Previously On…RHONY Season 11 Episode 12- The Morning After!

Previously On RHONY, the ladies gathered upstate at Luann’s new home. But, everything was not coming up roses as some felt she was being a tad too diva-esque for their liking. Meanwhile, Ramona had her grand birthday party without the girls and Bethenny and Lu went at it…but only after Barbara revealed she was gender fluid.

Lu seems to have memory loss when it comes to what the girls have done for her and all they have had to put up with over the past few years. Bethenny was there for her during her second rehab stint, doing the intervention with Barbara, and now, all Lu can do is talk poorly about B. She made a rude comment when Bethenny left the Halloween cabaret before Luann went on but let’s be fair; she was supposed to go on at 11pm. Everyone arrived at like 9pm, all decked out and ready to go and they expected the host to come down and at least greet them, which she didn’t. And then, she did not go on until 1139pm. Bethenny stayed until 1130ish but she had to go home and relieve her nanny and she is not the type to even stay out late when she is at home so this was a big deal. Lu also comments no one was there to support her when literally everyone but Ramona showed up, in costume, so she needs to stop. Tinsley even says she was so concerned about herself, she did not even realize everyone came out to support her. Then, Lu had to make a comment about B just going home to watch her daughter sleep. She thinks the world revolves around her, forgetting Bethenny just went through the trauma of losing her boyfriend, Dennis. It is kind of easy to put that in the back of your mind when her new boyfriend, Paul calls on the phone to check in and see how insane it is.

Lu comes to see Bethenny and her apologies suck because they are about how sorry she is she got offended. Just do not apologize. Dorinda, Tinsley, and B take off to the nearby hotel and Tinsley cannot wait to drink because being in that location has driven her to want to get smashed. Ramona shows up with flowers and centerpieces, clearly from her birthday lunch, as well as a cake and it is off to Rhinebeck. This area holds a lot of sentimental value for Ramona because this is where she grew up and where she had her mother’s post-funeral luncheon. On top of that, the restaurant they go to only has one table for six and that is where her family would sit when she was a child. She had a tough childhood; her father was abusive, he left all of his money to her sister and brother even though there were four kids and she only reconciled with him right before he died. It is a lot to handle for her, the flashbacks but she is trying. Eventually, Lu, Barbara, and Sonja meet them though Sonja looks like she has been electrocuted.

All Luann can talk about is how, after dinner, she wants everyone to go see this keyboardist who is a cabaret singer, as well. I believe her name is Margarita but Dorinda, Bethenny, and Ramona are so over anything cabaret and they just want to chill and relax. Lu keeps saying her friends arranged this night and blah blah blah so she, Barbara, Sonja, and good sport, Tinsley all go while the other three go have some cocktails. Let’s just say the other three were the smartest of them all. The reason Lu wanted everyone to go with her to this club was because the moment she walked in the door, everyone was hugging her and kissing her butt. She wanted them to see how popular and important she was. Then, the cabaret star, who barely spoke a lick of English, got up and performed “Money Can’t Buy You Class” originally performed by Luann. It was really just the spoken word of the chorus to the song but I can never hear it the same way. After a certain point, it was enough cabaret for Tinsley and she headed back to the hotel. Oh, before they left the initial restaurant, a cake came out for Ramona and Bethenny’s birthdays which seemingly made Lu very envious.

Ramona and Bethenny both opened up about their abusive pasts and the three ladies realized they were all single mothers of girls. It was the first time Bethenny really shared with the other women about her stepfather hurting her mom and having to call the police and went into detail about her hardships. It brought her and Ramona closer, for sure. The next morning, Bethenny woke up, looking like she had been run over by a truck with her night guard in her mouth. Hilarious. Joined by Dorinda, Tinsley soon came in and they joked how she wakes up so glam and perfect. She shared about the cabaret singer experience and now it was back to Luann’s they went. Barbara was packing to leave but she had met a gut the night before with whom she made out with for a long time. Barbara got her groove back. Bethenny did not want to eat because she was hung over and Ramona presented her housewarming gift to Lu- candle holders. Soon, Ramona and Dorinda were butting heads over how rude Ramona can be, from her charity event to the angel ball and then her facial expressions. Yeah, it was definitely time to go back to the city.

Next time, the ladies head to Miami where it becomes clear Sonja has a little bit of a drinking problem. You can catch it Wednesday nights on Bravo at 9pm.

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