Previously On…Married At First Sight and Getting Ready for Season 9!

Previously On Married At First Sight, four couples looked for love in Philadelphia…or had love sent to them. Basically, eight singles were set up by experts and met for the first time at the altar on their wedding day. They had no idea what to expect; all they knew was they were getting married. Yeah, so how did it work out for the season eight couples? There was a fifty percent success rate as of the finale, with AJ and Stephanie and Kristine and Keith remaining married. This series has not been the best at keeping couples together but now, a whole new set of singles are ready to take the walk down the hopeful aisle, this time in North Carolina and here is who we will be taking the leap:

  • Gregory Okotie,32 and Deonna McNeill,30: Gregory is a STEM guy who believes strongly in God and has a very close familial relationship. He clearly has not followed the show closely enough because, according to, it says he chose this series based on their success rate. That’s like going on ‘The Bachelor’ based on their success rate. His wife, Deonna, is also very close with her family so, like her new husband, was just looking for this missing piece.
  • Matthew Gwynne,32 and Amber Bowles,27: Matthew is an international basketball player so constant traveling has been an issue in prior relationships, hence why he has called upon the experts. Though his parents were married for a long time, they just got a divorce so this may have shaken him, leading him to seek alternative methods of dating. Amber is an identical twin who was raised by her father after her mom left when she was four. Her mom came out and felt the need to leave the state to find her place. Though she deems herself a tomboy, Amber is a romantic and seemingly is looking for her lifetime movie happy ending.
  • Jamie Thompson,35 and Elizabeth Bice,29: Jamie feels the only way to find love is to go out-of-the-box, hence the show while his new bride is a free-spirit, with parents having been married since she was born. Is this non-traditional couple going to find their traditional happy ending?
  • Keith Manley,27 and Iris Caldwell,27: The youngest couple, Keith’s role model couple is Jay-Z and Beyonce. He does not want to get a divorce, as his parents are still married so I have a feeling he will try overly hard. Iris has the complete opposite family dynamic, coming from a broken home yet she is very traditional. She is saving herself for the right person and if she says marriage, here it is.

This should be interesting. The new season premieres Wednesday June 12th on Lifetime with a matchmaking special at 8pm and the actual premiere at 9pm. I cannot wait to see what these new couples are like and I really hope there is not another Luke this year!!!



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