What Is Brandy From ‘Seeking Sister Wife’ Season 2 Up to Now?

When season two of TLC’s ‘Seeking Sister Wife’ came to an end with the big tell-all, we learned two big things: 1) Vanessa Cobbs had left the Snowden family after the grand commitment ceremony and 2) Bernie McGee had actually hooked up with his potential sister wife, Brandy despite acting like everything was super innocent to wife, Paige. Now, the tell-all was shown mere weeks after the McGee’s had been arrested for stalking (not Brandy) so there was already a sour taste in the mouths of dedicated viewers. On top of that, it was clear Paige did not want to share her husband at all, had severe jealousy issues and was very insecure. She took a lot of anger out on Brandy and it was very unnecessary, leaving social media to take teams. I was definitely #TeamBrandy and amazed she took the kind of abuse she did for as long as she did before she finally left and say forget this, I deserve better. And it was at the tell-all/reunion where she had her moment in the sun to expose Bernie for the person he really was. She shared how they did kiss after their first date and he wanted more but she knew how hard this all was for Paige so she stopped it. You could see she genuinely tried to make a connection with Paige even after being mistreated by her but it all failed. So, what is Brandy up to now? TV Shows Ace has all the answers we have been waiting for. Though she felt strongly for the couple, don;t look for her on your television screens anytime soon, unless of course you are watching reruns of SSW. Brandy is seemingly done with finding love this way and it does not shock me. She did expose her daughter, Bre to this lifestyle in a very public forum so maybe it is best she lay low. Speaking of Bre, who had formed a very close relationship with Paige and Bernie’s two sons, who really fell in love with the duo and were devastated when they found out Brandy would not be returning, she has just graduated high school. Congrats to Bre, who seems to be moving on with her life and not letting the show get to her, either. Brandy appears to still be optimistic about finding love and even a sister wife just not in front of the camera and would not return for a season three of the series if TLC were to come knocking. We really do hope we get updates from her and her love life, even if they are via Twitter or Instagram, because we hope she finds all the happiness in the world. Would you watch a season three of ‘Seeking Sister Wife’ with Paige and Bernie?

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