Previously On…RHONY Season 11 Episode 13- The Morning After!

Previously On RHONY, the women were still gathered at Lu’s home upstate and trying to get some sort of logic into her brain that they had been there for her, especially Bethenny. However, it is clear Lu is on the selfish cabaret wagon and there is no getting off. At the same time, Ramona was attempting make amends for not inviting anyone to her birthday luncheon as everyone was prepping to head off on a girls trip to Miami. This should be an adventure, to say the least, especially since the last time they were all there was season eight for Luann’s engagement party with Tom (technically it was Palm Beach and then Miami) so we will see how this plays out.

Lu is rehearsing for her Christmas show when Sonja decides to pop into the rehearsal space. Everyone is excited to see her but she does not shut up the entire time she is there. It is not only distracting but uncalled for. However, she is able to tell Luann what is appropriate and funny and what she should leave out like a jab she is taking at Dorinda over the Jovani incident from the season 10 finale. Aren’t we over this? She is giving Dorinda an award at the show but it is not playing out in a nice way and Sonja attempts to tell Lu this but she has had it and will do what she wants. At a smaller Christmas tree lighting, where Dorinda is the host, some of the ladies are gathered and Tinsley had been at a clay making event with Barbara, Lu, and Bethenny. When she was there, it came up about Sonja’s behavior at Lu’s rehearsal and Lu commented she thinks Sonja is not just drinking but taking pills, as well. On top of this, she said described Sonja’s behavior as manic, which it was but she is always kind of all over the place. Dorinda feels Tins should tell Sonja this as she blatantly says it out loud, kind of like “tell her what they said last night” kind of thing. I wonder if Tinsley would have said something otherwise though Sonja should know what people are saying about her. Bethenny had really just said it was alcohol induced but, in the past like when they went to Atlantic City in season seven, B had believed she was on some sort of pills. This lit a fire under Sonja’s butt and she shared with Dorinda about how she nixed the Jovani commentary from Lu’s show or tried to. Dorinda said she did not want her name in the show at all as she knows she was fodder in the past and she felt they were beyond this.

Lu soon shows up for the tree ceremony and Dorinda confronts her about being in the show. Lu openly says it was funny and she will say what she wants in her cabaret but Dorinda is very open to the fact she will get her lawyer involved if she has to. So much for a treaty. Bethenny is with Dorinda shopping for Miami and they discuss when they will get there. B will be getting in late as she has a speaking engagement but she can already see this going south in some way, literally. The ladies all head to Miami, finally, including Barbara, and they have packed like they are never ever leaving. Pretty standard for these ladies. Tinsley is feeling off because she is always slighted; she claims she is like the little sister always trying to find her place but maybe she should just assert herself more. She was supposed to ride with Sonja and Ramona but she is lucky she missed that boat because Sonja was loaded up on gas. She’s not only manic but so gross. They arrive at the house, which Ramona arranged and she has to pat herself on the back and say how much better it is than the one in Cartegna. All the rooms are immaculate and there is a guest house, as well. Because Bethenny will be late, Ramona says she does not care if B gets a good room. Of course, Ramona and Sonja get a master bedroom together; Barbara and Luann take the guest house; and the rest are split. From the moment they get to the house, Sonja starts drinking and this is becoming a hotter mess by the moment.

Adding to the mess is the revelation Ramona was making out with Harry Dubin, Sonja’s ex. Let’s be fair: everyone has made out with Harry and Ramona has made a point to invite him to all of her events and we saw the photos- the kiss was gross. Sonja goes on about how the girls have taken her men, including Luann who took Harry and Tom. She is a drunken mess who cannot even pronounce on of the staff’s name right. It is getting out of hand and no one is stopping her. Dorinda is even getting a little too drunk but she is not falling around like an octopus. Sonja even says she is going to pee in the bathtub to which Tinsley puts a stop to because it is a community tub. Bethenny finally shows up and gets ready for dinner. As the rest gather for their meal, Sonja goes in on Lu about how she has become too big for her britches and Dorinda agrees. They feel no one needs to see her five times in one month and are really laying into her. Bethenny joins them and has to catch up throughout the slurs and finally does but Lu walks away, back to her room. In the middle of all of this, Lu also says she has guys coming over the next night so Sonja better clean up her act.

Bethenny basically understands everything going on and goes to see Lu, saying she has been on a high horse and needs to listen to what everyone is saying. She tells Barbara to start paying attention to Lu’s poor behavior because it is not getting better. Lu just wants to hide but there is not enough room in this home, so she claims. Sonja is so drunk, she is not in good enough condition to go out on the town with Tins and Ramona; poor Babs was not even invited because Ramona did not think to do it, because duh. This makes Tins extremely uncomfortable so she finally asks Babs but she declines. Finally, Ramona and Tinsley decide to start getting ready when Bethenny tells Sonja she needs to go to bed. She soon demands it and Sonja slips and knocks her face on the table. They have to call the ambulance and this is where it ends.

Next week, we find out if Sonja is okay and Mario joins the ladies. You can catch it Wednesday night on Bravo at 9pm.

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