The Amazing Race 31 Recap: Episode 10 – Chugga Chugga Choo Choo!

We are only one week away from the two-hour Amazing Race 31 finale which airs after Big Brother 21. Tonight we will watch as the remaining teams on The Amazing Race 2019 deliver eggs across town on a tandem bicycle and much more. Keep refreshing this page to get all the details of tonight’s episode of Amazing Race! If you missed last week’s episode, check out our full recap right here to get all caught up!

We started tonight’s episode off with the teams leaving Croatia and head to Amsterdam. Tyler & Korey are the first to leave because they came in first last week. However, Nicole & Victor got to the travel agent quicker than them. They are going to get to Amsterdam and have to go get tandem bikes when they get there. The place doesn’t open until 9am, so they all have plenty of time to get there.

The teams all get to the place with the bikes and head to their destination. Nicole & Victor, Korey & Tyler and Colin & Christie are the first three teams to get to their Detour clue. After they completed their Detour, they then get their clue which will lead them to a Double U-Turn. Korey & Tyler and Colin & Christie are the first two teams to get that clue.

Leo & Jamal choose to U-Turn Nicole & Victor and when they get to the U-Turn, Nicole & Victor put up Becca & Floyd for the U-Turn also. Colin & Christie are the first team to head to the Pit Stop. Nicole & Victor got lost on their way to the second Detour, but Becca & Floyd got the second Detour done pretty quickly, but one of the eggs they had to deliver was cracked when they got it to the market. They had to go back and get another egg. Meanwhile, Victor & Nicole are struggling with their second challenge.

Nicole & Victor and Becca & Floyd to catch up to everyone else while they were completing a boat train on their way to the pit stop.

Here is the order that the teams arrived at the Pit Stop:

  1. Colin & Christie (They also won $7500 each)
  2. Tyler & Korey
  3. Leo & Jamal
  4. Nicole & Victor
  5. Becca & Floyd

Unfortunately, Becca & Floyd have been eliminated.

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