‘Seeking Sister Wife’ Star Bernie McGee Dead at 41!

Bernie McGee, who starred on season two of TLC’s ‘Seeking Sister Wife’ has passed away. He was only 41. We were alerted to something gone wrong when Brandy, who played the role of potential sister wife during the season, posted a photo on Instagram of her and the McGee family from their first visit, in which she brought her daughter, Bre. Below the photo, she captioned it: “Thoughts and prayers for the McGee family.” With the family having legal troubles and such, we had to wonder what the underlying message was so we did some digging and low and behold, we discovered Bernie had passed away. The news was reported yesterday with the cause of death being heat stroke and a heart attack, which occurred when he was out riding his bicycle. He leaves behind two sons he shares with Paige and two other children from Paige’s previous relationship. A lot came out at the tell-all, more than Bernie wanted, about how far he and Brandy had gone on their first solo date, infuriating Paige much more than she already was. Viewers felt she was not ready for a polygamist lifestyle and we were unsure if we would see them in season three, which is currently casting. Not because they were not still looking but because of their recent arrests and if TLC wanted to be involved in this. In any case, regardless of what you think of the couple, we fell in love with their darling sons and, being that it is Father’s Day, we send our thoughts and prayers out to all who knew and loved him. More details as we get them!

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