Previously On…The Hills: New Beginnings Season 1 Episode 3 Recap!

Previously On The Hills: New Beginnings, Frankie threw a welcome home party for Stephanie but it was not all rainbow and butterflies when her brother, Spencer came at her. Justin and Audrina tried to reconnect yet he pulled his old crap and Brody is still struggling with married life.

Audrina meets Heidi and Jason Wahler’s wife, Ashley for lunch and they are recounting the music festival date from last episode. Ashley points out how Justin was supposed to pick Audrina up but at the last minute, told her she had to find her own way, which she is so used to. Once Jason and Ashley left, she and Justin had a quick kiss but then the Wahler’s set Audrina up on a blind date with their friend, Matt but there was no chemistry and Justin kept texting all night. They are all going to be at Justin’s concert/show at the end of the week so this should be fun. While the ladies are lunching, all the guys are over at Brandon’s having a pool party since Brandon will be heading to Atlanta to film a movie. Spencer is joining since he us amped on making a squad for himself. He gifts everyone a crystal and recounts how he spent so much money he blew on crystals and now, he sells crystals. PrattDaddy is the name of the company and Heidi manages the money part of it.

Brandon shares how he used to party, starting at the age of 13 because he had famous parents and by 19, he was ready to die. Yes, he would love to party again but he would lose everything and cannot do that. Spencer asks Brody where his wife is and why he is not drinking; Spencer is upset because this is not the Brody he grew up with. Spencer is going around the pool taking photos of the girls wearing the crystals and FaceTime’s Heidi. It is all very weird and creepy but oh well. Heidi talks about all of her plastic surgeries and explains someone who worked at a magazine had a plastic surgery contact which made her think there was something wrong with her. She developed insecurities and let Hollywood control her; she was not ready for it all. Over with Spencer, Brody has left but the guys remaining are asking what has gone on with the two former besties. Brandon thinks they were married in a former life but Spencer says it is Brody’s wife who hates him.

Audrina and Stephanie are shopping and Audrina is sharing what happened with Justin at the concert, how he did not talk to her for a week then invited her to the festival. She is so tired of the back and forth and this is when Stephanie shares Justin came by to check in on her; this pisses Audrina off because he drove two hours to check on Steph but could not go 15 minutes to pick up Audrina for the show. It’s mind games and it’s gross but there would be no show without the push and pull of the two of them. Spencer goes to listen to Justin play and Justin asks if he has talked to Steph at all; he wants Spencer to know Steph has changed and she is not the same person she used to be. He also says he can’t get too close to Audrina like Spencer cannot get to close to his sister. He also does not want to get too close to Kirra, Audrina’s daughter. Spencer believes if she did not have a kid, they’d be together.

Ashley is waiting at a store for Audrina so they can buy clothes for Justin’s show but when Audrina arrives, she shares she might not go anymore. She feels he just is not a good friend and it is just not a good situation. She also tells Ashley about the Stephanie situation, which blows her mind, as well. Ashley tells her she will barely see Justin, as he will be on stage performing, so just go and have fun so she agrees. Spencer shows up to Brandon’s home where he is going over his script, which brings up a lot of his druggie past. Of course, Spencer brings a crystal and a burrito, because that is what you bring to a home. Spencer looks to Brandon for advice because he feels he is wise beyond his years and Brandon also does not have time for friends who take away from his energy that he truly needs. He’s a smart cookie and I really hope he goes far in his life.

Justin goes to meet Amber, the manager of the place where he will be performing and Stephanie is there, as well. Justin comments in his confessional about how great Steph looks and it gets distracted. He and Steph sit down to eat and she brings up the kiss between him and Audrina which he denies. He is one shady person and Stephanie says Audrina does not know what’s going on, claiming Justin is multiple people with or without Audrina. I am just waiting for Stephanie to make her move on him. Brody and wife, Kaitlynn are out for a game night and he says she is his better half. He never believed in marriage after what he saw in his own life but she was right for him. She notes his relationship with his dad has been very hard on him but it then turns to Spencer and how Brody has tried to text him but he won’t respond. He is being quite petty so Kaitlynn thinks he should focus on them. Brody promised when she turned 30, they would have a baby but he is not ready just yet, despite her being 30. To her, there is no chance of a divorce and she wants him to take it all seriously. She needs to calm down, just a little bit but he jokingly asks if they should go to the car and try right away.

It is the night of Justin’s show and of course, Stephanie shows up first. Spencer and Heidi also show up and stay away from each other; Audrina and Ashley show up, as well because Audrina is proud of Justin but wants to talk to him about all that has transpired and just hash it out. She is sitting with Mischa and Stephanie and Mischa notes Steph can be really sweet but also has a vicious side to her. Kaitlynn starts talking about Brody’s Las Vegas DJ residency and how no one has come to see him yet so she would like to organize a group trip. She tells Heidi about it and Heidi is adamant she and Spencer have not been invited though Kaitlynn denies this. Heidi does not think Brody’s wife ever liked Speidi as a couple so she thinks there is no need to lie but Brody did say he has been trying to get in touch with his former bestie.

Heidi mentions it was hard when Brody did not come to see Gunner when he was born and now did not invite Spencer to Vegas but there is a lot Spencer did wrong in the past that needs to come out. Brody arrives while Spencer is talking to Jason and another friend and they think it is time to talk. Brody thinks Spencer should have talked to him about past issues; he also did not invite Brody to Gunner’s first birthday so there is a lot of underlying crap they keep pulling out when they have nothing else to say. Justin comes out to perform and Audrina admits she is a sucker for his eyes and swag but his arrogance can be just a bit too much. Back with Spencer and Brody, they are still bickering over stupid stuff like why Brody only drinks on the weekends and Spencer claims he was not invited. Then, Spencer brings up not being invited to Brody’s wedding and it is just stupid. I’m Team Brody because Spencer is obnoxious and personally, I am happy they are doing it at this Johnny Cash wannabes showcase.

Audrina decides she has to leave and it is just not the right time to talk to him. She says good-bye to Kaitlynn and she will catch up with her about Vegas. Next week, Stephanie tells Audrina that Justin denies they ever kissed so she confronts him and he tells her to stop lying.

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