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Previously On Married At First Sight, we watched as four couples tried to find love through matchmaking experts, if you will and met at the altar where they said “I do” and had over a month and a half to decide if they would stay married or get a divorce. Season eight’s experiment took place in Philadelphia but only had a 50% success rate with two couples, Stephanie and AJ and Kristine and Keith, deciding to stay together. Now, season nine takes us to Charlotte, North Carolina with eight new singles ready to make the big commitment. We broke down the couples for you right here and now, we have some highlights of the show and the reactions from the first two weddings.

The latest twist in recent seasons has been getting the girls and guys together before they are set to wed, just so they can have new friends to lean on as they share the same experience. No one else can really know what this is like so Deonna, Amber, Elizabeth, and Iris all got together the night before their weddings for a bachelorette party. This is perfect because these four are the only ones who can understand the fears, nerves, insanity, and what it must feel like to know you are marrying a stranger. When it comes to sex, Elizabeth is crazy and so ready to just do it. She feels she will be married and this means having sex with her husband, whether or not he is a stranger so he better get ready. However, Iris is not so keen on all of this as she is a 27-year-old virgin who has saved herself for marriage. She has no idea her future husband, Keith, who is at his bachelor party with the other husbands, Matt, Gregory, and Jamie, has no problem having sex on his wedding night. I hope Iris has packed some Checkers. The girls go to a house party where there are some strippers and everyone, aside from Iris, lets loose so this is going to be a lot of fun…hopefully. Luckily, the new expert who replaced Dr. Jessica, is also a sex therapist so she will probably have her work cut out when it comes to Iris.

One thing to be noted about Iris is she is a diva/princess. When she is picking out her wedding dress, she needs it to be so white to show Keith, in a subliminal way she is a virgin. She is hoping the more pure the gown, the more pure he will know she is. She almost gets obnoxious with it all and then she cannot help but love on herself and that becomes obnoxious. Maybe Iris should marry Iris? The other girls are great with their dresses and seemingly easy and fun because they are not caught up in the message but just the idea they are getting married. Over at the bachelor party, the guys are drinking and playing poker but Elizabeth’s future hubby, Jamie cannot stop staring at the dealer’s boobs. He then realizes he is no longer single and has to reign it in a little. Don’t worry, buddy; your girl is plenty curvy and you are lucky to have her. The morning of the weddings arrives and nerves definitely abound but we will only see two weddings on the premiere: Matthew and Amber and Deonna and Gregory.

  • Deonna and Gregory: they are very well-suited in the sense they both have prayer circles before the wedding and when they see each other, they light up. He asks politely if he can kiss her after they exchange vows and they definitely have chemistry. He is shocked to learn she has been single for 10 years and considers it a red flag until she shares all she has done in that time such as get an education and travel. Soon, he sees this is really what makes her a well-rounded person and a great potential wife for him.
  • Matt and Amber: This is the most perfect couple as he is a pro basketball player and hopeless romantic and she is an educated tomboy with a love for basketball. Amber was all gung-ho but starts to get nervous right before. Luckily, her mom, whom she has had a tumultuous relationship with, has been there through the past two weeks and it has brought them closer. Matt’s parents have recently divorced so he has not invited them but has a very close circle of friends to guide him. Right before Amber is set to walk down the aisle, her father uses a basketball analogy, not knowing his future SIL is a bball player. When they see each other for the first time, it is an instant attraction and he is so impressed she not only loves basketball but can play it and talk about it with him. Their vows are exactly what each other was looking for in a mate and all Amber wants to do is kiss her new husband. If she can keep mesh her love for basketball with a girlie side, she will have it made.

Next week, it looks like Elizabeth is not so keen when she sees Jamie or maybe she knows him. Either way, she is ready to run while Iris’ father does not want to give her away. And the couples contemplate sex on the honeymoon. You can catch it Wednesday nights at 830pm on Lifetime.

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