The Amazing Race 31 Recap: Episode 5 & 6 – I’m a Bird, I’m a Plane, I’m on The Amazing Race!

Tonight we will watch not one, but two episodes of The Amazing Race on CBS! Keep refreshing this page to get all the details of tonight’s episodes of The Amazing Race season 31. If you missed the last episode of The Amazing Race 2019, you can find out what happened right here

We start tonight’s episode of The Amazing Race with Christie & Colin heading out for the next destination. Nicole & Victor and Chris & Bret are right behind them. The teams are heading to Dubai for the next leg of this race. The teams start reaching the Detour for this leg of the race where the teams all meet with some of the locals and see exotic cars. They are told that their next clue is inside the cars.

Rachel & Elissa are the first ones to take off, Leo & Jamal are right behind them with Nicole & Victor heading there also. Leo & Jamal are the first ones to get to the Dubai Frame which is where they find the next clue, meanwhile, Rachel & Elissa are falling behind really quickly. The teams will have to decide whether they going to do a virtual reality jump from a skyscraper in Dubai or looking for eggs dressed as dinosaurs at a glow park.

The teams start finishing up their challenges and head to their Roadblock challenge which makes the teams do a silent rave night. They have to pick out three people in a crowd who are following the DJ’s music based on their dance moves. Most of the crowd isn’t listening to the same music as the DJ. Chris & Bret are the first ones there. After they complete the silent rave, they head onto the pitstop and zip line there!

Here are how the teams placed at the end of this leg of the race:

  1. Becca & Floyd (they also won $5000 a piece)
  2. Chris & Bret
  3. Colin & Christie
  4. Tyler & Korey
  5. Nicole & Victor
  6. Janelle & Britney
  7. Leo & Jamal
  8. Rachel & Elissa

Rachel & Elissa came in last and Rachel is going on and on about how she hopes she made her daughter proud and how sad she is that it’s over, but it’s a non-elimination leg!

The second episode of the night started off with the teams heading to Uganda! Becca & Floyd leave first, Chris & Bret and Colin & Christie are leaving right behind them. Tyler & Korey are a little worried about going to Uganda because they are openly gay which isn’t accepted in Uganda. They really reflect on how lucky they are to have the freedom to be who they are in the USA.

When they get to Uganda, they are given a clue that tells them to count the stairs inside a mosque. They write down the number and the guy at the top gives them their next clue which leads them to Owino Market. Nicole & Victor are first after this challenge. Colin & Christie and Tyler & Korey are right behind them. When they get to the Market they find their roadblock and see that Rachel & Elissa will have to do their Speed Bump challenge. In their Roadblock challenge, they have to make a rolled egg dish called Rolex.

Nicole & Victor finish first, Korey & Tyler are in second and Colin & Christie are in third. Rachel & Elissa get to the clue box to find their Speed Bump challenge where they have to wash laundry. Meanwhile, Janelle is looking for a Rolex watch instead of a Rolex egg dish. After they complete this challenge, the teams head for their Detour. After that, they move onto the Head-To-Head where they will be stacking drums. The winners will go on to the Pit Stop and the losers will compete against the next team to show up. Here is how they finished:

  1. Tyler & Korey (they also won a trip for two to Singapore)
  2. Colin & Christie
  3. Nicole & Victor
  4. Chris & Bret
  5. Becca & Floyd
  6. Leo & Jamal
  7. Rachel & Elissa
  8. Janelle & Britney

Janelle & Britney came in last and have been eliminated from the race. Join us next week when the teams head to the Swiss Alps!

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