Previously On…RHOBH Season 9 Episode 20-The Morning After!

Previously On RHOBH, the ladies imitated one another during their Provence wine tasting after repeatedly insisting Erika get mad at Rinna for using her Halloween costume (remember she was a spot-on Erika Jayne) to call out Kim Richards. This did not bother Erika and she is tired of the women trying to bait her into being offended; it is just not in her make-up. There was a lot of alcohol and by the end of the evening, Erika was in bed after a long day and a bad migraine; Teddi was crying after she and Kyle claimed Erika did not want to hang out with  them; Dorit was left wondering what was wrong with these ladies; and Rinna was playing counselor. Now, the trip will come to an end and they have another hurdle to face-Camille.

After waking up in Provence, Teddi realizes she was not the best drunk the night before. She cried and probably said things she should not have. She cannot believe her behavior but she has been a pain all season. Kyle comes downstairs with eye gels on and Rinna recounts how she was the sensei for Teddi. There is a lot of mending fences that must go on and to top it off, they are about to play archery. Yeah, put those arrows in the fighting ladies hands. This will not bode well. They ask Teddi if she has a headache and she says no but she has barely touched her coffee. Rinna goes to check in on Erika, who says in her confessional how hurt she is by Kyle and Teddi as she has been a good friend to both of them. Their behavior was unjustified and Rinna shares Teddi does not remember anything from the night before. Maybe she has fake amnesia like she accused Erika of having last year. They go out to archery and no one is all that great but they try.

After it is over, Teddi asks to speak to Erika one on one and the other ladies wonder if Kyle will join but she says she does not want to interrupt their moment. I think she has two reasons for not joining: she is scared of Erika and she does not think she did anything wrong. That’s Kyle for you. Teddi and Erika sit down and Teddi apologizes for her behavior, saying Erika is great when they are alone, funny and kind, but in a group she can act completely different and this is what caused the argument, in a sense. Erika’s reaction, in her confessional, is Teddi is apologizing but also is blaming Erika at the same time. So, it’s really a backhanded apology. You’re nice but you are also not. Oh Teddi. Erika lets Teddi know the ones who tell the truth are drunks and children after Teddi declares she was really drunk. Is that an excuse? Nope because alcohol is truth serum and she was serumed out! Erika accepts the apology simply because she knows how hard Teddi is on herself so she will move on. And now, time for cupcakes!

Kyle apologizes for her words to Erika and Erika says she should be sorry because she hurt her. They have had a great friendship, very open and honest, and to have those words come from her good friends mouth was a betrayal in a sense. There are very few people who can hurt Erika and Kyle is one of them. I do not think it helped that Kyle ganged up like a teenager with Teddi to add insult to injury and it was Dorit and Rinna left to help Erika, not that she needed to be defended. Erika accepts Kyle’s apology, as well and they all head inside to pack. Back at home, they meet up with Camille, who has literally lost everything. She reveals her husband’s biggest concern was they lost their ski equipment. She just says it is because he is a man. Denise cannot live in her home because of all of the smoke damage and has no idea when she can return. They both feel very displace but Denise is a half glass full kind of person.

Dorit is holding an event as her Beverly Beach by Dorit line will not only be available at Kitson but it is getting a window. In Cali, this is a huge deal and it is also big because the line was previously only sold online. Dorit has also ventured out into athleisure and workout wear so it is a whole brand, not just swimwear. Designing the window is her biggest challenge because she is having the women come for the  unveiling and it must be flawless. As she goes to check on the progress with PK, she is appalled by it. So, she gets inside and attempts to fix it. Meanwhile, Teddi and Denise are going shopping as Denise has no clothes for anything right now except for her luggage for Provence. Teddi kind of fills her in on the trip but Denise is just so chill about everything. They do talk about the issues with Camille but that no one wanted to bring them up just yet after her house burned down.

It is time for the big reveal at Dorit’s and Camille is thrilled she finally has a piece named after her. So does Teddi so full circle, everyone. They are all loving her clothes but now, they must head outside for the window display. They are blown away by how great it looks and Erika arrives just in the nick of time. Camille takes a jab, saying a garbage bag was covering it and then Dorit takes them all for dinner. At dinner, they comment about not speaking to LVP. She has had open invitations to everything but has not shown up and then Camille’s wedding comes up. They try to slyly say she let LVP off too easy but she flips flops and then they say they do not want to hammer at her after what she just went through but she says if she did something wrong, that is separate from her house issue and she wants to know. So, they bring up the People Magazine article and how betrayed they felt after showing up to the wedding,  supporting her then reading her interview about how great LVP is. It was poor taste.

Then, somehow, Camille turns it all on Dorit and how PK owes a lot of money to people, how he had filed bankruptcy, which Dorit admitted he did 10 years ago. Camille keeps poking at it, saying PK owes over a million dollars to one of her friends and Denise tries to tell her to stop, calm down, it is not a public conversation, as does Rinna but she is relentless. She is crazy and it is not because of her house. She has always been cruel, she just had a lapse that made her not so awful. Dorit keeps telling her these are lies and to stop but Camille believes Dorit is either in denial or PK has just hidden the truth from his wife. She does not believe they have the means to maintain their lifestyle so she is going after them. That’s some shady stuff!

Next week, on the season finale, Kyle’s husband hosts a party, Denise and Camille go at it, and so much more drama that has made the end of the season top the rest of it all. Oh, and LVP returns. You can catch it Tuesday night at 9pm only on Bravo.

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