Previously On…RHONY Season 11 Episode 16- The Morning After!

Previously On RHONY, we left off in Miami with Bethenny finally telling Luann life is not a cabaret since this is pretty much all we have been hearing about for the past two seasons. It has literally become insufferable. Bethenny was triggered when Tinsley was making a point but slurred a word and Lu could not wait to mock her and it just hit B super wrong. She lost her ex, Dennis to a drug overdose but her head was so focused on Lu’s intervention, ensuring she was safe, that her kids did not hate her, and getting her into a free rehab (which she left early to do her cabaret), she just wants Lu to acknowledge she went through a lot too. She also feels bad she was not focused on what Dennis was going through; the ironies of life as she, Barbara, and Dennis were helping Lu when she hit rock bottom but it was Dennis who succumbed to addiction. But, Miami is not over yet.

Bethenny continued to rail into Lu, who still cannot grasp what she has done wrong, as she keeps saying she spent some time at the beach during the day. She also went to The Filmore to take a pic in front of her billboard for her Christmas show and forgot the truffle fries then complained her in-house massage was too short and she missed hair and makeup. She’s a self-entitled brat. Bethenny looks like she may be having a bad panic attack because she has so much filth inside of her and the beast has now been released. Lu walks away as does Bethenny but Lu says she wants to go out, which Dorinda says she should. But, for Lu, she says she is at the point of drinking. Since we now know she drank in April, she is just looking for reasons to have fun. She thinks the women do not understand how hard it is to stay sober but does she realize how hard it is to deal with her and what Bethenny goes through every morning not having her best friend? No. She only thinks about herself.

Bethenny comes back and apologizes for lashing out at the dinner and making a scene but so many of the women believe she said what Lu needed to hear, even if she did not want to. Lu comes back, as well because she did not want the women to break her or to go drinking. Back at the house, the ladies go wild while Ramona criticizes Tinsley’s 3K outfit and they wonder where she is getting all of this money now that Scott is gone. Bethenny breaks down during a therapy session with a tipsy Dorinda but it is good for her and sneaks out to go home the next morning. The home is a mess. Barbara’s room looks like the place where self-tanner goes to die and Ramona reveals she is staying in town a few more days for an exclusive event, Art Basel. Sonja is hurt she was not invited but, as always, Ramona says it just happened. No one believes that.

Tinsley is also staying to go to her mom’s home in Palm Beach so she can see her cancer-stricken pup, Bambi. The rest head home and back in New York, Bethenny goes to visit Dorinda’s new place and notes there is nothing of John’s there. He comes by for sex and that is it. Bethenny says she just wants to make it through the holidays and that is it. Speaking of holidays, Lu has a Christmas cabaret show coming up and the ladies are less than thrilled to attend but she also has a new song she is recording: Feelin’ (Feeling?) Jovani. It’s, um, I love auto-tune and I am sure she does, too. Poor Tinsley, which has pretty much been the theme all season. She had a great time with a new man in Miami but while she was with her ill pup, Bambi, she faced a devastating blow- the pup passed away. Though it was getting chemo treatments and such, she was tending to the pup when she left it to sleep for a half hour. When Tins returned, the pup had passed away. She called the paramedics but Bambi could not be revived.

Ramona comes over to Tinsley’s hotel but she is the worst one to comfort her as she does not have a sympathetic bone in her body. Her main focus is Tins must be in pain because she came to the door without any lashes, makeup, or lip gloss. Sonja soon joins and is just as bad and Tins goes on to share how Bambi is currently frozen as her sister will be going for a viewing before the cremation. This is too much for Ramonja. Tins also reveals she shared with ex, Scott about Bambi’s passing and he sent her a pair of fab sneakers named Bambi so she could always have her dog on her feet. Cheesy but cute. She also says she wants to name her first child Bambi, which Sonja vetoes. Tins can’t do anything right for these old kooks.

Luann stops by to see Ramona and they talk about what is going on with Mario. She would like to forgive him and he has apologized but she just cannot go backwards. Lu then learns no one wants to come to her Christmas cabaret show because they have seen the show so many times. This is after Lu shares it is sold out and she needs to know the headcount because she has special seats reserved for them. Looks like they won’t need VIP seating after all. She is so hurt by this news and it gets worse. Ramona shares she has decided to throw a surprise party for Dorinda and Sonja on the same night during the showtime so just add insult to injury. Now, Luann is fuming and it is just so Ramona and really tacky. You don’t want to go to the show, fine but do not plan a party like that and exclude Luann. It was ill-mannered but meet Ramona. Lu equated it to your parents not showing up for a school play. These girls have more than shown up but this is just poor taste, Ramona.

In the midst of all of the dog stuff and Christmas cabaret, Dorinda is planning an 80’s themed aerobics benefit. She was an aerobics teacher in the eighties so she thinks this would be a great themed event to benefit the LGBTQ community. Tinsley will not be attending but everyone else will. Of course, there is somewhat of an issue between Lu and Dorinda as Dorinda learned Lu has been texting Bethenny furiously post-Miami and even sent her and Barbara fluffy coats as a “thank you” for being there during her time of need. Dorinda feels she was put through the ringer after she and Lu fought in Cartegna last year but Bethenny goes insane on her in Miami and she gets gifts. To her, it does not add up. She mentions it when they all come together for the aerobics event but it is so pointless to fight about so on with the working out. The outfits are amazing; everyone came to dance and Dorinda is a great teacher. They all comment she should take it to on the road and I agree 100%.

Afterwards, Ramona’s party comes up and she talks to Barbara about it, who says she will be at Lu’s show. Ramona just did not want her to be excluded but she lets her know it is a surprise party for two people and then Barb goes to gossip with one of the special guests of the party, Sonja, who agrees with Barbara. The party should not take place during Luann’s event or at least after so everyone can partake. This riles Ramona up and she gets mad at Barbara, saying she ruined the surprise and says the party is for Sonja. Bethenny also thinks it is in poor taste and they agree to all go see Lu before her show then go out after so everyone wins. Bethenny also proposes a s’mores and whores party for the holidays because she loves the theme. Looks like this season will go out with a bang.

Next week, on the season finale, Bethenny almost dies to due an allergic reaction to fish, the women accuse Tinsley of still being with Scott, and Bethenny’s party hits a dangerous note. You can catch it Thursday night at 9pm only on Bravo.

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