The Amazing Race 31 Recap: Episode 8 – You’re The Apple in My Eye

Tonight on Amazing Race 31 we will watch as the remaining teams participate in a live U-Turn vote in Switzerland! The vote will be held out loud and in front of each other! Make sure you refresh this page to get all the details of tonight’s episode of Amazing Race right here. If you missed last week’s episode, check out our Amazing Race 2019 recap right here!

We start tonight’s episode off with Rachel & Elissa trying to mend some relationships. They then head to Ballenberg! When they get there, they are told that they will be having a U-Turn vote, out loud and in front of each other! This could get interesting! It is a double U-Turn on top of it. Here is who the teams voted for:

  1. Rachel & Elissa voted for Colin & Christie
  2. Nicole & Victor voted for Leo & Jamal
  3. Colin & Christie voted for Rachel & Elissa
  4. Leo & Jamal voted for Colin & Christie
  5. Becca & Floyd voted for Colin & Christie
  6. Tyler & Korey voted for Nicole & Victor
  7. Chris & Brett voted for Rachel & Elissa

This means that Colin & Christie will be going up against Rachel & Elissa in the U-Turn! After the vote is over, the teams get their clue and head for their Detour! Nicole & Victor first have to take down 26 flags and fold them and then catch up. The Reilly sisters and Colin & Christie have to do both Detours. Tyler & Korey and Becca & Floyd are the first teams to finish their Detour. Rachel & Elissa finish the first detour and Colin & Christie are right behind them. Rachel & Elissa left the clue for the other Detour on the table at the first one they did. They followed Colin & Christie to the next Detour and then asked them to see their clue, but Christie told them “no.” Why would they help out the team trying to get them out?

Meanwhile, the teams starting to show up at the Roadblock. Chris & Bret are the first ones to finish and head on over the Pit Stop! Here is the order the teams came in:

  1. Tyler & Korey (they also won a trip to Vietnam & Cambodia)
  2. Chris & Bret
  3. Colin & Christie
  4. Becca & Floyd
  5. Nicole & Victor
  6. Leo & Jamal
  7. Rachel & Elissa

Rachel & Elissa came in last and with no more non-elimination legs left this season, they have been eliminated.

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