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Previously On Married At First Sight, the couples headed to Antigua for their honeymoons. The only couple who consummated their marriage was Amber and Matt while everyone else was starting to get to learn about one another. Now, they will finish up their time together, with the other couples, before heading back to North Carolina to live their normal lives. Let’s see how this plays out.

It has been five days since the couples have gotten married and Deonna is not a morning person so she seemingly always wakes up with a stank face on. The others just wake up happy, especially Elizabeth and Jamie who had sex. It had been delayed because she had gotten her period day one of their honeymoon but they made up for it. However, Jamie jumped the gun by saying he loved her and Elizabeth is a little worried now that she has slept with Jamie, he will be done with her. He denies this and she says she never believed in love at first sight until now and they want to have sexy time all day. Deonna and Greg are all about compliments in an odd way and he has been holding off on giving them but she can read them in his eyes so this is good enough for her. They are discussing what church they go to since faith is very important to them.

Iris and Keith are having a great time doing water sports and he is enjoying his wife, saying she is everything he has looked for. In fact, he is shocked he has someone calling him “husband” which is super cute. Iris says she is learning the reasons why they were matched and did not think she would be having her honeymoon with a stranger but it’s been worth it. Matt and Amber decide to go snorkeling but Amber admits she does not trust people easily, understandable. But, she also admits the last time she went snorkeling, she puked so this should be interesting. I like how the couples are actually doing things with each other and exploring…at least some of them are. Matt got married like this to find someone to fill a void within him; hopefully, Amber is that person. He likes her vibe and thinks she will bring the best out in him so we shall see what the future brings.

The girls go off shopping and are just having a good time, especially for Iris; it is like her therapy. They talk about the funniest thing that has happened so far and Deonna says she and Greg both packed the same swimsuits, which is adorable. Amber asks if anyone has fought yet but Elizabeth does not want to share about her and Jamie fighting last episode when he went and had lunch without her. Deonna says Greg compliments her too much and that is a lot for her too take in which Iris does not understand. She tells her to take it all in now and enjoy it. Even though she’s been single for 10 years, Deonna is super comfortable having a partner and then they decide to find their men, who are playing golf together. Matt confesses he does have a business he is trying to launch in Charlotte but there is a chance he could get a contract playing basketball in another country which Keith finds extremely selfish, especially after marrying a stranger. Jamie is excited because he can see himself being friends with the guys and hanging out with them when they get back home. Keith says he and Iris have decided to go to bed saying two negatives so they are trying to establish a routine. I like it.

Jamie surprises Elizabeth, while she is getting ready, with pizza and a beer. She tells him she did not share with the girls about the fight they had and he understands she may be insecure but he has faith in them. They are all getting ready to go on a boat, a catamaran, and Elizabeth is freaking out about being locked on this boat going to a deserted island. Same girl, same but Jamie thinks she is going into diva mode. Deonna tells Greg they have to wear their matching suits because she shared it with the ladies so it’s important. She also tells him about what Keith and Iris are doing when it comes to the negatives and this is not something they are down for. They are much more for resolving it in the moment. And onto the boat…

Elizabeth is panicking the moment she gets onto the boat while Amber gets motion sickness and the water is super choppy. Matt is a trooper with her by her side and keeps checking in on her but she just wants to enjoy the experience and keeps saying “mind over matter.” Matt tells Amber how proud he is of her for making it to the island without throwing up and all the girls are really happy, as well. Once they get to the island, the couples go off on their own since they just spent 30 minutes on a boat and Greg is excited to see Deonna in a bathing suit and is now thinking about sex with her so he must distract himself. Iris and Keith go off on a long walk while everyone else is in the water and they are just having fun, learning Keith is a prankster.

At this moment, each couple is just super happy and content. Elizabeth apologizes to Jamie for being a diva before the boat and wants to put him before anything. Then, drama with Keith and Iris when he loses his wedding ring in the sand. And they are on a deserted island, no less. She is flipping out on the poor guy and she is DRAMA. All the couples come together to help and then Keith finds it in the sand. Time to get back on the boat and, though it is a beautiful sunset, it is very choppy, even worse than before and Elizabeth is not doing well. She is angry she is wet and gross and has to eat dinner feeling like a hot mess. She is trying not to throw up and Jamie is making jokes towards her so she just flips out on him. The next morning, she apologizes and says she just does not do well in situations like that on a boat where she feels trapped. They resolve the issue and now, they are fine, like it never happened. Probably a good idea they both do not want kids.

Amber and Matt are at dinner and are asking if they think they will get sick of one another. They do not think they will but Matt has to tell Amber about the possibility of taking a basketball contract in another country for 7-10 months. For her, it would be a deal breaker but this is only if his business does not work out. This reminds Amber of what it was like when her mom left when she was little for a woman, totally understandable and she says she does not want him to leave. She tells him she could easily support them while he is getting the business off of the ground but girl, it has only been six days! Now Greg and Deonna are out to dinner and they feel they are learning a lot about one another but can see why they were matched. He does own his own home and he built it with about four bedrooms; she also owns her own townhouse and is open to moving. He asks if she has ever lived with someone before and she has had roomies before, as in girls but never a significant other yet he has because he was engaged for four years.

This has left Deonna shook so Greg has some explaining to do and it is hilarious because she seems super jealous. Greg explains it was very toxic, he was very controlling and saw a therapist due to that and all of this info makes Deonna want to go off the deep end but she reels herself back in. He has been single for two years and just because she has been single for a decade does not mean she has to throw stones at him. In the end, she feels this was a positive because they were able to connect on a better level so that’s great. In Matt and Amber’s room, they are very distant because he confronted her on the way back. He felt humiliated when she said she could support them because he interpreted the conversation as him being broke. I do not think he knows how to take someone supporting his dreams in life. They had a severe miscommunication and after so much silence, he tells her they need to talk and they hash out what they really mean. She said she knows he can do it all on his own but she will always be there for him and that is implied in her vows. He truly appreciates her and all she wants to do for him.

Packing to go home and this will leave them seven weeks to decide if they want to stay married or get a divorce. So, they just need to enjoy the last few moments of the fantasy. Keith has been living alone for two or three years so this will be a big deal while Iris has never lived with a male before. Greg is hopeful all they have learned in Antigua will translate over to Charlotte. Deonna has only seen Honeymoon Greg so she is nervous to see him in another aspect of life but I am sure it will be fine; she will be difficult. Elizabeth and Jamie are in love now and are excited to see what is next when they get back home. Matt and Amber’s honeymoon was perfect but Amber has never lived with a partner so he hopes he can make it perfect.

Next week, the couples return home and it is back to reality. Iris finds an empty condom box and it is about to go down with Keith. You can catch it all Wednesday night on Lifetime starting at 830pm.

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