The Amazing Race 31 Recap: Episode 9 – Let’s Split

Tonight on Amazing Race 31, we will watch as the remaining teams head to Croatia! There is some drama in the ticket line while the teams are buying their airline tickets, will this cost one team the race? Keep refreshing this page to get all the details with our Amazing Race 2019 recap! If you missed last week’s episode of TAR 31, catch up right here!

We start tonight’s episode with the teams heading to Croatia! While in line getting their tickets, there are two lines, Becca & Floyd sneak in at the agent they think is going to be available next. They cut in front of Nicol & Victor and when it was Nicole & Victor’s turn, the agent whose line they were in leaves. When Nicole & Victor find an available booking agent, the flight is all sold out leaving them in last place.

Nicole & Victor get a standby ticket that could get them to Croatia 10 minutes after the first two teams if someone doesn’t show up for the flight. Moments later, they get the thumbs up that they got onto that flight and they are no longer in last place! When they all get to Croatia, they get a Travelocity Traveling Gnome. They have to hoist their gnome and a loaf of bread up to a monk who will give them their clue for the Detour challenge. The first three teams to finish their Detour challenge are Nicole & Victor, Korey & Tyler, and Becca & Floyd.

After the teams complete their Detour challenge, they head to their Roadblock challenge. Nicole and Korey decide that in order to get through this challenge, they have to work together. Korey & Tyler, Nicole & Victor, and Becca & Floyd. It only took Floyd one attempt to finish this challenge where it took Korey and Nicole several attempts.

After they complete this, they head on over to the Pit Stop for this leg of the race! This is the order they got to the Pit Stop:

  1. Korey & Tyler (Also won a trip to Mexico)
  2. Nicole & Victor
  3. Becca & Floyd
  4. Colin & Christie
  5. Leo & Jamal
  6. Bret & Chris

Bret & Chris is the last team to get to the Pit Stop and they have been eliminated.

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