Previously On…Married At First Sight Season 9 Episode 3 Recap!

Previously On Married At First Sight, we met the four new couples straight out of North Carolina. We saw each person share the news with their families and friends along with the girls and guys bonding the night before they were to wed a stranger. Though there are four weddings, we only actually got to see two couples, Matt and Amber and Deonna and Gregory, tie the knot in the premiere. So, let’s see what happens when the other two couples meet each other for the first time.

Keith and Iris were next to tie the knot and Iris had one big secret she revealed via her dress. She’s a virgin at 27 so she was emphatic about having a super white dress to make her statement big and bold. Keith’s mother was the one who queued into this but first, the two had to lay eyes on one another and it was magical, the way the ultimate blind date should be. Of course, his mama had to eventually ask her new DIL if the crisp white dress had some underlying meaning and Iris proudly shared she was a virgin. Mama knew she had to tell her baby boy the news so he would not show signs of significant shock upon learning this news. Keith actually had a beautiful reaction and I only hope he means what he says: “I never in a million years imagined that my wife is a virgin. … That means something special, and it’s definitely something that’s going to require patience. I don’t ever want her to feel like she’s being pressured in any kind of way.”

Time for Jamie and Elizabeth to get married and I really hope she is not disappointed when she meets this goofy dude. She’s a human Jessica Rabbit so I hope she is genuine and there is something real between them. The preview alluded to them possibly knowing each other but it was just nerves and relief as they were pretty happy upon meeting one another. His mom even referred to her as a lady, which is a huge compliment and, at the reception, they talked about their mutual love for grilling. So, we have four married couples who seem to really like each other, right? Maybe. Deonna and Greg had a great start but there’s a coldness between the two. She did not really want to do the first dance with him and when they were sitting down to eat, everyone was clinking their glasses for them to kiss. Too bad the couple was so busy praying over the food, they just ignored the clinking.

Amber and Matt cannot stop kissing because she is so enamored by his looks and he loves her passion for him. Sadly, his family is not there for him because his parents just got divorced and he is estranged from them. He wanted to marry into a family that would embrace him and the DJ calls him and his mother up for a mother/son dance but, duh idiot, his family is not there. This is an opening for Amber’s mom, whom she has had a rough relationship with, to come and save the day, which she does. She asks him if he will dance with her and the family is now united in a way they have all wanted. Iris is getting ready for her father/daughter dance when her daddy breaks down and has to leave because he cannot believe this is how his child has chosen to get married. But, he pulls it together and apologizes.

The one thing we know, in terms of the honeymoons, is that Jamie and Elizabeth did have sex. The rest of the couples, we will find out next week on Wednesday night at 830pm, only on Lifetime. And it looks like this will be a crazy season as none of the couples are truly having happy endings! Drama!

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