Previously On…RHONY Season 11 Episode 14 Live Recap!

Previously On RHONY, the women headed to Miami where they all told Luann how they really felt about her, holding nothing back. At the same time, Sonja got super drunk, landing herself in an ambulance. Tonight, the Miami madness continues and anything can and will happen.

It does not matter that Sonja just drunkenly felt down off the the chair and knocked her head on the table, might have a concussion; Ramona still needs to get ready to hit the town with Tinsley. Tinsley and Ramona do not know if they should go out but Bethenny insists they still go because there is nothing to be done as the paramedics arrive. Tins and Ramona are shocked to see the ambulance while Barbara goes to tell Lu about what happened but after how she was “treated” by Sonja, Lu could care less. The one thing that made Bethenny super happy was the EMT’s confirmed Sonja was okay and she was not on anything so she cannot wait to throw that in Lu’s face after she tried to claim Sonja was on pills. Out at the bar, Tinsley is a bit sad because Miami was her and Scott’s place; that was where they had their first long date after they were set up by Carole. Ramona is ready to help her get over it all. Tins and Bethenny wake up in bed together after staying up all night drinking wine and laughing, which was what they needed. Lu wants servants to feed her coffee then goes to do yoga and Dorinda goes to get Ramona and Sonja. Sonja has no idea what happened the night before as Tins attempts to fill Bethenny in on the dinner before she arrived and how Lu left the table. B does her best Lu impression, demanding coffee and such.

Ramona goes outside to see Luann who believes the girls are jealous of her and her success but Ramona says they believe she is being condescending. She thinks they do not want to see her doing well which Ramona disputes. Lu truly is delusional but the only valid point she makes is she cannot be around friends who are drunk all the time. She says it is really hard to watch Sonja spiraling when she drinks and did not want to watch her go down any further. It hurt her no one checked on her as she wanted to drink after all the shenanigans. Lu asks Ramona if she thinks Sonja will come to an AA meeting with her. Okay, Lu. Barbara is still not up and they are wondering if she does not want to associate because she was not invited out by Ramona the previous night. Lu goes in and checks on Sonja. Luckily, she did not hit her head but Lu says it is not healthy for her to get this drunk but Sonja reminds her how she fell into the bushes in Mexico and how she tells people she believes Sonja is on pills. Lu shares she is going to a meeting and asks if Sonja would like to go; she does not really want to go when she is on vacation nor does she feel she has a problem. She goes to doctors and is just fine. Barbara returns as she had gone for a run in Miami so Ramona apologizes and invites her to come hang poolside with the gals.

They are planning a party which Ramona is controlling, as per usual. But first, she must swim with her noodles. It would not be a vacation without her noodles, clearly. 90 minutes later, Lu returned from her meeting as Ramona revealed Mario is in town and will be coming to the party they are having at their home in Miami. But, Ramona has also invited a guy she’s been out with a few times so she is trying to be cool in her own way. It is now time to go to an artist enclave for the afternoon and Bethenny has a goal for the day to get Tinsley the hook up with guys. Of course, the moment they get to Wynwood Walls, Ramona shares she is going out someplace else and will not be attending the cultural event with them. No love lost. Peter Tunney is the man behind all of the art they are seeing and he is from New York City, having known Lu for years. He starts giving away art to everyone for free, except Bethenny, who spends 10K on art but B says she has a daughter so that is her gift and Tins does not so, in essence, they are even. OOOOH, shade. They then go see Romero Britto, artist friend to Bethenny and he has gifts for the girls, which B organized but Ramona is missing out. Oh well.

It is the night of the party and Ramona is telling Sonja about her new man, Kevin. He is supposedly smart and makes rum but he knows Mario is attending the party, as well. He is actually the first to arrive so he is staking his claim. Are they going to get back together? Tins and Bethenny are getting ready but B jokes she cannot keep her awake all night again. At the same time, as guests arrive, Ramona keeps picking her butt. Dorinda is trying to figure out how this is proper etiquette. Sonja lets Mario know about Ramona’s date coming and she is just starting to get sloppy again but what else is new? It’s predictable like Ramona ditching the girls. Tinsley’s sister, Dabney is a guest at the party or, as Ramona calls her, Daphne. Lu has a man named Denio at the party and she seems to be flirting with him so we shall see if there are any sparks as Mario is on the hunt for Ramona’s new man. He shows up and I would pick Mario, just saying. As Ramona and Kevin are off flirting, Tins and Dabney are talking about Scott and how he really dragged her down. She may be Tinsley’s younger sister but she is very wise and tells Tins to invite guys over the next day and have fun, find her next victim.

Lu comes to join some of the ladies and ends up flirting with a guy who Sonja has been trying to flirt with. Bethenny then goes to grab Tinsley because she has a successful guy she wants her to meet. It was someone she had been set up with but was not into. Does not look like a love connection and Tins has seemingly forgotten how to flirt so she mimics Ramona. It is time for dinner so they arrange to have Dorinda give a huge toast rubbing the whole day in Ramona’s face, all of the goodies they were given and such and it literally kills Ramona. Her face is priceless and she is sad no one brought her any art. Post-toast, Mario is trying to speak with Ramona about their daughter when Sonja announces to him that Ramona made out with Harry but he is still in love with her. It is a hot mess.

Next week, it all goes down with Luann, the claws come out towards Sonja, and Bethenny calls Luann out on her crap. You can catch it Wednesday night on Bravo at 9pm.

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