Previously On…RHOBH Season 9 Finale- The Morning After!

Previously On the RHOBH, it was Dorit’s time to shine as she unveiled her Kitson window which displayed her Beverly Beach collection. She invited all of the ladies down to see the unveiling but, of course, Camille had something snarky to say, even after a cover up was named after her. Dorit proceeded to take them all out to dinner when Camille went in on Dorit’s husband and how he owed millions to people, including a friend of hers, which was just in poor taste. How will this season wrap  up? We are about to find out and, from what I have seen on social media, it’s a bit catty.

Kim comes to see Kyle at her house and we see flashbacks of all of the drama they have been through but now, Kim is a grandma and seems more content than she has ever been before. They are talking about Kyle’s daughter, Alexia and how she is working with her father at The Agency and is on the cusp of getting her real estate license so it is a big deal. Kyle shares they are having a big Agency event and she would like Kim to be there but she does not know if she will be available. She becomes even more hesitant upon learning Rinna will be in attendance, saying she doesn’t really want to be friends with her despite the fact they have made up. Dorit is riding around her home in a mini bike, chatting with PK about how Camille flipped the switch at the dinner over PK’s finances. Yes, he filed for bankruptcy but this was in 2009 prior to them even meeting. And Dorit is in a lawsuit with Beverly Beach but she cannot talk about it so it is a lot to deal with. They are questioning where Camille gets her money but they know it is all from the Grammer last name. PK will be unable to attend Kyle and Mauricio’s party because his 18-year-old daughter, Atlanta has just moved to the US. Yes, Dorit would love for him to be there but she understands.

Everyone is getting ready for the party and there are elephants in the room but they just want to focus on how fab they will look. Denise and Aaron go to pick up Dorit and chat about how her home is up for sale because they would like a bigger yard but Denise understands because she and her family are living in a hotel after the fires. They love Malibu but don’t feel safe there and Aaron is actually sick from smoke inhalation. This has tested their marriage with all of the moving and such but of they can survive this, they can survive anything. Denise and Aaron also have Dorit’s back when it comes to Camille and that is mainly why they are escorting her. Everyone is starting to show up to  the party; Rinna and Erika show up together, both in wigs (Erika’s is a pink bob, Rinna’s is a blonde pixie). Camille shows up and she is mad at the ladies behavior at the dinner but she was horrific. Plus, she praised LVP in a magazine article after she failed to show up to her wedding so there’s that.

Camille says she felt ganged up on and is mad. No one attacked her at her wedding so why is she going at them at Kyle’s event. Kyle notes she never attacked Camille like she says she did and, in fact, when they left the dinner two night prior, everything seemed cool. Teddi tells Erika what just happened and how Camille came in hot towards she and Kyle and it was totally unnecessary. And now enters Aaron, Dorit, and Denise, greeted by bestie, Rinna. Edwin is making conversation with Camille and her husband when Rinna comes to chat with Camille; she refuses to talk to her. She says she has time to reflect on the dinner and feels she was thrown under the bus. Soon, Camille brings up LVP so Rinna reminds her how horrible Dorit was treated by her longtime friend. Camille brings up how LVP’s brother passed away and in Rinna’s confessional, she notes how her dad died when she was with this group and was never cut any slack, was continuously attacked by the ladies so don’t pull that card for shady behavior.

Camille goes into the bathroom with her friends and Denise joins them. She tells Camille to apologize just a little bit to Dorit because her behavior was uncalled for and Camille does agree. Kyle gives a speech about how Mauricio got into the real estate industry. They both got their licenses after his career in clothing failed. It went from like 7/8 agents to almost 500. The apologies begin while the speech is going on and Dorit asks if they can wait until it is over. Camille then pulls her aside, post-speech, but Dorit does not believe a word she says. Teddi goes to talk to Camille but she says Teddi is not worth her time especially when she learned Teddi snubbed Mason, Camille’s daughter. Denise comes over to try to slow the fight down because, at this point, she is just done with Camille’s’ behavior. So, Camille and her husband leave the party. Camille says she just lost her home and her assistant so she is very raw but at the dinner, she said all that aside, if she did something wrong, it needed to be discussed so she’s got to figure out what’s going on inside. She has always been two-faced and changed a lot, or seemed to, but now she is back to the housewife no one liked in season one.

With Camille gone, the ladies all gather together and surprise Denise with a taste of Provence and some wine. Cheers and now fast forward six months. The ladies are all meeting at Kyle’s home in super summery clothes, sans Camille. They are eating and start talking about LVP’s grand opening of one of her bar/restaurants in Vegas. Only Camille was invited and Denise is baffled as to why she was not invited since there is no beef with her. We see Camille talking to LVP at her home about all the junk she has been through with the women and what they have said to her since her home burned down and such. The ladies agree she just wants people who call her Queen. Rinna ran into LVP in a parking lot and heard her fumbling for cash with wet nails so Rinna offered her money but she declined and said she would not take her money. Kyle also ran into LVP while shopping and apologized for all that went down; LVP said Kyle called her a liar.

Kyle says she told LVP she did not call her a liar and she does feel bad for her for all she went through but this is how she has always been. Kyle claims she is okay now though she feels she was much more invested in the friendship than LVP ever was and maybe this is true from her perspective. Rinna feels much more free right now and she thanks the women for that while Denise is enjoying the simple things in life after the fire and now lives in Brentwood. Teddi wishes she had never followed LVP and to trust her gut. Rinna’s youngest daughter is graduating high school and going to prom and college, meaning more time with Harry Hamlin. Erika is more comfortable with these ladies after four years but still takes pics of her handwritten notes. Dorit is looking for a new home, closer to Kyle and is not ready to talk to LVP at all but Beverly Beach is doing the best it has ever done with a new men’s suit, “The Andy.” LVP has not made amends with the ladies but is super busy with her businesses and loves her time with her pets. Kyle feels she did what was right with LVP and has grown as a person but now has been producing several TV shows. Hopefully none get canceled.

Next week, the reunion begins and anything can and will happen. You can catch it Tuesday night at 9pm on Bravo!

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