Amazing Race 31 Recap: Season Finale – This One Is for A Million Dollars

Tonight on Amazing Race 31, we will watch as one of the remaining teams wins the million dollar grand prize! Which Amazing Race team will it be? Will it be Colin & Christie, Jamal & Leo, Korey & Tyler or Nicole & Victor? Keep refreshing this page to get all the details with our Amazing Race live recap!

We start tonight’s Amazing Race finale off in Amsterdam and the teams are told that they are heading to London! When they get to London, they have to book a taxi inside, but Leo & Jamal are the first team to find that out. They let Korey & Tyler in on the secret to getting a taxi. It is illegal in London to call down a taxi. Jamal & Leo, Tyler & Korey and Colin & Christie are the first three teams to get to the clue for their Roadblock Challenge. They have to march to a castle, go into an underground room where they will decipher a code.

Leo & Jamal get the Roadblock done first, meanwhile, Colin & Christie and Korey & Tyler are working together leaving Nicole & Victor to fend for themselves. Victor & Nicole are second to finish even though the others are working against them. Korey & Tyler are third to finish. Christie is struggling to get this code done regardless of having help with it.

Leo & Jamal are in first going into the Detour. Know, the teams will have to memorize a taxi route, turn for turn and seven points of interest. Row, the teams will have to complete a 200-meter course in a two-person rowing skip. Leo & Jamal go with Know, Victor & Nicole and Korey & Tyler go with Row. Colin & Christie also go with Row when they finally get their clue.

After a couple of attempts at Row, Tyler & Korey and Nicole & Victor decide to switch Detours. Leo & Jamal are the first to finish the Detour after several attempts and they are heading to the Pit Stop for this leg of the race. Korey & Tyler are second to finish the Detour and head to the Pit Stop. When the teams get to the Pit Stop, they have another task to complete before Phil can check them in.

They have to look through the shops in the area for a list of eight items before they can check in at the Pit Stop. Jamal & Leo and Korey & Tyler are the first two teams to get to the Pit Stop and start their search. Meanwhile, Colin & Christie finish their Detour and head to the Pit Stop. Nicole & Victor aren’t far behind them.

Here is the order the teams checked into the Pit Stop:

  1. Leo & Jamal
  2. Korey & Tyler
  3. Colin & Christie
  4. Nicole & Victor

Nicole & Victor have been eliminated from The Amazing Race after the first hour of the season finale.

The final three teams will now head back to the States and meet in Detriot! Jamal & Leo are the first ones to get to their Roadblock clue in Detriot. The teams will have to go to the top of the Guardian building in Detriot and then walk down the outside of the building. They have to memorize numbers in the windows on the way down. The numbers are then used to unlock a vault.

Colin is the first to get his vault open and get the next clue. They head to Fowling Warehouse where they will have to play a game that is a mixture of football and bowling. They have to throw a football at the pins and knock them down. Korey & Tyler is the second team to get their clue, leaving Leo on his own trying to open the vault.

Tyler & Korey get to the Fowling Warehouse first and start playing and Christie & Colin are right behind him. Meanwhile, Leo is still trying to open his vault. Tyler & Korey finish and get the next clue that sends them to a record shop where they have to produce five, two-toned records. Leo has given up on opening his vault and is currently sitting on the floor in front of it.

Korey & Tyler get started and have their first one done by the time Colin & Christie come in to get started. Meanwhile, Leo is staring at the directions for the vault and realizes what he is doing wrong. He finally gets the vault open and gets their clue. They head over to make some records! Colin & Christie are the first ones to finish their five records and head to get their next clue! Tyler & Korey are right behind them.

They have to search among the musicians for their clue, the clue tells them they have to assemble a drum set to get their next clue. After a couple of attempts, Korey & Tyler and Colin & Christie can’t seem to get the tiny details down on their drumsets. After re-examining their drumsets, Colin & Christie are able to find what’s wrong with their drumset and get the all clear. They are heading to Fort Wayne which is where the final Pit Stop of the race is! Korey & Tyler are right behind them!

The first team to make it to the Pit Stop and meet with Phil is……Colin & Christie! Colin & Christie have won the Amazing Race season 31! Korey & Tyler came in second and Leo & Jamal came in third.

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