Previously On…RHONY Season 11 Reunion Part 1 Recap!

Previously On the RHONY season 11 finale, Bethenny had a near-death experience, the ladies questioned if Tinsley was still involved with Scott, Luann was mad Barbara was the only one to attend her Christmas cabaret, and it all culminated with a s’mores and whores party, thrown by B herself. Now that the season is over, it was time for all of the drama from the episodes to come to the forefront and the women to confront them head on. How would this play out? Let’s see!

Each woman got their own individual entrance into the reunion though, in typical Ramona fashion, she stumbled over herself. Classic. Andy greeted the women around the couch (on one side, it was Sonja at the end, Dorinda in the middle, and Bethenny next to Andy. On the other side was Lu next to the host with Tinsley in the middle and Ramona beside her) and shade was immediately thrown by none other than Dorinda. When asked who she was wearing, if it was in fact Jovani, she replied Naeem Khan. And roll clip of when Luann wanted a dress by this designer but Carole Radziwill informed her this was someone who only dressed the elite and Dorinda followed it up with the idea Lu could sit there in there in her $400 dress. Sonja was wearing something from her own collection, making it seem like an infomercial and then we got to Ramona, who Andy noted had a little something done. She blushes as if she does not want to acknowledge it but then dives right in. Apparently, she had several cavities so she went to a teeth expert and ended up getting 10 veneers on the top and the bottom. So, now I am fixated on her mouth for the whole episode, nothing else matters, I need to see these teeth!

Bethenny’s late ex-boyfriend, Dennis is immediately brought up by Andy and how he had been at the last two or three reunions because, as she put it, he liked the minutia. It was weird to not have him there for this one and this brings her to tears so the reunion has officially begun. A lot about Bethenny’s ex was brought up and what the status of their relationship was when he passed. They were broken up and it was very up and down. They broke up a lot but he would come back and suck her in once again. He had proposed and she accepted the ring but it was on terms. He had to change and she cited an incident on Mother’s Day. He promised her the best Mother’s Day, presumably in 2018, and they were to go to the Plaza with her daughter, Bryn. He ended up staying in bed all day so she celebrated alone. She said she’d rather be alone at a certain point but she was almost settling. She had a child, she was successful so she did not know if they should just have an arrangement. Her custody battle was still going on and was nowhere close to over, as we saw on television, so maybe this was just easier. It was not.

Of course, Andy needed to know about the hot caterer, Russ. When she and Dennis had one of their many break ups, she and Russ had dated but when Dennis saw the pics of them together, he was not too thrilled with it. Everyone on the stage and social media wanted Russ; they wanted his number and could not wrap their heads around how she could have let him go. As for her now-boyfriend, Paul, she is very happy. He is someone she has known for awhile, came back at the right time, and they are just in a good place. And B still owns SkinnyGirl but she has let some high salary people go and is making the business smaller so she does not have to manage as many associates. Circling back to social media, they were both ready to let Dennis rest in peace and a little tired of it being the Bethenny show. It seemed she dominated a good portion of this reunion and it was much like last season’s reunion where it was all about B. Even when Andy would ask someone else a question, she would answer for them. No one had a chance to speak and all I heard from Sonja was that she was adjusting the tape on her neck so she could make it tighter.

It was addressed the part Dennis played in Lu’s life, who was not at the last reunion, for she was in rehab. He connected her to a super powerful attorney and she even wanted to borrow six million dollars from him but it was all garbled between B and Lu speaking over each other. Lu spoke about her new home in Kingston and everyone had their own opinion on it; maybe not the best place to invest just yet but as Sonja said, it was what she wanted and could afford. It then came up how Lu felt she was always being watched in the Hamptons and had no privacy to which Bethenny name dropped a ton of celebs who live up there with no problem (Madonna is her neighbor) so why would they care about a housewife? Onto Lu and Dorinda, which was just a back and forth of was Dorinda heckling the Jovani? She was but she was really hurt Lu did not invite John to the show and wanted her to buy his ticket. Lu had the texts and, though she did not outwardly say he needed to buy a ticket, she was very self-absorbed and rude so it’s very split.

She admitted she was self-absorbed this past season and they ask why she thought demanding yoga and massages at Dorinda’s was proper. She really had no good answer. And yes, Dorinda did ask a lawyer about what she should do when it came to Lu putting her in her show. Dorinda also took credit for the Jovani fodder Lu was blessed with because, without the heckling, it would not have sparked “Feelin’ Jovani” which is Lu’s latest single. Andy made sure to play it at the end of the episode. Ramona has lowered the price of her apartment and gave out the exact address to where she wants to live, because she is a ding dong and that is pretty much all we learned. And Dorinda and Lu hugged it out.

Next week, Barbara joins the couch and the women talk about Lu’s singing. You can catch part two on Thursday night at 9pm only on Bravo.

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