Previously On…The Hills: New Beginnings Series Premiere Recap!

Previously On The Hills: New Beginnings, it was time to revisit old (and some new) friends after nine years away. But, did we truly escape them?

We are at Audrina’s new home post-divorce from Corey Bohan. She initially moved in with her parents and isolated herself but now she is ready to reconnect with all of her friends, once again. Heidi and Whitney stop by to celebrate her new life, since they are moms, as well. Whitney met her husband in New York and they moved back to LA, proceeding to have a son, Sonny. Heidi’s son, Gunner is almost a year and a half while Audrina’s daughter, Kirra is three. Heidi says it is very hard to be away from her son  and she and Spencer still have issues while Audrina is struggling with the custody battle and has anxiety over not seeing Kirra when she is away. They do still see Brody from the old crew but do not know his new wife, Katelynn. She seems quite cold. Funny enough, one of the first people to check in on Audrina when her divorce became public was Justin Bobby and he said he wanted to hang out. She never could quite shake him and he has almost always been in her life in some capacity. The girls says “why not?’

Stephanie returns from London as she and Spencer had a huge falling out; she learned her brother expecting via the Daily Mail. She wants to reconnect with him so she calls Fankie Delgado from the cab and he is so stoked, he shared he is going throw her a welcome home party. And onto a bubble bath between Heidi and Spencer (gag). Spencer recounts where they were 10 years ago, rich and famous as well as hated. They moved to Costa Rica to kind of escape and getaway, recollect themselves but then came back. Spencer is getting ready to go out but his curfew is a heavily enforced midnight. He is actually going to meet Brody as they have fallen apart. They’d been best buddies since high school but Spencer says once Brody met his wife, he went MIA. I think it had a lot to do with Spence being an ass. Frankie is the first to show up. They knew him from the party days and now he is super successful on the club scene despite having a family and jokes how word go out Katelynn Jenner was coming to one of his clubs. Everyone got stoked thinking it was Brody’s father but it was just his wife. Brody does address his father’s transition and says it is a crazy world.

Spencer arrives and learns there will be a party for Stephanie but says  he does not like how she threw the family under the bus but Spencer treated her horribly. Spencer also brings up how hurt he was he was not invited to Brody’s 2018 Indonesia wedding. Get over it! Audrina meets up with Stephanie and they acknowledge when they are together, it is like no time has passed and I love friends like that. She says she moved home to be with Spencer and her family but Audrina wants to know what really happened and shares how he seems to have evolved a lot as she has known him longer than Stephanie. Audrina reveals she shut so many people out for Corey, missed opportunities, got depressed and lost t20 pounds, saying they only got married because she was pregnant. That one year she was pregnant was the most solid they ever were and she cannot believe she is a single mom at 33. Steph asks about Justin and is convinced they will end up together.

Spencer recounts to Heidi the night before with the guys and says the ring did not change Brody’s relationship as they are still bickering but Frankie is still super fun. He reminds her about Stephanie’s party but Heidi does not want  to leave Gunner, especially for Stephanie but they agree to make an appearance. Over at Brody’s, he and his wife are bickering because she made him sleep in his car as he came home too late. Every weekend, he DJ’s at clubs and such and she seems to be a control freak; he says he is terrified of her. And he does not mind if she goes out all night so why is she all over him? He thinks she is pressing kids on him to reign him in. And now, we meet Brandon Lee, son of Tommy Lee and Pamela Anderson, a good and longtime friend of Brody’s. He is very shy and evasive when people ask who is mom is and it makes sense. He tells Brody his mom is coming over and soon, she shows up. She moved to France when Trump got elected and this will be the first time she will see his new Malibu home.

The moment mama Pamela sees it, she wants to revamp it but reminds him he has to keep working because he is on his own with it. He has been doing modeling jobs and whatever he can to keep up but they do address his father and though he may be similar to him, they are not on speaking terms, as of now. Pamela proceeds to have them sage each other (where is Spencer) then she runs around, put sage on the whole premises. Back to Stephanie, who is waiting for a friend at the beach. This friend appears to be Mischa Barton. She may be on this show because ‘Laguna Beach’ was the real OC and Mischa was on ‘The OC’ but she is actually old friends with Steph. Mischa shares she did a podcast with Spencer and Heidi and Steph notes she has yet to see them. Mischa still has not started taking any acting meetings so she asks about Stephanie’s travels. She spent five years in London but also New York and Hawaii, as well as OD’ing while shoplifting. Mischa was a victim of revenge porn so they have dealt with a lot of craziness while they were off the grid.

Audrina is finally meeting Justin Bobby for a date! She was not allowed to talk to any guys when she was married and now, here they are and let’s just face it: we all want them together. Audrina asks if he is dating anyone and he says he feels the want coming on to be a dad and husband. She admits she was never in love with her ex but had love for him and cannot believe how angry Corey is still so mad at her. Justin says they have so much to still talk about and go over because he has known her longer than her ex (that’s debatable based on the “reality” of the original show) and it is like he knows her soul. Let’s just end with them getting married. Next day, Audrina meets Brody’s wife at the pool. Audrina says Katelynn has tamed Brody and we learn Brody and Corey were friends so she has an understanding of the divorce and all of the issues. Brody and Justin are surfing together while the girls are at the pool and Brody says he had a lot of girls prior to marriage and it seems like he misses that. Justin admits he still feels something for her so Brody says they should just get married but Audrina says they are both fighting the feelings. It is the night of the big Stephanie party and Perez Hilton may be there and he has not been so kind to Mischa over the years so this could be drama. But, everyone is attending and anything can and will happen!

This season, there is drama with Brody’s marriage, Audrina and Stephanie have problems, the Cali wildfires destroy homes, and so much more. You can catch it Monday nights at 10pm on MTV.

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