Who Is Returning for Season 3 of Seeking Sister Wife?

When we left the season two tell-all for ‘Seeking Sister Wife,‘ who would return for season three was completely up in the air. In fact, no one even knew if there would be a season three but with the cult success of the show you can’t look away from, it seemed inevitable we would be seeing it for another round. As we headed into the tell-all, it was presumed the one couple we would not be seeing again were the Snowdens. They ended the season with their very own wedding special, Ashley, Dimitri, and Vanessa becoming one and it was a great ending after two seasons of searching. However, blink if you missed it and the screen showed a quick message that Vanessa had chosen to leave the family and soon, personal statements were released by all three, vaguely explaining they were no longer together anymore. This opened the door again for Ashley and Dimitri to return for another year, if they so chose. As for Bernie and Paige McGee, fans did not feel Paige was meant for plural marriage as she had a breakdown just watching her husband going on a date with another woman, particularly Brandy, whom they both adored. Then, at the tell-all, she learned Bernie had kissed Brandy and even tried to do more. All along, after the season had wrapped but the show was still airing, the McGees had been arrested for stalking Paige’s brother so to have them return with an arrest and Paige’s extreme jealousy probably would not bode well. The Alldredge’s thought they had found love with Jennifer LInnerth but she faked her own death on the show so there’s that and the Winders were still looking for a third wife even though Colton had yet to procreate with new second wife. One of these couples was a fill-in for season one family, the Brineys, who filmed all of season two but were told right before it went to air they could not be shown on the series due to legal issues. So, who will be joining the series for season three? This is what we know.

Though TLC has not released the returning couples just yet, they have sent out a casting call for both singles and couples. Why not just do a show with strictly singles looking to be polygamists? I’d watch that! The forms are very quick and easy to fudge if you just want to be on television and have your 15 minutes of fame, get a nice anklet, or get serenaded on the beach (Vanessa). So, as of now, we have no idea who will be on the show again but I am willing to guess the Snowdens will either return or get a spin-off, much like Jennifer Linnerth has gotten, according to a Facebook Live she did. I also feel like the Alldredge family will be back but not the Winders as too many people complained about their flatness and how odd Colton was. The McGee family has no business there anymore and Brandy has said she will no longer film her romantic relations on television anymore. The last season started airing in January of this year so it would be presumed season three will air January of 2019. Only time will tell. We will keep you updated as more news emerges.

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