The Amazing Race 31 Recap: Episode 7 – Living Fearlessly

Last week we watched two episodes of The Amazing Race unfold. In the first episode, we watched as Rachel & Elissa came in last, but luckily it was a non-elimination leg and they were able to stay in the game. However, in the second episode, Janelle & Britney weren’t so lucky. Which team will be eliminated tonight? Keep refreshing this page to get all the details of tonight’s episode right here!

We started this episode off with the teams finding out what they are heading to Switzerland and the teams are starting to think about who they want to take to the final three.

When the teams get to Switzerland, they find out that one member of their team is going to free fall 400 feet into a gorge. They then will grab their next clue and get into a helicopter. They get to then pick which detour they are going to do. They will either have to ride down a trail and remember basin names that they pass as they go. They will then have to place them on a map. Or they can descend down 150 feet into a river and grab a clue at the end of a rope.

Leo & Jamal are the first team to finish the Detour and they are heading to the Pit Stop! Tyler & Korey are second and Becca & Floyd are right behind them. Colin & Christie are in fourth and the other teams are slowly finishing behind them and heading to the Pit Stop. Here is the order the teams made it to the Pit Stop!

  1. Korey & Tyler (they also won a spa day)
  2. Colin & Christie
  3. Becca & Floyd
  4. Jamal & Leo
  5. Rachel & Elissa (Rachel broke a record for the most leg run for a single racer)
  6. Chris & Bret
  7. Nicole & Victor

Nicole & Victor came in last, however, this is a non-elimination leg of the race and they are still in the race! However, they will have to complete a Speed Bump next week.

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