Previously On…RHOBH Season 9 Episode 18 Recap- The Morning After!

Previously On RHOBH, Kyle arranged for the ladies to head to a chateau in Provence for a wine tasting girls trip, though it took a while for Camille to get her invite as some of the gals were not so pleased with her two-faced nature. We also got a special visit from old pal, Brandi Glanville, when she went for cocktails with Denise to chat about the LVP drama. Unfortunately, both Denise and Camille were dealt a huge blow when the California wildfires took hold of their Malibu homes and the Provence trip was the last thing on their minds.

The ladies have landed in France, the ladies being Rinna, Kyle, Teddi, Erika, and Dorit but Provence has been on Rinna’s bucket list. Kyle loves this area and has been here almost every year but it is very hard for her not having LVP on a trip with them since she has never missed a girls trip. As for Rinna, she is keeping up with the fires back in California and it was on the way to the airport when they got the calls from Camille and Denise that their homes were probably dunzo. Rinna knows she would not be able to get to the homes to help but wishes she could be there for comfort. So, maybe they should have stayed just to lend a shoulder and not flown to another country, just saying. When they pull up to the chateau, all of the fire chatter seems to fade because they are blown away by the beauty they are witnessing. The chateau was built in the 1600’s and Erika is fixated on the ghosts of vacations past. It comes fully staffed and is literally the most luxurious and spoiled trip ever. Everything will be done for them so I wonder where Erika and Dorit’s glam squads will stay. Rinna is used to staying in a 5-star hotel so being trapped in a home with the girls will be different because if they have an altercation, there is no place to go. Teddi likes the idea of speaking to Kyle via their balconies, which is pretty fun.

Kyle lets the personal chefs know why they are down two girls then inquires about the menu as everyone proceeds to get ready. Dorit does mention she has no glam squad with her because it is the French countryside but Erika contradicts that. Soon after, they FaceTime Denise to check in and she says there are no updates on anything and they cannot get any information so it is pins and needles. Camille is next to phone them, her house is okay and she shares she grabbed all her important documents and a special painting; she is just happy her family is safe. They are all just happy the people are safe and Rinna says they just have to make the best out of the whole situation, all they can do. Now, the ladies start sharing secrets and Dorit reveals she stole the family car at 13 but white chocolate melted in the backseat so her family assumed she had sex in it. That is one for the books. It is time for dinner and Kyle orders a margarita, saying she does not care where she is in the world, she does not drink anything fancy- this is her drink of choice while Erika is opting for a cappuccino. The girls mock her (isn’t there a history of substance abuse in their families?) so she proceeds to order a tomato juice with vodka.

They flashback to Halloween and Rinna says she had so much fun playing Erika Jayne that night and it did help her and Kim reconcile on some level. The food comes out and it is just way too fancy for my liking but hey…Provence. Kyle proposes a toast, saying life can turn on a dime but she is so grateful to have them on this trip and they really have been through a lot after all of the other trips and life in the BH. Yet, here they are. They go to bed and at 5am, Dorit wakes up, telling Teddi she is sick to her stomach. No one knows why until she reveals she saw a video of Camille’s home up in flames, literally burning to the ground and this is just hours after they FaceTimed with her and she said everything was fine. At the same time, there were photos of Denise getting her animals from her home but everyone was in gas masks. They both feel heartbroken and helpless, not only for Camille and Denise but for all of their family and friends left behind.

It is time for breakfast and Erika is beyond hungover from the night before, wearing sunglasses and feeling miserable. Teddi comes in and shares her coaches home has burned down, nothing is contained and they talk about how Camille went from the happiest day (getting married) to her home burning down. As for Denise, so far she is okay. They decide to go to a little market and do some local shopping to relax a bit, get some snacks. They do some shopping and cheese tasting then go to a cafe. While they are there, Rinna shares her daughter, Amelia, who battled anorexia, has decided to go to New York and study nutrition, wellness, and psychology. This is really great for her because she is using her own struggle and turning it into a positive. Kyle decides to share, for the first time ever, that she struggled with an eating disorder when she was younger. She never shared it with her daughters because she did not want to put it in their heads. She was 17, on a tv show and they would put her in big clothes which she did not like so the wardrobe stylists told her if she lost weight, they would change her wardrobe and she did. She was down to 99 pounds. Erika admits she is the heaviest she has ever been but she does not feel like she will be judged and feel like it is all lighter and attributes it to LVP not being there. They go sightseeing and are just laughing and wandering before they head back and check in with their families. Rinna reveals to Harry how Camille lost her home and he is just as devastated because this is all happening in their backyard.

It is now time for dinner, night two and more cocktails. Rinna jokes how they are all in black and look fabulous with Teddi raising her fashion bar since she used to say she had no idea how to dress during her first season on the show. Teddi is slightly offended because she always felt she tried to bring her A-game. Rinna does joke Denise always feels so lost when it comes to dressing up because she’s like take me as I am and that’s why fans love her because she is relatable. Rinna ALSO says drunk Rinna will be coming out this evening. While at dinner, the girls talk about how their sons look like their fathers as in Teddi’s son looks like her dad, John Mellencamp. This is when we learn Erika’s dad was from El Salvador which is so cool. At the same time, the menu comes out and Dorit laughs because the ladies keep ordering things like burgers and all American dishes. Conversation moves back to Halloween and how Rinna feels she was only able to make up with Kim by being Erika. Kyle asks if Erika was offended with Rinna’s harsher portrayal of Erika but Erika says it’s a character; Erika Jayne is not Erika Girardi and everyone knows this but Teddi has to insert herself. She would have been offended if someone dressed up as her and used her persona to tell people off in an inaccurate depiction. But, this is where Erika and Teddi are different because Erika was just so excited with the costume and how well Rinna pulled it off, she just sucked it all up. And if it helped mend a fence, so be it. Teddi says she still really likes Rinna to which she says she does not care if she likes her or not.

Rinna and Teddi are going at each other with Dorit confused at the whole situation. She sees how Teddi and Kyle work together in a weird way so why are they trying to cause this drama. Erika points out there was some resolution in the end so, despite how annoying everyone thought it was, she felt it was fine and she does not want to be baited in to it all. Teddi is a talker and Erika is a shut-it-downer. Teddi’s bottom line is she does not feel Erika is as harsh as the way Rinna portrayed her.

Next time, the women impersonate each other but Erika may be peeved at the one of her, Camille looks at her home post-fire, Teddi and Rinna make up, and Erika storms out of the dinner. You can catch it every Tuesday night at 9pm on Bravo. Let us know- do you miss LVP on this girls trip?

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