Eloise, has a chromosomal disorder so they address this but she is doing great. It is still very hard because she has yet to meet major milestones but she has taught Denise you can communicate without speaking and patience. But, she is such a free spirit and it gets to Dorit because she went through something similar at the beginning of Jagger’s life and kids are mean.

Onto Kyle and all of her chaos in her life, her crazy anxiety, always imagining the worst, etc. The Rinna/Kyle mammograms are addressed and it turns out this place gives you the results the same day so there was nothing set up at all, to clear any rumors or speculation. And Rinna gave permission to show her results and images on TV. People have noticed Dorit’s implants looking bigger and we got to see behind-the-scenes footage of Kyle and Teddi in therapy. Now, everyone are claiming Kyle is the new Queen and Erika backs this up because she is the new OG with LVP gone and she holds them all together. I would not give her that much credit. They soon learn Camille is in the house and are less than thrilled. Denise has been moved to the end of Kyle’s couch to make room for Camille. Andy congratulates her on getting married then says he wants whatever Mauricio had the night before the wedding because he was out of his mind hilarious. Currently, Camille is living in a nice mobile home because of losing her home in the wildfires and now she is waiting for her new beach home to be finished.

As for raising kids with someone famous, Kelsey Grammer that is, Camille’s mom told her to watch Denise’s interviews because she makes it all about the kids so she does it right. She keeps Grammer for her kids and her husband is fine with that. Andy brings up Camille going after half of Kelsey’s money while Denise did not go after Charlie’s and Denise notes Charlie was almost bankrupt when they got married. Camille said she worked hard and did not sit around doing nothing and eating bon-bons but that wasn’t Denise’s life. They break for lunch and Camille is trash talking Denise to her makeup artist while Denise is chatting with Teddi, knowing it is just going to get worse, believing Camille needs to get laid. Agreed. Back from break, we are seeing the insanity of the ladies when it came to sexuality during the year and how loose they let themselves. The happy ending with Denise and Aaron is addressed and we learn the lady who gave him his happy ending was quite a bit older. Erika reveals when her husband was a young buck, he’d win a lot of money, the casino would send up a few young “back scratchers” so this talk is something she is cool with it. Onto Aaron’s big penis, they want to know how big it is and then how often the women have sex, but they call Denise the MVP.

Rinna admits she and Harry do kinky stuff to keep their marriage alive and she took strip classes for a few years so she has the moves. Back to PuppyGate between Teddi and LVP, all over Dorit’s dog, Lucy Lucy Apple Juicy, whom she sent to a shelter instead of returning it to Vanderpump Dogs. Oh, and the mish mosh of texts between Teddi and John Blizzard as well as Ken and John Blizzard. Teddi starts off by apologizing and says she should never have gotten involved. She got a phone call John Blizzard and a few other people; they knew she was not in a good place with Dorit so they wanted to use Teddi as a pawn since LVP was close to Dorit. Here’s a BTS piece we did not know: after the last reunion, they were all going to dinner and Dorit said she would not go to dinner if Teddi came along and this was when Teddi got extremely angry.

Next time on part two, they address plastic surgery, Teddi and Kyle get ganged up on, Camille lashes out, and so much more. You can catch it all Tuesday night at 9pm only on Bravo!

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