Previously On…RHOBH Season 9 Episode 19- The Morning After!

Previously On RHOBH, five of the ladies headed to Provence for a wine tasting trip while Camille and Denise had to stay behind in the midst of the California wildfires. We learned Camille had lost her home while Denise was still unsure as to what her fate was and the ladies were trying to rile up Erika, but this kept failing. And it was not over just yet, especially with all of the wine.

Dorit, Kyle, Teddi, and Rinna are all waking up at the kitchen table in their Provence chateau when Erika finally joins them. They flash to the night prior with Halloween coming up AGAIN when Rinna was dressed as Erika and used the character to confront Kim Richards. Kyle and Teddi believed it was out of line because the verbiage was a lot more rude than Erika’s, even when she is in her performance mode and felt Erika should have been offended, but she just was not. She has consistently said she was not offended by the character portrayal and is tired of the women trying to bate her into something she just doesn’t feel and she won’t apologize for it. Plus, in the end, it helped Rinna and Kim reconnect so it was actually a good thing. When Erika does join the ladies for breakfast, she has very little personality, very stoic, but it is only because she has a killer migraine. She felt it coming on the night before but mix it with lack of sleep and women cackling in her ear and her head was ready to fall off. My head was ready to fall off.

While they are talking about their day and how they will be going to the winery later in the afternoon, we had back to California to check in with Denise and Camille. Denise is headed to her home with husband, Aaron and we see all of the fire damage along the way. Luckily, her home is still in tact. There is a smell of smoke within the home and she notes they will not be living there for a while but when they stand on the balcony, they see the home literally across the street, is no more. Over at Camille’s, the first home she bought after her divorce from Kelsey, is no longer. She is looking through the wreckage with daughter, Mason and good friend, Kimber and it took hours for the fire to be put out. Some fixtures are still standing but it’s really so sad, love her or hate her, you know she is devastated. In a Provence chapel, some of the ladies light candles for Camille, Denise, and all of the wildfire victims. And then it is time to go to the wine tasting, which is the last thing Erika wants to do with these ladies.

At the wine tasting, the ladies get very tipsy and soon, they all start doing impressions of one another. Rinna pretends to be Kyle, running away from a bee, which she is always doing. At this point, Kyle should be running away from this show because she is consistently the ultimate mean girl and it only got worse as the episode went on. Kyle impersonated Teddi’s walk and how she always looks like she just got off of a horse (they call her husband, Edwin later on and he knew the exact walk before they even told him). All of them run around screaming “Jaggy” as a way of mocking Dorit when she is calling her son, Jagger to come to her and Kyle does Erika when she says she’s good, which is a lot. Dorit impersonates Camille and her two faces of loving you then talking behind your back and Kyle does Denise’s long face. They are really spot on and this might be the best part of the show, showing if they can laugh at each others impressions, why can’t Erika laugh at Rinna being her for Halloween? But, it is a trigger for Erika when Kyle does this particular “i’m good, we’re good” impression because this is genuinely how she feels.

Erika just does not care; it rolls off of her back and the other ladies cannot let stuff go so this is where they are vastly different. It seems like she is cold but like she says in her tagline, it’s not ice, it’s diamonds. Going back to the chateau, the two buses are divided. One has the two Erikas, i.e. Erika and Rinna and the other has Dorit, Kyle, and Teddi. In the Erika bus, they just relax and chill while in the other one, they continue drinking and talking about Erika being a Debbie Downer, except for Dorit. She gets what is going on but Teddi and Kyle have become these twin mean girls. Since they do not have LVP to play off of, they are leaning on one another and it’s obnoxious. It is now dinner time at the chateau and Erika confides that this is the first time she has had a friendly bond with women before. She also feels everything is lighter without LVP; there is a much more positive energy around the ladies.

Teddi comments it is thanks to Kyle she is going on girls trips now but then the whole Halloween issue comes up again like puppygate. Teddi lashes out, saying Erika acts like she never wants to be with the women at all. She keeps poking and prodding at Erika until Erika decides it is time for bed and leaves. Teddi and Kyle are so drunk, it becomes them versus Dorit and Rinna. Dorit has noted, despite what Teddi believes, Erika is actually a ton of fun. They sit at the table and try to decipher what the hell Teddi is trying to say but she makes absolutely no sense. Eventually, Dorit goes to bed and she is actually coming down to Earth this season and is so likable. Rinna starts to talk to Teddi and it appears she sees some of herself in Erika but says something about being a moral compass (eye roll to that, Teddi) and Rinna becomes a sound life coach. Teddi starts to cry then Kyle assists her to bed, despite being so incredibly drunk. Rinna goes to check on a fresh-faced Erika, who is so over everything on this trip. Kyle is trying to tuck in Teddi while their love affair is making Dorit gag. We are all so sick of them. Vomit.

Next week, the ladies confront Camille about her two-faced persona at a luncheon. You can catch it all Tuesday night at 9pm on Bravo.

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