Previously On…The Hills: New Beginnings Season 1 Episode 2 Recap!

Previously On the season premiere of The Hills: New Beginnings, Stephanie returned to California, Spencer reunited with Brody, Mischa Barton and Brandon Lee were introduced to the cast, and Audrina went on a date with Justin Bobby. Now, there is a party being thrown by Frankie in honor of Stephanie’s return and everyone will come face to face, whether they like it or not.

The big issue with this party is that Spencer and Stephanie do not get along so he is leery about her being back. He feels he has changed a lot but she has yet to progress into a better person. She really wants to put it all behind her but has no idea how her family feels about it and that includes Heidi, who spilled a drink on Steph and just walked away like it was no biggie. Justin Bobby was the one who had to calm her down and remind her Heidi just was not worth it. Jason Wahler and his wife are even at the party, which is pretty cool but Brody is at home in a bubble bath wondering what his wife is going to be like because she goes up and down a lot. Back at the party, Audrina and Bobby are reconnecting again and they are talking about how he was off the grid in Nicaragua but now is back. They note he has a lot in common with Stephanie whereas Spencer is off saying he has nothing in common with his sister. Mischa and Stephanie are chatting about how long it has been since Steph has had a boyfriend when Perez Hilton walks in, who is one of the godfathers to Spencer and Heidi’s son, but has a bad past with Mischa. He talked a lot of smack about her and she feels he dragged her down a lot and hurt her career. Now, they must deal with their past demons in order to move forward.

Perez comes over to talk to Mischa and she addresses how horrible he was to so many young girls, how he body shamed them. He swears on his child’s life he would go back and would fix everything he ever did to hurt or shame anyone he may have hurt but Mischa is still leery. This causes Perez to get angry because he just swore on his kid so that should say something. Stephanie goes to talk to Spencer and wants to find resolution with him; Whitney has seen the drama between the two of them for years as she went to high school with him. Steph holds resentment because she found out about the Pratt’s having a baby on the news on her birthday and that was the nail in the coffin. She reminds them they are family and he says they are not at all, which is really sad. Heidi asks to talk to her and she claims she has less filter than before now she is a mom. Heidi tells Steph even her family is wondering what is going on with her. Brandon Lee is watching from afar and he knows he is 10 years younger than everyone but he is more mature than everyone else. It is just entertainment to him.

Justin goes to see Stephanie because he knows she just wants the family to reunite and Mischa and Audrina join them, saying they need to find distance. Justin continues to console her, reminding her Spencer is not off crying over his sister. The next day, Mischa, Audrina, and Whitney meet up to work out, something Whit has a hard time fitting in. She currently works for an eco-friendly company as well as a mother but they are all praising Mischa confronting Perez. Over with Spencer, he is back with his damn crystals but he feels this healing is helping him feel more relaxed over the whole Stephanie debacle from the night before. Justin is driving back from surfing so he calls Steph to see if he can drop in and check in on her after the party. She tells him she went to her parents home in Santa Barbara. She’s thinking about going back to England but he knows this is not a good idea. She also brings up how bad of an influence Heidi has been; Spencer and Steph were super close until Heidi came into the picture 12 years ago.

Stephanie is surprised Justin is the one cheering her up but she is really liking him and she asks him to sing her a happy song. He does and she is not impressed but he jokes there is not anyone else there singing to her. I’m hoping this relationship that may be blossoming is just for cameras or he looks at her like a little sister and she is the one catching feelings. Frankie and Brody come check out Brandon’s home, which he says is the biggest purchase he ever made. Six bedrooms, it is sick. Frankie jokes how every girl at Steph’s party kept talking about how cute Brandon was. They are talking about how Brandon’s father being Tommy Lee affected him and he said it was just too much for him. He partied and he drank and said if you can drink, good for you but it is not right for him and now he is gaining great success. As for Brody, his dad, Caitlyn was never really around for graduations and such once he married into the Kardashian clan. Once he really started to bond with his dad, Bruce transitioned to Caitlyn and now is a much happier and different person but something is missing.

Heidi stops by Audrina’s home where she is picking out clothes for a festival she is going to with Justin. By the way, Heidi brings her son, Gunner and his assistant. Yes, he has an assistant. Back to Justin- he went MIA after the party but a week later, he contacted Audrina and asked her out. But, there is someone else a friend of hers wants to set her up with so we will see about that. Over at Jason Wahler’s, he and his wife are talking about the same concert Justin and Audrina are going to as they are join them. He and Justin used to party pretty hard together because Jason was a womanizing alcohol, arrested 18 times, rehab 12 times. But now, he is married with a child so it’s turned around. Justin, however, is proving to be the same. When Audrina calls him about the plan for the evening, he basically tells her to meet him at a garage by the festival and they will go together. He is not coming to get her like a gentleman or anything like that. Tacky. I’d stay home and call my friends and go out with them instead.

Jason and his wife meet Justin and they immediately ask where Audrina is and then ask why he didn’t pick her up. He says it was two hours to get her and that she understood though we know she was pissed but she says music is the one thing they share and always have. Audrina asks what he has been up to and he says just hanging out and that he will be performing soon; he then goes and gets her a sweater. They all start talking about motorcycle rides and Jason’s wife is convinced Justin is in love Audrina but Audrina knows he is just being his old self so she brings up the date she is going on. This could be hit or miss.

Next week, Spencer talks about Brody’s wife, something may have happened with Audrina and Justin, and so much more. You can catch it Monday nights at 10pm on MTV.

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