Previously On…RHONY Season 11 Episode 15- The Morning After!

Previously On RHONY, the ladies (minus Ramona because she always has far better things to do at the last minute) headed off to two art exhibits in Miami hosted by longtime friends and were lucky enough to be gifted expensive pieces. Too bad Ramona missed out while she was off gallivanting. The ladies needed some relief after the dramatic first night when Sonja got black out drunk causing the paramedics to be called to ensure she did not have any concussions. At the same time, Lu felt she was the Lord of the manor, barking orders every which way. Ramona also hosted a party night two which included guests such as ex-husband, Mario and current fling, Kevin the rum guy. But, it is all about to go down even further as the girls lay into Lu and tell her life truly is not a cabaret.

Bethenny introduced Tinsley to a guy at the party they had the night before. Not what I would have envisioned for Tins as he was 60 but they did exchange numbers and he invited her out for drinks in the morning if she could get away later on in the day. Might be a more sophisticated vacay fling, just saying. Bethenny recalls how drunk Sonja had gotten and ended up breaking a glass table with her foot and it was very reminiscent of the first night when they had to call the paramedics. Bethenny goes to speak to her in the room she shares with Ramona where Lu happens to be and suggests she go to an AA meeting since Lu has to go to them daily. All the ladies agree she should go just to hear other perspectives and get some free therapy though she thinks it is unnecessary. Downstairs, Ramona starts going on about how she is interested in Brett, the guy who B set up with Tinsley. Suddenly, she is jumping on the ride and this is news to the ladies. Just a few days ago she was making out with Harry Dubin which ended up on TMZ so now she is claiming this dude? Tinsley tells her this man is hers but Ramona says you cannot claim anyone and then breaks out the photos of the Ramona/Harry kissing sesh. It is time for the AA meeting and Lu is judging what Sonja is wearing even though she is barely dressed. They both go throw some more clothes but Sonja is left waiting and does not even want to go with the Queen alcoholic anymore. She’d rather go with Ramona at this point.

Barbara comes in and they can tell her energy is off, even referring to her as Debbie Downer. It has been hard for her because Lu has been in her own world and really just left her to fen for herself with these ladies. She just needs to immerse more and realize Lu will always be selfish and once she sees this, she will have a much easier time with everyone. Lu and Sonja return from the meeting but Sonja felt worse because she had nothing to relate on; she felt isolated whereas Lu was able to share everything and make people happy and laugh. The stories just lingered in Sonja’s head. They return to meet the others at the cabana as they had ordered food and they all want to know how it went and if Sonja shared at all. Sonja keeps complaining about everything from the water to the sand and decides she wants to leave but B knows each meeting is different and maybe it just was not the right one for her. Maybe another one would be better for her because this obviously triggered something in her. Sonja starts to cry about things in her life and how her ex-husband is so old, he won’t be around to watch their daughter become an adult. As this is happening, all Lu wants to do is go swimming even though the girls have decided to take all of the food they ordered to go. It is very clear Lu is tone deaf as to other people around her and their emotions, even BFF Barbara’s, who is literally crumbling on the trip but Lu always has somewhere else to go which does not involve Babs at all.

When they get home, they realize the truffle fries they so desperately wanted were not in their to-go order so they text Lu to see if she can grab them for them. They are trying to find out or understand why she is so Team Luann, especially after Sonja’s breakdown and Barbara’s struggles. It is like she is in her own world and does not want to deal with anyone after they came down on her being so into herself. She just needs to apologize and come down to Earth but instead she goes to look at the poster of herself announcing an upcoming show. She even has an onlooker take a photo of her next to the poster; narcissist much? It is massage time and they give Lu’s massage to Barbara as they are all finally connecting with her and liking her vibe. Lu arrives home and goes to see Sonja and Dorinda where she goes at Sonja for coming to the AA meeting for the wrong reasons. I do not think Lu takes these meeting seriously either because it seems like she is there as a performer more so than an actual member of the community and she has not come down to this planet so I do not know how much it has helped.

Bethenny gets her period but it’s a dry well with these ladies, except for Tinsley but Babs makes a joke about self-tanner. At the same time, she makes sure to set Tinsley up on a date with Brett because she wants her to keep moving. When Ramona finds this out, she is super jealous because she would rather be on a date than be on a date than with the women. On the date, however, Tinsley is just spilling her guts on having kids and being in jail so may be this might be a fail. When Ramona gets to go get Lu, she is still getting ready, complaining she has to do her hair and did not get a massage and, because Ramona waited, the others left without her. When Bethenny, Dorinda, Sonja, and Babs arrive at the restaurant, it is where Tins is having her date so they cannot wait to spy. They see her kissing Brett so we will see what is next and soon, Ramona and Lu arrive with Lu sharing her crazy night of not getting her hair done and being the last to get a massage. They ask, after they have been seated, how her day was and where she was so she brags about herself. Barbara decides to have a serious conversation with Lu. She reminds her how she stopped her life when Lu was in rehab, which Lu agrees with, but now she does not feel Lu is there for her at all. The ladies can see Lu’s kool-aide has worn off on Barbara and she is finally standing up for herself. Barbara shares Bethenny was there for her when Lu was not and now Lu thinks the women have brainwashed her. That is such bs, it is unreal. Tinsley is making a valid statement and slurs for a second, Lu mocks her and it sets everyone off.

The food arrives but the women start to go in on Luann and Bethenny asks Lu when was the last time she asked her about how she was doing since Dennis died. She reminds Lu how much Dennis helped her prior to his passing and feels she uses her sobriety as a crutch and an excuse. Bethenny then says she did an intervention with her late ex who then passed away from an overdose so it is just too much. She tells her life is not a cabaret and the core is she asks about Lu all of the time but never asks about anyone else. We learn Bethenny was on watch when Lu was drinking, erratic but ensured it was not getting filmed and even got her a free room at rehab which she left early. At this point, Bethenny is spazzing so much and Dorinda is scared she may have a heart attack because she has a lot on her plate and this is where it ends.

Next week, Lu threatens to drink, questions arise about Ramona and Mario, everyone wonders about Dorinda and John, and Tinsley has a breakdown. Oh and Lu records a new song. The show moves to Thursday nights at 9pm on Bravo so don’t miss it!

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