Previously On…Married At First Sight Season 9 Episode 4 Recap!

Previously On Married At First Sight, we finally had all of the couples officially wed. All four seemed to be very happy with who they were matched up with, especially Amber, who could not keep her hands off of her new hubby, Matt. The receptions had been had and now it was the couples first night together as husband and wife. Who would go all the way and who would hold off? It was time to find out!

Everyone was very attracted to one another and Elizabeth and Jamie were crazy attracted to one another. He is very lucky she is into him because she crazy sexual and out there while he is known as being super picky. In their hotel room, she immediately disrobed because she feels better naked. She then proceeds to give Jamie a face mask to wear because they made a deal: if he put their wedding cake in her face, he had to do a spa night with her. Clearly, he lost because we see her putting a kitty mask on him. Over with Deonna and Greg, she is comfortable enough taking off her makeup in front of him. They are just doing what couples do and it is seemingly clear, even though they claim they are attracted to each other, there will be no sex going on in this suite.

Amber cannot keep her hands off of Matt, something he is super attracted to because he is not normally a big PDA person. They have fun in their room and they want to have sex but Matt adds he also wants to get to know his wife. We will see how well he wants to get to know his wife in a little bit. Keith and Iris are laying in bed and she knows she has to tell him she’s a virgin, which he has already learned, but she does not know this and does not know how he will react. We know it is weird for him but when she finally does share it, he is super accepting and she seemingly likes him even more than before. But, we know there probably won’t be any sex between the two of them.

The next morning, the couples are still in shock they are married to a stranger and just spent the night with them. Jamie and Elizabeth wanted to have sex, as we were led to believe in the previews, but did not because they were just too tired. Same went for Amber and Matt, plus he wanted to get to know her better so they indulge in a crazy large breakfast to ease his hangover. Deonna seems a bit hard to crack while Iris and Keith are just going with the flow. It is now time for the couples to brunch with their in-laws and this is where it gets fun and weird. Amber meets with Matt’s friends, as she is sad his family was not there and is going through such a hard time. But, they all really like her for him. Her family is very welcoming of him, as well.

Elizabeth’s dad does not want to like Jamie at all and Twitter was a buzz with this weird father/daughter relationship they have. He’s oddly possessive and no one can quite understand why. At the same time, his family thinks Elizabeth is perfect for Jamie and they really adore her. Keith understands why Iris’ dad was such a mess at the wedding because he gave away his virgin daughter but Keith truly shows he is will give her everything she needs. Meanwhile, Iris can’t help but love Keith’s family so they are okay. It is all fine with the Deonna/Greg family meetings, as well but they are so boring, really just here for their parents this season. After the meetings, Amber has to bring up kids to Matt and though she acts like she is joking, he may be ready to run.

Jamie is a little nervous about how Elizabeth’s dad will let his daughter go so he will do what he has to in order to prove he is worthy. The couples learn about their honeymoon…in Antigua and what a better place to be! Elizabeth is ready to have sex with Jamie and this is the best place to be so yes, this may be the couple who does it first. Still some awkwardness between Deonna and Greg (shocker), and Iris and Keith, sans sex, are pretty happy. But what will happen as the honeymoons continue? You can catch MAFS at 830pm Wednesday nights only on Lifetime.

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