Who Is ‘Seeking Sister Wife’ Star Paige McGee Blaming for Husband’s Death?

It’s been less than a week since ‘Seeking Sister Wife’ star, Bernie McGee passed away at just 41 but already his wife and season two co-star, Paige McGee (real name Kristen) is pointing fingers as to who is to blame for his untimely death. One would believe she played a major part as we saw how difficult of a character she was during all of season two. She claimed she was the one who wanted to live a plural lifestyle but as we learned, she not only pushed away the first candidate they were courting years prior to joining the TLC hit, but she was extremely back and forth when her and Bernie were courting Brandy. They met her at the beginning of the season and seemingly both took to her and teenage daughter, Bre, even inviting both to come stay for a long weekend. It seemed a sisterhood was forming between Paige and Brandy until Bernie was to go on his first solo date with the potential sister wife. This was when his wife broke down but still encouraged the duo to enjoy their night of mini golf. She was cold to Brandy the next 24 hours until she and Bre left but then invited Brandy back for another weekend where she treated her like a peasant and was so harsh.

During the tell-all, it was revealed Brandy and Bernie has kissed and he had left a hickey, wanting to go further but Brandy put a stop to it due to her caring for Paige. This stunned Paige but in the midst of all of this, the McGee’s had been arrested for stalking Paige’s brother, Patrick Marble and his wife. It was also revealed, by Marble, that Paige had taken a cheap shot at a fan whose child had special needs. When we read the interaction, we decided to stop covering the couple in the same way we had in the past on SSW and focusing more of our recaps on the other couples, with just a few bulletpoints about the McGees. Now with Bernie’s passing, we want to deliver all of the details we can and one follower asked why we tweeted our condolences to Brandy and not Paige and her kids. Well, we did extend our deepest sympathies to the family, especially his two sons. However, Paige is using his death, not as a chance to reflect and become a better person but rather to escape jail and point fingers. Though the coroner stated Bernie died due to a mix of heat stroke and a heart attack, this is not enough for his widow.

After her brother, Patrick, released a quick statement, via social media, about his brother-in-law passing away, Paige lashed out and went on to blame her sibling for her Bernie’s death. This is what she shared on Facebook:

“Let me be very clear. Patrick Marble does not know a damn thing about my husband or him passing. All he knows is what he is reading on FB. I have not spoken to him for any reason and he damn well better not come to my house! He did this! Patrick and my mother having us arrested for not doing a damn thing wrong did this! We were financially put out for having to hire lawyers, investigators and missing work for this bulls—. [He] has admitted numerous times he would not stop until we were fired from the show. Well, that never happened so he continued his bullying and harassment. Bernie has been under so much stress and the stress of going to court this coming Wednesday with fear of 1 year in jail wore on Bernie. Bernie was so upset the day we were arrested because our sons had to watch us being taken away. Every night since then, Bernie has said over and over, the look on Johnny’s face. He just couldn’t get over that. Patrick Marble… YOU KILLED MY HUSBAND AND I HOPE YOU BURN IN HELL… And you better stay the HELL away from me and my family.”

Now, this post was shared by both TMZ and Starcasm as Patrick and Paige have since deleted both of their posts and Patrick had even said, prior to Bernie’s passing, that he was dropping the suit and attempting to work things out with his sister. However, after accusations like this from Paige, I wonder where Patrick’s head is at. This is a defamation of character. He can say she is a grieving widow but this is seemingly a pattern of hers. Our hearts go out to their two boys, who loved their father, regardless of any of the choices he was making during the series. There is a GoFundMe page up to help with expenses and TLC and co-star, Dimitri Snowden, have sent their best wishes.

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