Previously On…RHOBH Season 9 Episode 16 Live Recap!

Previously On RHOBH, the ladies all gathered in Hawaii for Camille’s wedding while LVP took a polygraph test to prove she was not a liar. Though the ladies learned she did this, they still do not believe her. Denise was off in Connecticut filming a Christmas movie with ex, Patrick Muldoon so look out for that. Tonight, it is Halloween but it proves to be scary in more ways than one.

It is the end of their time in Hawaii but the ladies are all feeling sick. They stayed out a little too late celebrating Camille’s wedding and Rinna was already sick the entire trip, Kyle is starting to feel off but she has to buck up because as soon as she gets home, she has to plan her eldest daughter’s 30th. Everyone gathers for breakfast/brunch and when Camille joins them, Kyle reveals how LVP was taking a lie detector test. She still maintains she should have come to the wedding to support the happy couple but it doesn’t matter because there are planes to catch. Aaron is at home with Denise’s daughter, Eloise when a package arrives from Rinna and Harry and it is signed “many happy endings” so it clues him in his wife shared about the happy ending he got at a massage parlor. He is shocked and surprised but not overly mad. Back in Hawaii, on the way to the airport, the ladies have gotten wind, thanks to Rinna, about a People Magazine article from Camille saying how much she loves LVP for being an amazing friend. They wish she had been up front about all of this prior to it coming out so Rinna tells Dorit about some smack Camille talked about her. And Kyle had just said how well they had all gotten along.

Everyone is home so Teddi’s husband wants to get it on on their porch while Erika asks her husband if he wants to come to a party Kyle is planning. He laughs and nods no. Kyle also goes to Rinna’s home to pick her up for a mammogram but on the way, they are talking about Kyle’s daughter’s 30th birthday party. Kyle remembers Farrah’s birth like it was yesterday because she was so young and this party is elaborate, including a Ferris wheel. When they get to the appointment, it turns out Kyle had a mammogram the following week so they squeezed her in the same day. It helps Rinna because Kyle is the one who has the main anxiety but breast cancer runs in Rinna’s immediate family. They rub their lucky money on each other. Rinna’s test comes back perfect so relief; on Kyle, they think they see something. This tech does not have the best bedside manner, to be honest, especially with Kyle’s anxiety so she goes to see Rinna and then they find out everything is fine and the doctor apologizes for making her cry. She just had extra dense tissue, nothing to worry about. At least she has the party to focus on.

PK and Dorit are getting ready and he will be Karl Lagerfeld, with a full-on wig, which he is already complaining is too hot. So, Farrah’s party has always been a Halloween party or as they have branded it #Farrahween. Kyle is asking daughters, Alexia and Sophia of their dad has seen their costumes but they say no. They proceed to say Kyle bought them but her costume cost around $700. Speaking of her costume, she calls Teddi and tells her that, when she put on her costume, it broke and she got stuck in it so Mauricio had to order one in her size and have it sent over by uber. She asks Teddi to entertain everyone while she changes and when Mauricio brings her the right size, he rips the old one off of her. Teddi and Edwin come as Harley Quinn and the Joker, Erika is a leopard, and everyone loves PK as Karl but he is terrified of anything that jumps out at them. Then Rinna shows up…as Erika Jayne. And she is perfection! Erika is living for it and think she has won Halloween. Kim Richards shows up because it is her niece’s birthday party and she tries to give Rinna a hug but she won’t have any of it. Rinna is surprised to see her but it is her niece so no shock there.

Now, Camille shows up and I am curious at to how this will play out. She is a cat, as well, along with Dorit and Erika and, in her confessional. Dorit asks where you find a mask to cover both of your faces. Kyle asks no one to bring anything up about Camille and Kyle goes to give a speech about how proud she is of her daughter. They all start recalling their 30th: Erika flew to Vegas, Dorit had a luncheon in Connecticut, and Rinna had a party thrown by Harry and he bought her a Rolex. Everyone jokes how Rinna is really in Erika character but that Erika is not as bitchy as she is portraying her to be. Kim is upset at how she is being treated and she being rallied around by some of the girls. Denise steps up and says Rinna is one of her best friends and wants to know what the true point is; they have talked about the situation and she knows why Rinna feels hurt but she thinks they need to get over it. It is really over a stupid bunny rabbit. Dorit, Rinna, and Denise are chatting when Kim comes up and she and Rinna start talking. They both want apologies and Rinna says she was inappropriate. She also says she was caught off guard when she saw Kim walk up so this is why she reacted so poorly but getting the bunny back was the most hurt she has ever been in this group. They forgive each other and hug it out.

Next week, Denise meets up with Brandi Glanville, Camille stirs up trouble, Kyle plans a girls trip, and the wildfires hit Malibu. You can catch it Tuesday night on Bravo at 9pm.

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