Previously On…The Hills: New Beginnings Season 1 Episode 4 Recap!

Previously On The Hills: New Beginnings, everyone went to see Justin perform while he and Audrina tried to figure out where their relationship was. At the same time, it looked like he may be courting Stephanie as Spencer and Brody are trying but failing to mend their friendship. But Spencer’s PrattDaddy event is about to happen and it could reunite some or break everyone apart.

Spencer and Heidi are having an event for their PrattDaddy crystals, which is primarily online and their main source of income at the moment. Spencer spent an obscene amount of money on crystals in the past so now, Heidi is the money person and he is the creative mind. When she hears 40k for the open bar, her head almost explodes and she wants to be more responsible now that they have a child and such. She notes how, back in the day, they were making a ton of money and spending what they were making. They cannot do that anymore so she says they can do an open bar for two hours. They get a call about the party and they have the max amount of 250 and now Spencer’s mom has called and she wants to bring Steph. Mischa is attempting to get back into acting and meeting with an acting coach. It is different for her now because she has a thicker skin; plus her mom is no longer her manager. She has an audition for an indie film with Kelsey Grammer and wants to show the acting world she can still do it because this is what she loves to do.

Brody and his wife are over at his mom, Linda’s home. He shares he has not had a close relationship with his dad in years; his parents divorced when he was two. They are going through photos and he comes upon ones with him and Spencer when he was in his teens and it is hard but he cannot keep going back and thinking about what happened with them. Brody’s mom starts talking about what happened between her and Brody’s dad, now Caitlyn, who told her after Brody was born, she wanted to transition. So, we all learned just a few years back but she learned many years ago and held it all inside after thinking she had this perfect marriage. And just a week before Brody’s wedding. his dad called and said he was not coming. Linda is very much about forgiveness but this all takes time for Brody and it can’t be easy knowing his dad had years of happiness with another family. Audrina goes to meet Heidi for a spa day but she has a lot on her plate with the divorce and custody; she loves her daughter, Kirra more than anything and she just wants all of this to be over. She and Heidi believe Justin is just not the right person for her at the moment because he is just too scattered.

Brody is prepping for everyone to come see him in Vegas. Along with DJing, he also has a band called AHZ and they just shot a music video which they will be debuting soon. He grew up around music as his stepfather was David Foster, a 15X Grammy award winner and his mom wrote songs for the likes of Whitney Houston. So, he has a lot to live up to. They have 200 people coming for his video premiere, including his whole family and yes, he has invited Spencer and hopes he will show up but has no idea where his headspace is. It is time for Brody’s release party and everyone is there, including his mom. She has a jacket on from her Elvis days since she was dating him when he died. Everyone says she is just so maternal and great so she sits with Mischa, whom she has known for years and says she will keep her fingers crossed she gets the job. However, it does suck Caitlyn did not show up and that has to be hard on Brody his dad is not there for him. They show the video for “Bad Decisions” and everyone loves it but then they ask where Spencer is. He was invited but did not come after the blow out he and Brody had at Justin’s show. They then ask if he will go to the PrattDaddy party and he just knows it will be Spencer prancing around, holding his crystals and he does not know if he wants to be a part of that.

Spencer is at the crystal factory with his crystal man, Hovave and reveals he has a spending problem. He went through 10 million in two years so now he has to be economical though he wants to give all 250 guests a free crystal. Brandon and Brody are playing tennis when Brandon shares he met a girl over the weekend who wants to hang out with him alone. He likes her but after what he has been through with his parents (Tommy Lee and Pamela Anderson), he only wants to be married once, maybe twice, not five times. He also does not want to get used for his name by anyone, a warning Brody is sharing with him, or reminding him of. They both had celebrity parents and interesting upbringings so they have a mutual understanding of life. Brandon also notes he is an old soul which is very clear to see. He goes shopping with new lady, Ashley and he realizes he has a crush on her. It makes him happy but clearly apprehensive. He’s close to his mother but does not talk to his dad so this makes his life just hard at the moment. But, he is seemingly going with the flow and enjoying his time with his new lady, as he should.

Audrina is not happy she is going to the PrattDaddy party but she is solely going because of Heidi. She is in the car with her friend, Joey and she is venting her frustrations and even shares how she told Steph about the kiss between her and Justin and then he denied it. Joey does not trust either one of them despite how much they say they love Audrina. At least she has someone smart in her corner. The crystal party is ridiculous like Spencer is tripping on something and Mischa walks in to find Heidi covered in crystals. Stephanie shows up with their mom, Janet and she is just trying to mend fences. Steph just wants them to be civil in the long run and even wears a brand T-shirt. Heidi is really proud of Sepncer’s vision and says that the challenges they faced have only made them stronger. As for Audrina and Justin, everyone thinks she should just talk to him and she wants it to be straight- either they say they want to date or let it go.

Audrina goes to get Justin and pulls him aside to talk so they can be normal again. She feels he is talking poorly of her and does not understand why. Joey is with Jason, Ashley, and Mischa trying to figure out what is going on and soon she goes on a rant about how Stephanie is sleeping with Justin. Mischa thinks this is the wrong time. Justin tells Audrina her saying they kissed got misinterpreted; he claims they kissed on the cheek and it was not sensual. Frankie says Justin and Steph are just platonic friends. Justin tells Audrina he and Steph get along on a different level because they don’t have kids or haven’t been married and have a lot in common. It is a hot mess. Stephanie leaves first and Justin leaves Audrina to say good-bye. Next week, they all head to Vegas while the wildfires blaze in Malibu. You can catch it Monday nights at 10pm only on MTV.

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