Previously On…RHONY Season 11 Finale- The Morning After!

Previously On RHONY, Dorinda hosted an 80’s aerobics charity class which got everybody in the spirit to dance and throw it back to the good ole days. Of course, not all was well in the NYC. Tinsley’s beloved pup, Bambi passed away and Ramona and Sonja were the worst at consoling her while ex, Scott sent her shoes appropriately called Bambi. Ramona decided to plan a surprise birthday party for Dorinda and Sonja on the same night at Luann’s big Christmas cabaret show, meaning no one could attend, including Lu which was huge slap in the face. The ladies were just exhausted of constantly seeing the same show over and over again. And now, it is Christmas and the season finale so let’s see how these ladies wrap it all up in a bow.

Lu is prepping for her show, of course, and it is the day of. The ladies, minus Ramona, have all agreed to come by at 7pm to wish Lu well pre-show so no one feels left out but it is beyond clear the Countess feels she has no friends. She thinks what is going on is shady but let’s face it- she has been pretty intolerable all season long. Birthday girls Sonja and Dorinda are getting CoolSculpting and it is comical to hear Sonja say  the most invasive procedure she has ever gotten was the vaginal one in season eight. Didn’t she say she had a boob job and a face lift? They start gossiping about Tinsley and how she seemingly had money with Scott and is still riding the money train. Dorinda notes she really has not gone super deep with her and Sonja continues her bashing of Tins. To be honest, I feel these ladies might have some jealousy towards her and I understand why.

We come to Bethenny, laid up in bed, calling Sonja. She recounts being away with new boyfriend Paul and eating Miso soup. All of a sudden, she could feel an allergic reaction coming on and it turns out, there were fish flakes in the soup. He immediately ran and got her water and Benadryl but she was unconscious when he returned. He was able to force the meds down her throat as 911 was on their way and they said had she waited five more minutes or been alone, she would have been dead. She was put in ICU and says how terrifying it was. Obviously, she just needs rest because she is to be hosting the s’mores and whores party and they need her for that.

It is time to head to Lu’s show but, of course, the Countess is not greeting anyone. Sonja and Dorinda comment on Tins’ fabulous outfit, as if they cannot let it go. They think she is still with Scott but is it any of  their business what she does? They end up getting backstage to see Lu briefly and she asks about Bethenny and Sonja reminds her she almost died so she is laying low. Lu’s response: So, she’s not going out tonight? No, Countess, she is not! They all get a kick out of her merch, including Saint Luann candles and such but they are treated like fans and ushered out but Barbara is staying because she is actually watching the show. Meanwhile, Ramona is setting up for the party at a place called Pamona and is dictating, as per usual. When the ladies arrive, Dorinda is blown away, as Sonja already knew in advance.

During the party, Dorinda and Tinsley talk and it just appears Dorinda wants to take jabs at Tins. She does not understand where the money comes from and soon, the other ladies join in. Tinsley reminds them she has no kids so she spends that money on herself. Ramona still feels she is with Scott, which really riles up Tinsley. Yes, they are in communication but she also talks to her ex-husband. Why is that a crime? It is now time for the s’mores and whores party but Tinsley feels a tad beaten down. On the way, Bethenny is talking to her driver, Albi, who is dressed as Santa, telling him she felt Dennis pulling her in ICU. It’s to much Dennis talk if she wants us to support her moving on. Pick a lane.

She tells Albi she is done with Dennis and now has closure. She is ready for her party and so are the other ladies. Everyone comes dressed up but they cannot wait to tell her about the souvenirs you can buy at Lu’s show, like the holy candles. She is blown away. Bethenny wants to do something nice for Sonja’s birthday since it kind of got ruined so she orders a cake with sparklers to be delivered later. When Tinsley arrives, she pulls Dorinda aside and just asks that they not talk about Scott and find other things to argue about. Dorinda thinks this is a cop out but really, Dorinda has become a very mean woman. Not a fan anymore. We learn at the end her Berkshires home suffered a flood and the fish room could not be saved so maybe she can think about her actions while rebuilding.

Luann shows up and says thee cabaret was great, clearly and briefly asks how Bethenny is. It’s so superficial. But, it is now Sonja’s time when the cake comes out and Lu sings especially loud. Strippers abound and it is just a great time. As we learn at the end, Tins downgraded her hotel apartment and went to live with her mom in Palm Beach for awhile. Sonja’s townhouse is still rented and her daughter got into an Ivy League college. Ramona lowered the price on her apartment but still no takers. Lu is still traveling the world despite a relapse. Bethenny and Paul bought a townhouse in Boston and the reunion starts July 11th!

With the 4th of July being next week, we will have to wait an extra week to see the beginning of the three-part reunion. But, what we do know is Tinsley is accused of not living in New York as well as still being with Scott, Luann addresses her relapse and catches crap from the ladies, and Sonja refers to Ramona as 70. Ramona also walks off the stage…again. Can’t miss this! Only on Bravo!

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