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It has been a few days since the most recent episode of RHOBH aired but we have been waiting to write the recap for one reason: Lisa Vanderpump. The big season nine reunion filmed just the other day and LVP had shared she probably would not be in attendance nor would she return for season 10. She is an OG of the show so this would be huge, leaving Kyle Richards Umansky as the last surviving original cast member. Sure enough, Bravo icon and reunion host, Andy Cohen confirmed from the reunion, during a brief break during IG live, that LVP was not in attendance. So, this means everything we will be watching for the rest of the season has just added on to her dismay with her co-stars and why she refused to attend; she also has unfollowed all of them on social media but this happens all of the time.

Last week, it was #Farrahween, aka Halloween and Kyle’s daughter’s 30th birthday so she had a huge party for her where Rinna came dressed as Erika Jayne, had it out with Kim but, in the end, they all made up while there is still tension between all of the ladies and Camille. The latest episode begins with Teddi, Rinna, and Kyle in a car on the phone with Camille as wildfires rage through Malibu. Next, they speak with Denise whose home may be burning down and they are all in just absolute shock. Flashback five days and Rinna is meeting Erika for Mexican food, joking about how they were riding the Farrah’s Wheel basically looking in the mirror at the Halloween party. It was crazy how amazing Rinna looked as Erika, winning Halloween. Erika then wants to know about what Camille said about LVP which came out in an article right after they attended her wedding, literally as they were in the bus on the way to the airport. She has beef with so many of the girls but does not know it just yet. Dorit is off expanding Beverly Beach by Dorit to Athleisure and she is so stoked because she has a whole window at Kitson, which is huge. What is even bigger is her son, Jagger, will be modeling the boys line and he has grown so much since Dorit’s first season when he struggled to talk. Now, he is just a superstar and she should be so proud. Unfortunately, her assistant did not bring his second pair of shorts so this poses a problem. But, in the end, it looks amazing and Jagger is the best!

Kyle has found a chateau in Provence she is in love with and wants to try to plan a girls trip. They have gone camping and the Bahamas but she is ready for a more elegant trip so she calls the organizers because she has discussed going on a wine tasting trip with the ladies. In the end, she just wants a relaxing, glamorous vacation. She starts to call the ladies but lets them know the chateau is booking up so they need to jump on it fast so better ask their hubbies. Rinna is with husband, Harry Hamlin and their two daughters, Amelia and Delilah are home, which makes Rinna very happy. Being alone is hard so she has to find ways to entertain herself like dancing around the house making videos. Harry is grilling and they want Amelia to eat but she has had struggles with anorexia and, though she has seemingly recovered, she is refusing to eat. She says she is not hungry but also says she is allergic to everything. Amelia has quite an attitude as does Delilah but Rinna feels like it is her fault her daughter is struggling like this. Her and Harry also wonder whose fault it is their kids are kind of snippy.

The ladies all meet up so Kyle can bring up her idea for the Provence wine tasting trip though she still has the whole Kim/Rinna argument from the Halloween party in the back of her head and how Rinna attempted to use her Erika Jayne costume persona to get her feelings out. The husbands have given the ladies their approval to go on the Provence trip so this is a good thing but they are still waiting on the real Erika to arrive. As she gets there, Kyle reveals she has closed her store the previous day after seven years because everything has gone digital and the rent is far more expensive, something Rinna can relate to. She used to have two storefronts back in the day and now just has her very lucrative QVC fashion line. Denise asks if Camille will be in attendance but this is up in the air. Kyle left a voicemail but everyone wants to know what she said about Dorit. For the first time, Rinna does not want to spill the beans. Rinna feels Camille needs to step up and be honest, not hide behind everyone else. She had no problem saying bad stuff about LVP’s teeth and gums prior to getting new caps and now she is all up her butt so, yeah. Camille is with her good friend, Kimber talking about her wedding and how great everyone looked at the wedding and the feeling of family. But then she brings up how her daughter, Mason said hi to Teddi at the wedding and Teddi apparently snubbed her. This could be a Camille delusion thing all over again as she starts saying she sees LVP’s side and Kyle’s side.

Camille brings up how Teddi is an accountability coach as she is wondering if she should confront her. Maybe they should stop with the accountability stuff unless they need weight loss help. Denise meets Brandi (former housewife) for cocktails and it is so great to see her back! They have a mutual friend and this is how they became friends; they understand each other having been through very public break-ups. Brandi asks how Aaron handles Denise filming with ex, Patrick Muldoon and she says he is just fine but she probably would not be okay if the situation were reversed. Denise shares about the LVP situation and how she may have shared some stories to Radar which Brandi totally thinks she did but goes on to say she was best friends with her for a long time. We go through the time line of their friendship and how she stood up for herself/crossed LVP. Brandi does add LVP loves pretty things hence why she likes Denise and then Denise invites Brandi on their Provence trip. I can see this going over well with the other ladies. Kim Richards phoned Brandi after Halloween to talk smack about Denise as she did defend Rinna but Brandi let her know how sweet Denise is. I love her!

Denise is going to see Aaron and she says they try not to let too much time go by between seeing each other. Eldest daughter, Sami likes to be messy and though she wants to say something about it, she also feels bad because she is not around a lot right now so it is hard. Aaron goes to talk to Sami and Lola but they think he is yelling but he just has a loud voice. Their dad, Charlie Sheen, is a lot softer than he is but that does not mean he does not care. As we have learned behind the scenes, he is in the process of adopting Eloise, Denise’s adopted daughter with some special needs. All of this is soon going to mean nothing as the intro we saw with the wildfires is about to be our outro. Both Camille and Denise have to flee their homes, not knowing the fates as everything goes up in flames. They will seemingly not be able to come to Provence (Camille’s fate with the trip was up in the air) as their families will be forced to deal with the wreckage of their lives.

Next time, the ladies take on Provence. You can catch it Tuesday nights on Bravo at 9pm.

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